"How much longer, love?" Hook asked, impatiently. He'd been sitting on the bed, undressed and ready for love for what he determined to be entirely too long, and Emma was in the bathroom. They'd decided on her place for the evening, just for a change of pace, and she'd told him she had a surprise for him and excused herself to the bathroom. The bathroom with the window.


He counted to ten, and told himself when he was done he was bloody well going in after her. He'd just made it to eight when the door was suddenly kicked open, and Emma strode out, wearing his black leather coat, his boots, and...nothing else.

Hook's mouth went completely dry.

"You're on my turf now, you damn pirate. And you owe me." Emma walked over slowly to the bed, stopping in front of him.

Hook's jaw was still hanging open, but he managed to say hoarsely, "I...owe you?"

"Yep." Emma smiled an evil little smile as she leaned over. "One of yours."

Hook heard a click and his head turned as he realized with a start that she had handcuffed him to the bed frame.

"Bloody hell." He croaked.

Emma dropped to her knees in front of him, sliding her hands slowly from his knees, up his inner thighs, stopping just short of her goal. The cords stood out on his neck with every pass, and he gritted out, "You will pay for your impertinence."

"Not tonight, I won't. Looks like I've got the better of you...again."

She leaned in and he used his free arm to pull her up against him, kissing her hard. She allowed it for a few moments before she pulled back.

"Oh, no you don't. You're getting it good tonight, so you might as well just give over, love, and just let it happen." Emma said, with a taunting smile. Then her head dropped down and Hook let out a long, tortured groan.

Emma showed him no mercy. Her hot mouth settled on him, her lips closing over him and sliding down, taking him deep. She'd pause every couple of moments to swirl her tongue around him, all while her hands rubbed his thighs and moved inward, touching and caressing. Her thumb stroked him near the base and his eyes rolled back in his head as she fluttered her tongue in time with her touch.

She looked up at him just as he stared down at her helplessly, and she kept the eye contact as she continued to move her mouth on him. He managed to grit out a warning and she knew he was dangerously close.

"Oh no," she teased. "Not yet."

She stepped back and he groaned loudly, panting in an effort to keep himself in check. She ran her fingers lightly over him.

"Guess I'd better put you out of your misery."

She pushed him onto his back and climbed on the bed, settling her legs next to his hips and sliding down on him very, very slowly. He pushed up into her, hard and she grabbed his hair, yanking it. His eyes were burning as they met hers.

"Just so you know," She said, rolling her hips as she moved on him, "I'm keeping the boots."

Hook couldn't answer her. He was beyond words now, watching her as her breasts rose and dipped beneath the lapels of his leather coat, feeling the edges of his boots rubbing against his hips as she enveloped him with her burning heat, sending him over the edge and then joining him in a burst of blinding pleasure and milking him until he was completely and utterly destroyed.

He felt her unlock the handcuffs, but he couldn't do much more than give a feeble twitch of his fingers. Hell, he wasn't even able to focus his eyes yet.

Emma peeled off the coat and boots, and then rolled into bed next to him with a satisfied smile.

"Now," she said. "You'd better spoon me good, you damn pirate. And no more funny business. I've got work in the morning."

His voice came to her faintly as his arm flopped over her.

"As you wish."

She smiled smugly, and was almost asleep when his whisper broke the silence.

"Just remember, love, I'm somewhat of an expert in the subject of vengeance..."