So here's how this is gonna work. Today is: 12 days until Christmas! Sherlock gets his first gift today! There'll be a short chapter added every day with the next gift Sherlock gets until Christmas Day. We're counting down the days until Christmas and until Sherlock meets his Christmas Phantom!

Hope you enjoy! :)

"Who are you working for, Mrs. Hudson? Spit it out!"

"I don't know what you're talking about, Sherlock! I am not a part of anything." Mrs. Hudson seemed upset that he would even suggest such a thing.

Sherlock toned his voice down. "Sorry."

Mrs. Hudson silently accepted Sherlock's apology. "What are you going on about anyways? You've been making such a fuss all afternoon. Neighbors have been complaining." Mrs. Hudson sighed and added, "Again."

"I just can't get it!"

"What? Sherlock Holmes can't get something? Why hasn't London toppled over yet?"

"It doesn't make any sense!" Sherlock practically screamed. He yanked a note written on old paper off a brand new microscope on the living room table. Mrs. Hudson read it out loud.

"Who am I? You will surely see.

Patience, patience is the key.

For twelve days these gifts you'll get,

You'll still not know my name, I bet.

So be patient as you await

The golden prize-"

"-On Christmas, late." Sherlock finished with her. "I despise poetry!" he pouted and slumped onto the couch, curling into a ball.

"Oh come off it, Sherlock, this will be good for you!" Mrs. Hudson reasoned.

"How on Earth could this be good for me?" Sherlock mumbled.

"Well, what with John having to go back to Afghanistan and all, you've barely worked a single case! You've locked yourself in the flat for ages!"

"What's wrong with that?" Sherlock turned over to look at his landlady.

"Everything, Sherlock. It's just not healthy." Sherlock grumbled and flipped back over. Mrs. Hudson walked over to the shining new microscope on the table. "Besides, this is nice, isn't it? Little mystery gifts and all. You're lucky to have someone care about you that much." Another grumble. "Anyways, weren't you just complaining about your microscope the other day? Something about the zoom-"

"It's the lens, Mrs. Hudson, the lens is scratched." Sherlock corrected.

"See? You needed a new one. And you need a good activity for your brain. By God, it hasn't been put to much use lately." Mrs. Hudson scurried out the door, then called from the stairs. "Would you like a Christmas cookie? I must made some."

"Yes, thanks," Sherlock called back, eyeing the microscope suspiciously.

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