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Chapter two: Gringotts and a not so mudblood mudblood,

Charlus Potter knew that he was getting old. He knew that he was nearing the end of his days, he could feel it. He could smell it and it wasn't a case of when, it was a case of how. Here he was, a fifty-nine year old Head of house. He would have to get his affairs in order because when he was gone, Harry would only have Dorea and her sister, Walburga.

Charlus had made his choice and had already sent a request to Gringotts for a heritage and a naming ritual. Harry would finally claim his birth right today and Charlus would not stop the child. That child would be the next leader of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter and he would never bring shame onto his house. James Potter had never been financially intelligent by any means, he was actually very stupid when it came to handling finances and he knew that if the Heir ring hadn't rejected James, Charlus would have disowned him. James had no boundaries when it came to spending money. James had a retainer vault at Gringotts that contained almost two hundred and fifty thousand Galleons, which is about five million British Pounds, and after only three months he was already in the red and Charlus had to pay off the money that he owed.

Charlus was a patient man, but he wasn't blind to what was going on with his grandson. He knew that he was being neglected and he also knew that the child had raised himself, but Harry had never complained. Like a true Slytherin, Charlus could see through Harry's masks and acting skills, and deep down, Harry was a lonely and emotionally devoid child. Charlus was glad that his son had at least not physically abused Harry because then he would literally murder James.

Charlus had also taught Harry from a young age the general etiquette of being a pureblood heir and Charlus also taught Harry one thing that would always remain with Harry… That power is Power and there is no way that greatness could possibly be classified.

"Hello sir. I am Hadrian Potter. I just want to ask what is on this floor. It looks as if nobody has been on this floor for quite some time." Harry said to the portrait in front of him.

The man in the portrait looked at Hadrian with a calculating look and asked him; "What is it that you seek here?"

"Just a way to – how do you say – curb my inquisitive and observant nature."

"Ah, yes. There is an ancient spell on that staircase that makes sure that nobody unworthy enters, and you, my child, have been deemed worthy; and are therefore allowed entrance. Use it wisely young one. You are the only person in over three hundred years to gain entry." Said the portrait to Harry, as it swung open to reveal a corridor. Harry had entered the corridor and came face to face with three rooms, respectively named Artefacts and Library next to each other, and an unlabelled door at the end of the corridor.

Harry was growing more and more curious by the second, so he decided that he would bite the metaphorical bullet and look what was inside of the door. Harry had nothing to lose, and his life was considerably miserable, so either way he looked at it, he found himself in a win-win situation.

Once Harry entered the room, he looked around and counted that there were two doors, one of which was marked, and which wasn't marked. Harry had decided to go into the unmarked room. Harry pushed open the door, and felt a sudden rush of magic join with his. Harry looked at the same cloaked figure that he had been seeing since the day of his birth. He looked at this figure, and saw that it was a female figure, and Harry could see that the figure had deep, blood red hair, with glowing green eyes, she also had pale skin that glowed in contrast with the rooms midnight blue paint. She was wearing what seemed to be battle robes as well as carrying a very beautifully designed bow, with arrows that looked as if they were hand carved. The figure looked up at Harry from where she was sitting cross-legged.

"Welcome at last, Hadrian Potter. I have been waiting for you for quite some time. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Morgana Le Fey, and my colleagues on the other side are very anxious to meet you. Once your parents have placed you with the muggles, we will come and remove you and then we shall take you to the realm of ancients, and there, you shall be trained to overcome all of this, and then once you turn eleven, you will be able to pick your side. Be it Dark, Light or Neutral. It is not a very openly known fact that all the heirs of houses fall into a deep sleep, whilst their conscious souls are dragged to the Ancient realm and there, they pick a side, and from there forward, they can claim their inheritance.

Now all of the Potters' since your great, great grandfather, Anton Amadeus Potter, were all light and were always placed in Gryffindor, while before then, all of your family was neutral. The choice is yours, while these fools think that their precious boy who lived is the Heir, imagine what shock they will feel, when you are presented as Lord Potter." Le Fey said to the little raven-haired boy who stood in front of her, much like her apprentice all those years ago. She suddenly felt a familiar feeling that had struck a chord deep within her motionless, almost non-existent heart. What she was feeling, was maternal love for the little raven-haired boy.

Morgana Le Fey's apprentice, Matthew Drakul-Azkaban, (who later had become known as Matthew Flamel –seen as he was not the heir of the primary line of either- who had successfully created a very powerful blood line) had delved deep within the soul magic and had lost himself along the way. He had a very high potential and he was a very powerful, both magically and mentally. He had made the abrupt mistake of testing a new Transylvanian soul blood magic rune, and something went wrong and he became what in the Wizarding world today is known as Dementors. Morgana had never forgiven herself for letting her apprentice slip away from himself, but she wasn't about to let poor Hadrian down, like she had with Matthew.

