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Bound in Chains

Loki stood at the end of the long hall that led to the throne of Asgard. It was…oh so long ago that he had been standing there, in that exact spot. It was odd though, really, how much was the same and how much was different. He stood there, Loki, Odinson, apprehensive, nervous, staring out into the hall at the king on his golden throne. His brother was beside him, as he had been on the fateful day of his would-be coronation ages ago, both of them standing there tense and waiting, both of them in their Asgardian garb though sans their head pieces. Both of the were silent, able to sense the seriousness of the situation.

But quite unlike the last time they had been together like that, there was no joking between them, no attempts to lighten the situation and relieve the other party. There were no Asgardians gathered to line the path to the throne to cheer on the future king. There was no sense of joy in the room as the Allfather sat, grim, and glaring out of his one eye. Loki stood there, chained, bonds around his waist and his wrists tied before him, as restrained as he could be while still being allowed to walk. It was meant to be humiliating, to make the criminal walk to the throne instead of being pushed there on a moving chair or some other such device. But the worst part to Loki was that…

Kona wasn't there.

Kona had always been his support, his rock, the one person who believed in him more than anyone, more than even Frigga he knew it was possible to say. She had been his friend as a child, the daughter his nursemaid, his closest companion, who had grown more important to him through the years. She was…the most important woman in his world, she was the person who understood him better than anyone, she was just…his heart. She was his everything. He had risked Odin's ire to request the Allfather's permission to court her, and had succeeded in gaining it. He had been the most faithful, true, and loving man he could possibly be to her…because she was just the same and more to him in return. He had…they had just told each other the true depth of their feelings for each other only a short while before the entire fiasco with the Jotuns and Odin and Thor returning from banishment had come into play. They had barely had time with each other to explore their newly revealed feelings…when it all fell apart.

She wasn't standing on the stairs that led to the throne, in her white and golden dress, waiting. She wasn't there, standing primly, her hands before her, a soft smile on her face. She wasn't there with her golden hair and her hazy, unseeing brown eyes that always seemed to find him no matter where he was. He closed his eyes, he could remember SO many moments where he had promised her that, one day, he would manage to sneak up on her, to put a trick past her, though they both knew the chances of that were slim. She always was and always would be the one who saw him better than anyone.

But she wasn't there.

She was trapped, on Earth, as a human, stripped of her immortality, of her title as a spækona, a seer, of the House of Odin, and…of her memories of Asgard, her memories of HIM. And it was all because of him. His plan to try and allow Thor to grow into a better man, a more worthy King had just…been shattered. Thor had been sent to Earth, the Jotuns had been stopped, and when Thor returned he WAS better, he was ready for the throne…but he had been given false (or what he hadn't known was false) information before he'd returned. He had been told one side of the events that had taken place in Asgard during his banishment, he had been told by the Warriors Three and Sif what they believed was happening.

And they believed that he had betrayed Asgard, that he had let the Jotuns in to destroy everything and kill Odin, that Thor's banishment had been on purpose so that the path to the throne might be cleared for HIM to seize it. They believed that it had been some grand plot to see Thor removed, Odin dead, and HIM on the throne. They believed Kona had helped him in that purpose and while she HAD helped him, nothing was as the four believed it to be at all.

Thor had taken the information for what it was, for why would his four best friends lie to him? And his brother had reached a decision based on it, misguided as it was, that if he returned and saw that the words and warnings of the four were true…he would take up his position as King and see that the betrayal was dealt with and punishments were properly given. The moment he returned to Asgard he had been recognized as the rightful king and been given all the powers that the king would wield, and that…included the right to banishment in any form and to any extreme. Thor had come upon them in Odin's chambers after he had stopped Laufey from killing Odin, had seen them celebrating, had heard them vaguely reference some sort of plan…and he had felt the words of the four had been correct, had truly believed in his heart that they HAD betrayed Asgard.

