Chapter 1: Waiting

I stomped through the corridors of my castle, with the sounds of my footsteps echoing through out the castle. My cape flapped around behind me with my white-scaled scarf wrapped around my neck. I'm pissed…Well, pissed to say was the biggest understatement of the year. I was furious! I mean today was not how I hoped it will turn out! It's all thanks to 'Lord Stripper' for ruining it. But I should be excited! Tomorrow is the day where I can have my queen…my facial expression softened when I thought about my soon to be queen.

Hopefully she will agree to be mine…my lover…my other half…my mate. You must be wondering on who this girl is, huh? Wellllll….I'm not telling ya!

But I'll give you a hint though…she's human! That is until I make her mine she won't be and she's receive powers of her choice! Wait! I just realized I got so side tracked that I haven't had the chance to introduce myself.

My name is Natsu Dragneel, Demon King of Earthland. My father is Igneel Dragneel and my mother is Grandine Dragneel they used to rule Earthland by the retired and passed down the crown to me. I have a sister named Wendy Dragneel. I use Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, you see in this world there is this this called magic. People who use magic are called mages and Earthland is full of mages. Mages use magic to defend themselves, I myself is a mage. There are different types of magic, which I won't bother to list.

Now where was I…Oh yeah! There is a time for Dragon Slayer when to find we have our mate from either Earthland or Earth and that time for me in now. And I have found my mate but unfortunately she is in Earth and I have to wait for that day when the portal opens so she can cross over to this world. But how do I make her fall in love with me?

I pondered on this thought for a while until I bumped into something hard and wooden. I rubbed my sore nose and stared ahead. But I found myself staring at a large wooden double door.

Pushing the door open, I stepped into a room with a table and on top of it was a glowing crystal ball. I walked slowly towards the table. As I got closer I could make out a room…a living room to be precise.

I smiled softly as I stopped in front of the table. In the crystal ball a woman stepped in front of the crystal ball's vision. The woman had large breasts, a curvy body, shoulder-length blonde hair.

"Lucy Heartfilia…" I spoke as the crystal ball zoomed in her face. Showing all her facial features. I reached out to touch the crystal ball, my fingers resting on her cheek. "Soon…soon you'll be mine…" I whispered