"Now young one, we shall most definitely meet again. I suggest that you go to your room and pack up as much of your possessions that you can. Also Harry, when you are in the house where you met Voldemort, you should really inspect under the crib." Said the figure as she got up from the floor, where she was sitting crossed-legged. She slowly made her way to Harry and pulled him into an embrace, which he was unfamiliar with, therefor he was rather reluctant when trying to return the hug.

Harry didn't know why he felt the way he did with this woman, Morgana Le Fey, The first ever Dark Mistress in the history of Earth. He felt a very gentle, soothing aura surround him. He felt loved.

But like all good things, it ended too quickly for Harry's liking. Harry looked at the woman, who by now had tears in her eyes, and asked her a very simple, yet very difficult question, "Why do you care so much?"

She looked startled at first at the choice of question that Hadrian had asked, but after a few seconds she finally gave him an answer.

"Hadrian, your mother is not as muggleborn as she likes to think. I had one son, Mordred Emrys-Le Fey, who married into the line of Flamel, who had then married some unimportant family or two and then started to produce squibs, for three generations until your mother. Your mother is the heir to Houses' Flamel, Le Fey and Emrys above all other. Not that she knows, but that makes you Heir. If you do not claim your title by your seventeenth birthday it is passed on to the next person, in your mother's case it would be you." Said Morgana with a very calm look on her face, she had hoped that Harry had caught on to the deeper meaning of this conversation.

Harry, who had caught on to her word play, had devised a plan that was flawless if performed properly. Harry looked at the watch that he wore and saw that it was nearly midnight. Harry decided that he would go to the library on his way out and select a few books that would be beneficial to him.

"Hadrian, just remember one thing that I told my apprentice, there is no Light or Dark. Only power and those weak enough not to seek it,"

Morgana had turned around and had disappeared into thin air, not making a sound, leaving a very confused and curious Harry standing in the room where she once occupied. Harry had finally taken the time to look around and found himself a sort of study. The walls were coated midnight blue and in the middle of the room was a very posh desk with a chair behind it and two in front of it. Behind it was a coat of arms; it had a very distinct etching of a panther with emeralds for eyes. Under it stood there in big letters 'Ego Me Esse' which roughly translated to 'I am my own being' and on top of it was the big writing 'The Ancient and Noble House of Prince'. Prince was a Dark Blooded family, why would the Potters', a very firm Light sided family, have any property that was supposedly property of House Prince? Harry had made a mental note to ask his grandfather about that.

Since it was now officially the first of August Harry had decided that he would floo over to his grandfather's house. Charlus had moved into Godric's Hallow after Lily refused to be in the same house where her precious little Albus was nearly killed. Not that Harry minded though, it meant that he would have more space to hide from the Potters'. Harry just couldn't find it in himself to call them his family.

Harry landed in the study of Godric's Hallow house and looked at the clock in the study. It was already nine o'clock in the morning here. Harry had called for his grandfather and found him in the living room with his grandmother and a woman who resembled his grandmother very closely.

"Hello Grandfather." Harry said as he went into full out pureblood mode, acting like a true heir of an ancient and noble house, real classy, formal as well as charming and cunning.

Harry looked at the other woman's hand and saw a ladyship ring; he looked closer and saw what he immediately recognised as the Black ring. Harry had gone to the woman and took her hand and kissed her knuckles, formally like a pureblood.

"Lady Black, such a pleasure to meet you. I am Hadrian James Potter." Harry said, while looking at her.

"Lady Walburga Cassiopeia Black and the pleasure is all mine. Charlus here has been talking about you non-stop and may I say that Charlus has for once, not over exaggerated. So Charlus, since James was rejected by the Heirship ring, which person is going to lead house of Potter once you pass?" asked Walburga, more out of curiosity than anything else.

"Well, it isn't official yet, but Hadrian is my heir. We actually need to go to Gringotts to get Harry a naming ceremony as well as see whether he is the heir of any other houses. Dorea and I actually want to adopt Harry. Which I think we will do at Gringotts soon, maybe later on today, than Harry could also get the Heirship ring. I really cannot understand what has gotten into James lately. He never used to be like this. And I really don't know, but I don't trust Dumbledore as far as I could throw him."

They had chatted with Walburga a bit more and then they had a delicious home-made breakfast consisting of bacon, toast, eggs as well as orange juice. Once they had all eaten and cleared up the table Harry headed home where he fell into a deep sleep.

Harry could feel himself slowly waking up. He was wary of his surroundings and was slowly observing his room, trying to find anything that was out of place, something that he had picked up from Salazar. The first thing that Harry had seen was that there was a shrunken trunk on the little bookshelf that seemed unfamiliar, yet he felt the magic calling him.

Harry had quickly put the shrunken item away in the pocket of his robe, as not to be fund by his family. Harry had quickly showered using the en-suite bathroom in his room. The Potters may have neglected Harry emotionally; they had never stopped him from making his own choices, so Harry had decided that today was the day that he was going to go to Gringotts.

Harry had decided to wear a black robe with silver trim that had the crest of Potter on the pocket by his heart, and directly under it, was the crest of Peverall. Harry was luckily the heir to both Potter and Peverall so that if his family would kick him out, he had many secondary properties that he could live at.