He could still remember Thor grabbing Kona out of his grasp and flying off with her, to the Bifrost. He could remember the frantic pounding of his heart as he raced after them, trying to get there, trying to stop Thor from making the greatest mistake of his life. And he'd failed. Thor had sent Kona through the Bifrost, to earth, stripped of her memories and banished from Asgard. He'd tried to show his brother that he was STILL on Asgard's side, that he always had been, by trying to destroy Jotunheim, but he'd failed in doing that. He'd made his brother think him mad, and then…the Bifrost had been destroyed in an effort to save the one Realm. He'd fallen off the bridge to it, had grabbed Gungnir in Thor's hand as Odin grabbed Thor…before he let go. He couldn't bear to see the disappointment on Odin's face, the betrayal that lingered in Thor's eyes, the…distance between him and Kona. He'd let go and fallen into the abyss with a single fleeting hope that he might see Kona again.

And he had…in a way. He had found her again, but she had been unaware of who he was. She had no knowledge at all of who she was or where she was from or the sight she possessed despite being blind. She didn't know anything before she'd woken up in a hospital, she didn't remember Asgard or…him, their love. But, somehow, she had still retained a sense of him, of what they had. They had reconnected, he'd seen glimpses of the real her in the shell that endured on Earth.

He'd lost more than he cared to admit in his quest to get back to her, his mind, his freedom, his control…he'd become a pawn to the Chitauri, had helped them invade Earth, had helped them destroy and kill and harm so many…he felt sick thinking of it. And through it all, only Kona, even without her memories, believed in him, SAW what had happened to him, and had faith that what everyone else saw wasn't what it appeared to be. She had freed him of their control, she had made the others aware that he'd been controlled. Her faith in him…it seemed to have shaken Thor's own knowledge of what had happened during his banishment.

For the first time in…so long, his brother was standing BESIDE him once more. But he doubted that even Thor's vouching would be able to alter the Allfather's mind about it all. Odin, while he'd fallen into Odinsleep, had been able to see and hear what went on around him. And he knew that what he heard and what he saw would only add to the thought that he and Kona had betrayed Asgard. Most of their discussions on how to help Thor had gone on elsewhere than the Allfather's chambers. And the only events that happened within those walls had been him speaking to his mother before he was made King in Thor's place and when Laufey had attacked him, when Thor had returned and shouted out the lies the Warriors Three and Sif had told him, about how he and Kona were plotting against them and had betrayed them all. That, on top of all that had happened before and between that the Allfather had learned, from Thor and his friends…it only blackened his mind and heart against his 'son' as well. He had felt Thor die on Earth when the Destroyer had been sent. THOR was his true son, and the bonds of blood reached far, he had felt his son die…and had learned from others that it had been on Loki's command that it had even gone to Earth and that Kona had been the one controlling it while it was there.

He doubted the Allfather would give him so much as a chance to explain. He was…known for his mischief, for his lies, his cunning, his silver tongue…and Odin was well aware that Thor would try to see his 'brother' still inside him. Odin would believe he'd manipulated Thor, he'd believe he was lying now. He wouldn't trust him again and he knew that likely meant that he would keep him and Kona separated too.

His thoughts were cut off when the guards that were holding the chains began to move, forcing him to walk on. He didn't bother to spare a glance at Thor, keeping his head bowed as he walked the path towards the throne. He didn't remember the walk being this long though and he had run up and down that path from the time he could walk, chasing Thor and playing with him, walking down them for his own ceremonies of honor. It was…odd how much longer a walk felt when it was done in shame.

Oh he wasn't shamed by what he'd done when Thor had been banished, no. He knew in his heart that, no matter what, his actions had given Asgard a king that was worthy of it. Thor had grown and matured because of the things he and Kona had had a hand in, he had become a…remarkable man, one deserving of the throne. He was not and would never be ashamed for having had a hand in helping his brother grow to the king he was and would be. No, he was…ashamed by what he'd done on Earth. He was ashamed that he'd been so weak that he'd fallen under the Chitauri control, that he hadn't been strong enough to fight them, that he had succumbed to their tortures and manipulations. He was ashamed of what he'd let himself become, of what he'd done to the earth, the people he'd hurt, the destruction he'd caused. His mind had always been his most powerful asset and treasured weapon and it had been compromised by the Chitauri.

