*This is a short story, it will only be 2 chapters long. Nevertheless enjoy this small story with Fimogen:)*

Chapter 1: Be There For Me:

**Fiona's Point Of View.**

I was dreaming about Imogen. But then right in the middle of the cutest moment with my girlfriend something shocked me out of the best dream I had in a long time. I shocked awake and sat upright in bed. Scared and alert I looked all around me in the darkness of my room. I can swear I heard something creak and squeak, like someone is walking around in my condo or climbing the fire escape. With Drew out of my loft who or what could possibly have made that creepy noise. Maybe it's another breaking in, and that intruder came back for me. He probably wants more from me then just my items.

"No, No, that can't possibly be it. I'm just going crazy after the previous attack." I said to myself whilst laying down again.

"It's just the wind most likely. The weather man predicted a windy night after all." I tried reassuring myself, but it didn't particularly help much.

I felt my heartbeat going like crazy now. I stared upward to the sailing and tried to think of happy things. Things that will distract me from this stupid intruder. Things like Imogen, with her cute smile and her soft lips pressed against mine. Thinking of her made me smile again and slowly my eyes shut down, hoping to continue that lovely dream I had about her.

But suddenly there was that noise again, and I instantly sat up right again. It was a vague noise it sounded like someone or something was calling for me.

"Hello?" I called out with a weak voice.


"Please leave me alone!" I yelled without any reply.

A sudden combination of fear and loneliness, and just the feeling of insecurity and being defenceless in my own house, made my tears flow down my checks and blocked my vision. My tears took the best of me and I started crying. But I actually don't want to be alone right now. I really need someone beside me calming me down, reassuring me. Or it's going to be a long and terrifying night. Nights were I slowly lost control over myself.

"Oooh no, please not again such night..." I whispered sobbing with my hands in my hair. I remembered all those restless nights from my past drinking and relationship problems to well for comfort.

I made myself small by bending my legs and laying my head down on my knees. My hair was in a total mess with my hands stuck in my locks. I was quivering and shivering all around, not from the cold but from fear.

Tears continued to fall down on my bed.

"There is no one here except me..."
"I'm safe."
"There is no one here except me..."
"I'm safe."

I kept rewinding in my head over and over again. Hoping it would help calming me down in some way, but it didn't.

Then all of a sudden there was that noise again… It blew with a strong cry through my condo. Like some kind of howling noise. I could hear it creak in bits of the ceiling making it squeak because of it.

I angled my head to the curtains of my bedroom window, which was letting some slight streetlight through.

Then some kind of dark spot past by my window. "Oh god It's HIS shadow…" I whispered. It travelled slowly across my slightly light up curtains. I gasped real quick and even more tears were dripping down.

"No, Please...Go away!" I yelled in to nothing but empty void.

Like an instant reaction I grabbed my bed sheets and tossed it over my head. I wrapped my arms around my knees and was shivering all around.

"I-I'm just imagining this all. This isn't re-real..."

A tensed sobbing sigh escaped my throat.

Blinded with my trembling hand I reached out for my phone on my nightstand, and looked at the time. It was already 0:51 AM but I needed my Immy right now. Or else I'm just going crazy her alone.

I looked at my contact list and called the last person I had called yesterday: Immy Moreno

The time didn't bother me, I just hope Imogen hasn't put her phone on silence.

The phone already rang a few times without someone answered it.

"Come on baby, please answer... I need you." I said desperate.

Then the phone got finally picked up and my smile instantly started to grow hearing my girlfriend's distinctive sleepy noise.

"Heeey Fiona, is that you?" Imogen asked half asleep.

"Yes Immy it's me, oh it's so good to hear your voice." I said with tears dripping and falling down my cheek. My nose was full with tears, I sniffed a few times and cleared my trout as well.

"Fiona is everything alright do I hear you crying?"

"Imogen…." Sniff. "I'm so scared and afraid. I can't stop thinking about the assault and another possible one... And maybe that man is already inside here! Waiting for me, to attack me again!"

"No, no go away! Leave!" I yelled suddenly without a reason, it just slip out my mouth.

"Fiona! Please listen to me! Calm down, take a deep breath and talk to me." I heard Imogen's voice through my phone and it reassured me a bit.

I took a quick breath and continued.

"Please Immy c-can you come over I don't wanne be alone. I slowly go insane her alone. I know it's late but please, please I need you sweetie!" I said whilst sobbing and stumbling over some of my words.

"Are you sure?" Imogen asked me and I heard she was now totally awake, sounding really worried all of a sudden.

"Yes." I replied simple.

"Okay you'll see me within a couple of minutes, but don't attack me when I'm coming inside, alright?"

I smiled a bit at Imogen's funny commentary.

"Don't worry I won't." Ooh she always knows how to make a smile appear on my face. Even at my darkest hours.

"But first I need to leave a text message for Natalie saying that there is nothing to worry about. I'm just with you, comforting you because you are scared of another attack. And there is nothing going on, no sex or anything, just comfort. Oh and Fions you should get out of bed walk a bit and take some water. Maybe that will help. Anyway, I grab my stuff for school tomorrow and then I'm on my way. See you soon Fions, bye."

"Thanks Immy, I love you sweetie, bye."