Harry had went to the floo and flooed to Godrics Hollow Cottage and waited in the living room for his grandfather. Charlus and Dorea wore robes very similar to Harry's, but instead they were adorned with the crest of Black as well. Dorea was the oldest Black sister, so by all rights, James should've been Heir to Black family as well. Dorea had already arranged to meet Walburga at Gringotts so that they could discuss House of Black's Heirship while Harry and Charlus were busy with the Goblins.

"Looking rather dashing, aren't we, Hadrian?" said Charlus as he saw Harry.

"I would say so, Grandfather. How long would it take before we can go shopping?"

Harry, for some odd reason, loved shopping for rare books and tomes. And Charlus, Harry and Dorea would go shopping now and then. The house of Potter was, after all, a very wealthy family, as was the Peverall and Black family.

Once they had decided that they would leave shopping for another day. They used the floo to go to Gringotts.

Harry stepped out on to the marble floor in Gringotts and immediately went to a teller. Harry knew that it was a very rare occurrence where a human would treat Goblins with respect, never mind the occurrence of speaking to them in their own language that had only happened to be understood by one or two humans. But then again, Hadrian James Potter was never one for being normal.

"Hello sir, I am here with my family to see our account manager Picklock, of clan Hyperion."

The Goblin in front of them had immediately got up and greeted Harry in a traditional way, and then proceeded to help Harry go to Picklocks' office. Once there Charlus had taken over.

"Good morning, Picklock. I am here to have the heritage test and to hold a naming ceremony for my Heir."

"I see, cut your palm and put three drops of blood on the Parchment to see your inheritance."

Harry did as he was told and after five minutes, the parchment was finally done. Picklock took one look at the parchment and nearly passed out.

He passed the paper to Harry who read it;

Given Name: Harry James Potter-Evans

Status: Pureblood (Twenty-fifth generation)

Father: James Charlus Potter

Grandmother: Dorea Nymphadora Potter nee Black of House Potter and Black

Grandfather: Charlus Amadeus Potter of House Potter and Rosier

Mother: Lillith Rosaline Dumbledore

Grandmother: Minerva Elizabeth McGonagall-Dumbledore of House Silverstein (DISOWNED); House McGonagall and Dumbledore

Grandfather: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore of House Dumbledore

Heir to the Ancient and Most Revered House of Silverstein (Maternal)

Heir to the Ancient and Noble House of Prince (Conquest)

Heir to the Ancient and Noble House of Potter (Paternal)

Heir to the Ancient and Noble House of Black (Paternal)

Heir to the Ancient and Noble House of Le Strange (Last Living member by default)

Heir to the Ancient and Royal House of Azkaban (Designated Heir)

Heir to the Ancient and Royal House of Gryffindor (Designated Heir)

Heir to the Ancient and Royal House of Hufflepuff (Designated Heir)

Heir to the Ancient and Royal House of Ravenclaw (Designated Heir)

Heir to the Ancient and Royal House of Slytherin (Designated Heir)

Heir to the Ancient and Royal House of Emrys (Designated Heir)

Heir to the Ancient and Royal House of Le Fey (Designated Heir; Maternal)

Heir to the Ancient and Royal House of Flamel (Also Known As Drakul) (Designated Heir)

"You Hadrian are the single richest and most powerful person in the world. You are the only known Heir to Azkaban and Emrys since the time of the founders. And it turns out that your mother is not as mudblood as people thought."

So his mother wasn't a mudblood after all… who would've known. Harry knew that at the current moment he would be able to claim Lordship over house Prince, which would then help him claim Lordship of all other houses, except for Potter. Orion Black had unfortunately passed away a few years ago and thus leaving the title of Lord Black unclaimed.

"It seems McGonagall's family decided to disown her. Such a disgrace to a Pure-blooded family, but at least that will make you Lord Silverstein thus making it able for you to be emancipated immediately."

Harry didn't even need to think at all about whether or not to claim Lordship or not. Harry looked at the Goblin in front of him with an almost questioning look on his face. The Goblin was looking at the second piece of paper that nobody had noticed. If looks could kill, that piece of paper would most definitely be incinerated.

"Lord Potter, Heir Potter, we have made a shocking discovery that will… change your life. I ask that once you look at this piece of parchment not to lose your temper completely because this is a fixable problem."

He handed the paper over to Charlus, who looked at it for a few minutes before saying; "I swear to god I am going to ruin Albus Dumbledore for doing this to my Heir!"

He passed the page to Harry who read it to himself;

Magical abilities & Affinities

Natural Potions Master
Natural Occlumens
Natural Animagus
Runic Master Potential
Transfiguration Gifted
Charms Gifted
Blood Magic Protégé

Magical Core: 12, 523 (Blocked to: 992.369)
Grand Mage

Various compulsion charms detected
Rage enacting curse present
Wit-dulling curse present
Memory-dulling curse present

All Blocks have been placed since: 1980-08-01 05:02:06 A.M.

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