He was ashamed that he hadn't been a strong enough man to fight back and NOT let it happen.

And he was burdened in the thought and the knowledge that no one would believe that of him. To them, they saw him doing as the Chitauri commanded, they saw him choosing to attack Earth, wanting to rule it, wanting the power that conquering a planet could offer. Even THOR had thought the same when he'd been on Earth trying to stop him. Only Kona (always Kona) had seen past that, had noticed that something was VERY wrong and had fought to make things right once more. He very much doubted that, without the scepter and evidence of the control, that the Asgardians would believe that. They would see it as an excuse, they would see him trying to escape punishment by claiming it wasn't in control of himself.

They would think he was lying.

"Loki..." a gentle voice called.

Only then did he stop, only then did he look up from the floor, to see Frig…his mother, standing there to the side, by a pillar a few feet ahead of the steps to the throne. She looked at him sadly, a small frown on her face, tears in her eyes as she gazed at him, one of her hands was in a fist and pressed to the middle of her chest for comfort as her other hand rested on the pillar.

Loki looked at her, "Hello Mother," he greeted, his voice quiet, thick, deep, with as little emotion as he could try to manage. He didn't want to come across as arrogant, he didn't want to sound anything other than sorry for what he'd done, but…he knew that sounding too sorry would also make them suspicious. He was trying to be…neutral, hoping that the others would be able to detect any truth or falsehood in it, "Have I made you proud?" he asked her.

Frigga could only give him a sorrowful look and he felt his heart break as he realized WHY she was looking at him like that.

"You too then," he whispered, letting out a small, hollow breathy laugh.

Of all the people in his life, there were two that had the power to deeply hurt him. Oh Thor and Odin could hurt him physically, sometimes emotionally like when Thor had banished Kona and he'd learned that Odin refused to lift the banishment, but…there were two that could hurt him in ways no one else could. Kona…and his mother. Kona, he knew, would never be able to hurt him, because he saw it in her face, when HE was upset or pained, so was she. She loved him so much that she would willingly take as much of his pain as she could onto herself to share and ease his burden. She would never add to it, she trusted him and she loved him more than anyone else.

He had thought the same was true for Frigga…but it appeared he'd been wrong. Because he saw it in her face just then…

She had believed he HAD done all he had, exactly as the others claimed he had.

She truly…she thought him capable of such crimes. She, in some amount, no matter how small, believed that he was capable of attacking a planet for no reason, of trying to destroy it, of trying to conquer and kill and rule and…it hurt. No matter if she only believed it in some small amount, no matter if she had only believed it for a moment or two, the fact that she HAD…it killed him. The fact that she had doubted him, his own mother, the one woman besides his 'wife' that should have been there for him and trusted and believed in him more than any other person…doubted him…he just…didn't understand.

Of all people, he had thought Frigga would see the truth, would believe in him. He had asked her, begged her, when he'd left Odin's chambers to trust in him, to believe in him…and now to see that she hadn't it felt like a betrayal to him.

His entire family, his mother, his father, his brother, they had all failed to believe in him, to listen.

Only Kona had ever trusted him implicitly and completely, with her whole heart and soul…and she wasn't there.

"I had hoped," he murmured, looking at his mother with such an expression of hurt and betrayal in his eyes that tears came to her own, "That you, of all people, would trust in the one you claim to call 'son.'"

"Please," she whispered, knowing that talking like that to Odin would only cause problems, the man was…not the same since his last Odinsleep, he was embittered against the man he'd once called a son, he felt as stinging a betrayal as she saw in Loki's own eyes, "Don't make this worse."