"Love you too Fions, keep it strong and I'll see you in a bit!"

After the phone call I decided to follow Imogen's suggestions. I uncovered my head from underneath my bed sheet and looked around me. It was dark and I stared in to the black void in front of me, which was now totally silence. There was no creepy noise anymore, for now maybe. I held my phone firmly in my hands and tightly pressed against my chest.

I got up out of bed, quickly turned the lights on and slowly walked in the living room to get some water. Now I think about it I really had a dry throat.

Although my condo was now fully lit up I still felt darkness in some strange indescribable way. With every corner I passed I couldn't help but to look in to it. Maybe there is someone standing there, waiting for me, till I came within his reach and grab me. I also looked over my shoulder several times. You never know, he might be sneaking behind your back.

The only thing I could think of is his hand grabbing me and blocking my mouth. I would scream and yell as loud as I could but no one is able to hear me. Wiggling around in sheer desperation, fighting against his tight hold and trying to break free. But then he pulled out his gun and placed it against the side of my head. So he had total control over me and made me do anything he wants.

"Sigh… Don't think about that… Why am I even thinking about that. It's save in here, nobody is here besides me." I said to myself.

I shook these terrifying thoughts out my head and carefully whipped some tears away. Whilst slowly progressing my way to the kitchen, still with great caution.

I took a glass, filled it with water and sat down on the couch. Leisurely I sipped my water. But I noticed my hand which was holding the glass was just shaking out of my control. I tried to recover my breath and get a grip of my shaking hand, but I couldn't managed it.

"Come on Fiona, this is ridiculous." I whispered to myself. "Why let I yet another scary man take control over my life..."

I sighed deeply.

Then I suddenly thought about what Imogen had said in our phone call, how there was no time for sex just comfort. And then it remind me how sex in previous situations made me forget about everything and comfort me very much.

Like the time Imogen came over for a lovely dinner. Imogen, Drew and I all happily ate together but shortly after Drew had to go for his 3 hours evening shift. When he was gone, me and Imogen got stuck in a long and heavy make out session.

And it eventually turned out in a hot sex session. Both of us just totally forget about everything, we only had each other in mind. We were so lost in our perfect togetherness world that we forgot about our homework do the next day, the filthy dishes and Drew coming back home soon. We had so much fun and pleasure that time just flew by.

I giggled to myself just by thinking about it.

And eventually we didn't even hear Drew coming home. And let's just say Immy and I were caught in the act there on the couch. I remember how we both like instantly covered each other's girly parts, when we heard Drew cleared his throat.

I finished my glass of water now with a smile on my face. I quickly forced myself up from the couch, put the glass down on the table in front of me and sat down again. Then I filled my mind entirely with more sexy times with Imogen whilst slowly running my hands over my soft body. Underneath my pyjamas I felt my nipples harden in my hand palms, and with my other hand I noticed my pussy was already slightly wet of all the thoughts about Imogen circling my mind.

I ran my fingers through my wet folds making my pussy even wetter thinking of Imogen. My little naughty play mate. Her perfect brown hair always in different looks, which she can surprise me with every day. Her brown eyes full of enjoyment every time I see her. Her amazing yet super cute appearance and quirky choice of clothing. As well as her cute glasses which get all steamy when she's licking, kissing and nibbling my pussy. She's just so skilled with her mouth, she can eat me like forever making me come multiple times and letting me scream out of pleasure.

Oh and how nibbling and sucking my clit is her favorite thing to do. She once told me it was like a candy, really sweet and always delicious.

And my little candy is something which I can manage to surprise her with every time. She's always amazed just how sensitive I'm down there. How quickly I grow wet for her when she sucks on it, and eventually how strong my orgasms were forced out of me.

"Oh… God! Thinking of Immy licking and eating my pussy makes me want her so badly." I said to myself on a horny tone. My fingers rubbing faster and harder over my wet core. Even more so now I thought how she's on her way here. Should she join me?

Knowing my Immy, she is probably trying to resist as long as she could. Making sure I am really okay and not scared anymore, but eventually joined me in a sexy time together.

I rapidly got up from the lazy couch and then quickly walked to the kitchen, before heading back to my bedroom. I put the glass down on the edge of the kitchen counter and continued my way to my bedroom.

I pleasured my pussy whilst walking, it felt too good to let go. And beside Imogen wouldn't stop pleasuring me either. With my hand stuck between my legs I had trouble and struggled a bit to walk in a straight line.

"God these pyjamas are getting in my way of touching myself." I said annoyed. I balanced myself against the wall and pulled my pyjama bottoms down my legs. Then the comfy T-shirt went off as well and I just threw those unwanted clothing pieces far behind me.

Suddenly, like as fast as a bold of lighting my heart almost stopped working, and at the same time nearly jumped out my chest. The extremely loud sound of shattering glass suddenly hit me like real hard. It went from total silence to an overwhelming blow in a blitz second. I was standing against the wall holding myself upright or else I certainly would have fall down.

"Shit! What was that?!" I yelled. My heartbeat racing strong and fast in my throat. But I didn't have to wait long before I realized I was in trouble. I can't escape the consequences, it's happened.

*Next chapter will be slightly longer and It'll also complete this two-shot.*

*Chapter 2 is called: Save Me And Clear My Head*