He let out a scoffing laugh, "Define worse," he shook his head, "I am standing here, in chains, with my family looking at me as though I were a monster, separated from the woman I love. How could it get any worse?"

"Enough!" Odin shouted as Loki moved to open his mouth, "I will speak to the prisoner alone," he shot a look at Thor and Frigga when they hesitated to move. He fixed Thor with a look and the man sighed, moving to Frigga's side to lead her away.

Loki waited till all the others, save the guards, had left the room before looking at Odin, "Is this necessary?" he asked, holding up his bound wrists, "I really don't see what all the fuss is about…"

And he truly didn't. Yes, he knew he had attacked Earth, but he had been under the Chitauri control, which he was free of. And he knew that everything he'd done before he'd fallen into the abyss had been to protect Asgard, why would he attack her now?! Despite everything, this was still his home, he would never see Asgard harmed. And the fact that his own…father…had ordered him to be chained this way, didn't trust that there had been something wrong with him, that he had not done what he had on Earth of his own free will or that he had had only the best intentions for Asgard when it all first happened…hurt.

It was as though the man expected him to suddenly strike out and attack him, to murder him and take the throne or something to that effect.

Odin didn't trust him.

"Do you truly not feel the gravity of your crimes?" Odin shook his head, misinterpreting Loki's question to be about Earth and all he'd done instead of why he was in chains when he wouldn't be attacking, "Wherever you go there is war, ruin, and death…"

Loki sighed, shaking his head, "I went down to Midgard to rule the people of earth as a benevolent god," he murmured.

And it was true…at the time. When he'd been under the Chitauri's influence, when he'd seen the humans attacking Kona, he had snapped. He admitted it, he hadn't just wanted to seize the earth to barter it for Kona's return to Asgard, no…he'd wanted to rule it, to make sure no one would harm her. And he KNEW, if he had made it that far, if he had been in charge of and responsible for so many lives, so many children…the Chitauri control would have broken. Because he would NEVER be able to bring himself to harm a child. And even if he had not snapped out of it and broken free by that point…he KNEW he would have had Kona by his side, SHE would have kept him in line, she would have made him kinder, made him treat them all better…because she, even without her memories, was still as concerned about people's safety as ever. He could imagine that her own desire for Asgard to have a king that was worthy of her and would protect her would have echoed to her on Earth, that she would have wanted Earth to have a 'ruler' that was worthy of her. SHE would have made him into a better man, because no matter what the Chitauri wanted or what his twisted mind would have been willing to do to the 'insolent humans' he knew all she had to do was ask him…and he would give her whatever she wanted.

"We are not gods," Odin cut in, "We are born, we live, we die. Just as humans do."

"Give or take 5000 years," he murmured under his breath, wincing at the thought.

Kona was human now. Thor had stripped her of her immortality too. She would grow old at the same rate as a human while she was on Earth, she would grow old and he would remain as he was. It didn't matter to him, her age, what she looked like, she would always be his Kona but…he didn't want her to die. He didn't want her to live for so long without him. He knew he wouldn't be able to bear it himself. He had barely managed a year without her, it had been torture, to imagine the rest of his life…to imagine him living out millennia more and to know that, after she passed, there was NO way to be with her…what point would there be to living?

"All this because Loki desires a throne," Odin shook his head, sounding weary.

Loki looked up at him, "You always told me it was my birthright to sit on a throne…" he began, he didn't want Odin to think he desired the throne.

He didn't.

He didn't want Odin to make it out to be that he felt he deserved the throne. He knew Thor did, he wanted Thor on the throne. But he would NOT let Odin make it seem like he had stolen something that there wasn't a chance of being his. He didn't want Odin to think he had usurped the throne. In the eyes of Asgard, HE WAS a son of Odin, he was the second in line to the throne after Thor. His own MOTHER had given her blessing for him to take up the throne in Thor's place. It wasn't like he had swooped in out of nowhere and stolen it.

It had been GIVEN to him, even when he DIDN'T want it.

"Your birthright was to die as a child," Odin snapped suddenly, angry, "Cast out onto a frozen rock. If I had not taken you in you would not be here now to hate me."

Loki was silent at that, hate…it was a powerful word. And right at that moment…he could admit that yes…he DID hate Odin, if only a bit. Nowhere near enough to want to cause him harm or pain or see him dead though. He just…he hated what Odin had made of this. He hated that Odin refused to bring Kona back. He hated that Odin had such little faith in him. He hated that Odin had LIED to him for so long. And…he hated that Odin wouldn't give him the chance to explain, because even if he had…he knew Odin wouldn't believe the 'lying' son.

And in that hate…he felt sorrow, to know that his father was so angry and bitter against him, that his father had lost faith in him. Even now he could see the distrust, the betrayal, the anger, and the disappointment in Odin's eyes, and he couldn't bear it, "If I am for the axe," he began quietly, "Then for mercy's sake just…swing it," he breathed, he knew Kona would have no hope of returning to Asgard, she'd be trapped on Earth, alone, without him, and she'd die…why should he prolong the same for him? A life without her, in any form, was not a life he wanted, he would welcome the axe if it meant an end to the pain in his hearts, to have had her and lost her more than once, "It's not that I don't love our little talks it's just..." he sighed, "I don't love them."

Because right now…he could see how much his father would never trust him or believe in him again. He could see how little Odin would consider there was more to it than what he thought. To be king meant he had to consider the safety of his people, to be a father meant he had to love his son…to have said prince and son 'betray' him…there would be no redemption for him in Odin's eyes. Odin fully believed he had betrayed Asgard, betrayed HIM. Odin wouldn't listen while the sting of betrayal was still so strong.

Nothing he could say would get through to his father, not right now.

"Frigga…" Odin began, not about to add and Thor, as he was not sure of his eldest son's intentions for requesting he let Loki live just yet, "Is the only reason you're still alive and you will not see her again. You will spend the rest of your days in the dungeon."

Loki swallowed hard, he would have rather the axe than to be publicly announced as an enemy of Asgard in such away, to be cast out with the others who had truly wished to see his home destroyed and counted among their numbers, "And what of Thor?"

Right then…he wasn't sure how he felt about Thor being king. He had grown SO much, become such a worthy king but…the way he'd reacted to Kona, the little faith he'd had in HIM, how willing he'd been to believe him a traitor…a king needed patience and a clear head, needed to LISTEN to his enemies. Something even Odin seemed to be failing to do in his old age. But…at the same time, Thor seemed to have doubts about what had happened, seemed to be repentant and regretful of what he'd done. There was a chance his brother was still in there, and there was a chance that, if he could overcome that, that Thor really would be the best king of Asgard.

"Thor must strive to undo the damage you have done," Odin stated, "He will bring order to the Nine realms, and then…he will be king," Odin turned to the guards, "Take him away."

Loki let out a breath as he turned with the guards, walking out, his head bowed.

"Loki…" he heard Thor speak as he stepped out of the throne room, his brother the only one there.

But he didn't lift his head, he just kept walking, best to do as the Allfather commanded than to be seen as 'resisting' or some other nonsense.

Thor watched not...Loki…go, but…his brother. The man was his brother again, he could see it. He HAD seen it the moment Kona had broken the Chitauri scepter and Loki awoke, the look in his eyes was SO different than the near-crazed look he'd given him when he'd confronted him when they'd jumped from the jet. It was…LOKI again. It had been the deciding factor in his quest for the truth. It had niggled him for ages after Loki had fallen into the abyss, why he had done what he had. To see that everything he thought he knew about why Loki was attacking earth torn to pieces…it made him realize, he really had NO idea why Loki had done what he had on Asgard.

And that was something he NEEDED to know.

He could NOT let his brother rot in chains while he was made king when…there was a chance he owed all he had to Loki in the first place.

He turned and strode through the doors, into the throne room to see Odin sitting weary on his throne, alone, Gungnir leaning beside him, him a bit hunched forward, his head in his hands. He knew it had been harder on his father than him, what Loki had done. HE had been able to walk about and do things and had time to come to terms with it. Odin had woken up to find everything going on in the middle of it and it had hit him so much harder that Loki had 'betrayed' them. He hadn't been there to 'see it coming' or to find signs of it impending.

"Father," Thor gave him a half-bow as he came to stand at the foot of the throne.

"Ah, Thor," Odin straightened, "My son. You have succeeded in you mission to return Loki to us for his crimes and I am most grateful."

"That is what I wished to speak to you of, father," Thor began, choosing his words carefully, "The events on Earth have…cast doubts about the events preceding it."

"How so?" Odin eyed him.

Thor straightened, trying to show his full height, the strength of his conviction, "Loki, it was proven, was under the control of the Chitauri and of the Tesseract himself, as you are aware."

"Yes," Odin nodded, "But being influenced by one does not excuse the actions of another."

Thos swallowed, "I agree," even though he didn't, "However, I faced Loki on Earth, fully believing he was acting of his own accord, in his own mind, and…it was false. I am…concerned," he supplied, "That…there may be more at hand regarding the events that led to the Bifrost destruction and Laufey's death, than we are aware."

Odin paused to consider that, "And you wish to investigate more?"

"Yes," he nodded, "I wish to make absolutely certain that it was Loki at work and that he was not…controlled or influenced at that point as well."

He HATED to say it like that, to make it seem like his intention was to ensure that Loki WAS responsible and had done all that for the reasons Odin (and he at one point) believed. He truly hated to say it, but he knew it was the only way Odin would consider his proposal. Truly though…he wanted to see for himself what the reasons had been.

"It would not do well if one of our enemies were able to influence and manipulate one of our own within our own walls," he added, seeing Odin considering it more. Bringing up that Loki HAD been IN Asgard when it had all happened might be just enough to…

"And how do you propose to gather such evidence?" Odin had to ask, "Loki is in the dungeons, we cannot trust his words."

Thor nodded, "Father…I beg your permission to return Kona to Asgard."

"Kona?" Odin stiffened.

Thor took a breath knowing that Odin felt JUST as betrayed by Kona's apparent hand in it all as he did with Loki. Kona had been the one HE had gifted with the power of seeing the future, she had been the one Odin had taken to Mimir's well and given her the sight she had. In Odin's mind Kona had owed her life to him and Asgard, and to see her turn her back on them…it seemed he had conveniently forgotten that his own son had been the cause of her blindness in the first place, "If she were returned to Asgard and…her memories restored," he added, "She would be honor bound as a Seer of the House of Odin, to speak truly about what happened, if YOU gave the order. She would not dare lie to you father, especially not…" he hesitated, "Not if it was in the chance of returning home."

He didn't add returning to Loki, he knew Kona would much rather that than come to Asgard. But if Odin believed that Kona would be more willing to speak the truth upon her return, he would be more inclined.

"She is the only one who knew of Loki's plans," he continued, "She is the only one we can extract the entire truth from."

Odin was silent a moment, thinking on Thor's words and his request, before he sighed, "You have my permission," he began, "To return Kona to Asgard…but ONLY," he added, "When your duties have been seen to. There is still much to be done through the Nine Realms, and the safety of Asgard will always come first. Loki is of no threat while in the dungeon, yet danger is ramming at our gates even now, from other sides."

Thor swallowed but nodded, "I thank you father," before he turned and left.

He wouldn't be able to get Kona back to Asgard right then…it was true there were wars being wages and pillaging and slaughters everywhere…that HAD to be seen to first. But…at least he knew, when he succeeded in that…there was still a chance to find out the truth and, maybe, to have his brother back.

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