Note: This was originally posted as part of a Questionable Content fanfic. It has been expanded somewhat since then.

Arisugawa's Locket

Cyber Six was watching the club doors that evening, the black clad young woman leaning casually against the side of the building. The combat cyborg looked like a slim, black haired woman, but she had fantastic strength and agility.

'Now THAT is a big one,' Cyber Six thought as the gaggle of young women moved up the line. In the middle of the group was a women who was nearly a head and shoulders taller than the rest, coloured generally a red-brown shade. An android, Cyber Six figured.

"I'm still not sure this is a good idea," the tall one noted.

"It'll be fun, Bubbles," the other woman noted with a smile, her brown hair boyishly short. She was also quite well muscled, as shown off by the cut off t-shirt she wore.

"I hope so, Faye. Will you be all right at the bar, considering your no longer drinking?" Bubbles asked mildly.

"I'm sure they have non-alcoholic drinks," Faye shrugged.

"Good day, ladies," Cyber Six nodded, "welcome to Arisugawa's Locket."

"I heard this was a woman's club, right?" the shortest woman noted, smiling faintly. "Tai," she introduced herself, "this is my girlfriend Dora and our friends Faye and Bubbles."

"Yo," Dora waved.

"Yes it's a woman's club," Cyber Six agreed. "Oh, if you are armed you will need to turn in weapons at the bar."

"Armed?" all four woman blinked at her.

'Okay, maybe not,' Cyber Six thought as she waved them in.

As they walked down the hall into the main building, Bubbles noted, "This hallway is sheathed in armor plate, and there are barriers that can drop down from the ceiling."

"Did they get attacked by the army or something?" Dora wondered aloud.

"Sort of," the attractive brown haired greeter at the end of the hall beamed, wearing an old fashioned maid's dress. She introduced herself as May, pointed out the areas with empty tables and mentioned nightly specials too.

"Oh wow," Tai breathed out as they walked through the crowds. There were so many women! In couples! And dressed in the craziest outfits!

"Is that rubber or...?" Dora had to ask as a woman slinked by in a clingy something that left nothing to the imagination.

"Latex," Bubbled noted.

Faye looked up at her curiously, "How...?"

"I can do spectroscopic analysis based on scent data," Bubbled answered dryly.

"There's an empty table," Tai pointed and they swiftly grabbed it before someone else could. The four sat at the table, Tai and Dora sitting close while Faye and Bubbled took the other side.

"This is a interesting bar," Dora noted. "I mean... dance floor over there, a karaoke stage..."

"Hey, I like karaoke," Tai noted.

"And we'll do that," Dora agreed. "But did you see the library over there? It's huge!"

Faye looked, and indeed there WAS a large section with book shelves and books over in one corner. She made a mental note to look over there later.

"Interesting," Bubbles noted, "while it's more efficient to download ebooks, there is a certain pleasure in holding and reading a book."

"Hey," the tall woman in a cowboy hat and matching outfit walked up to their table. Oddly she had tossed an apron over the clothes and had a note pad in hand, casually smiling as she said, "I'm Amelia, nice to meet you."

All four women were looking at her wondering what a cowboy was doing here.

"What'll it be?" Amelia asked, clearly used to the reaction.

"Beer," both Dora and Tai decided quickly.

"Tea," Bubbles ordered her usual.

"Coke and ice," Faye smiled wryly.

"Be right back," and with that Amelia strode off.

"So I've seen maids, women in suits, a cowboy...," Dora noted. "This place is almost as interesting as the Horrible Revelation."

Just then a woman in a skin tight bodysuit that left nothing to the imagination went by.

"Ooooooh," both Tai and Dora watched her go by.

Faye snorted, "You two..."


"Officer Basilisk, I'm Nabiki Tendo, the manager while the boss is away and May is occupied," the black haired woman smiled politely.

"Miss Tendo," the purple haired and lighter purple skinned android nodded politely. Her police uniform was a United States style design, though she wasn't carrying a weapon.

"What can I do for you?" Nabiki asked politely if a touch warily.

"Explain this bar, basically," Basilisk admitted. She continued, "My superiors have had reports of the place appearing and disappearing..."

"Ah," Nabiki hesitated, "it's a bit of a long story..."

Roko Basilisk listened as Nabiki explained how a mad scientist had installed a 'time and space' engine in a Tokyo bar, causing it to travel across the multiverse. And through time.

"So it's possible you're not even from my dimension," Roko noted thoughtfully.

"You're taking this well," Nabiki mused.

Roko shrugged. "My last major case involved a illegal robot fighting ring, attempted murder via personality deletion and a hive mind entity that decided to go vigilante and solve the case for me," she said wryly. "So yeah, I've seen some shit," Roko said.

"Fair enough," Nabiki nodded. "So, are we in trouble?" she asked.

"I think you're out of my jurisdiction, honestly," Roko admitted. "Besides, I see you have a business license and booze permits on the wall, even if they are in Japanese..."

"Thank you," Nabiki said.

"Could I get a cup of tea before I go?" Roko asked optimistically.

Nabiki clearly looked like she was wondering 'why tea?' but nodded. "Sure, coming right up."


Not far from where Roko was enjoying her tea, a boyish young woman was balancing a pretty young woman on her one arm. She did so effortlessly, to the amusement of the lady and the admiration of the girls around her.

"How do you DO this?" the balancing girl squealed.

"Demon possessed arm," the young woman shrugged. "Don't worry, it's under control."

Ryouko headed over, the bartender looking amused. "No rough housing, please. Put the lady down, Suruga."

"Sorry, Ryouko-sama," Suruga cheerfully put the lady down, sneaking a look at her panties while doing so.

"I thought you were devoted to Hitagi Senjougahara?" Tomoko teased, her black hair rather scraggily as the college student leaned on the bar nearby.

"Of COURSE I'm devoted to Hitagi-sama! But that doesn't mean I can't play around," Suruga noted.

Tomoko's girlfriend Megumi shook her head. "Just leave the delinquent alone, love," she said.

Suruga ignored the 'delinquent' comment as the sporty young woman sat down at the bar. "I was kind of disappointed to see no fujoshi content in the library," she noted.

"You can get that pretty easily on Otome Road," Ryouko referred to the Tokyo area catering to yaoi fans, "not so much yuri stuff."

"I suppose that makes sense," Suruga conceded.


Veronica Reed, more commonly known as Veronica Vance, smiled wryly as she looked over the table at her editor. "Interesting place to meet," the older but still sexy black haired woman noted.

Shizue Mikuriya smiled, her black hair nearly falling into her round glasses. "I didn't think you'd mind, considering," she said.

"Heh," Veronica smiled.

Shizue sipped her drink then put it down. "Shall we get down to business?" she asked.

"Certainly," Veronica agreed.

"Your column in Honey Chop," Shizue referred to the magazine she edited in Japan, "is doing quite well. Your reader response is right up there with our most popular writer, Misaki Saiki."

"I'm glad it's doing well for you," Veronica noted. She was rather curious about Misaki too... she was a MUCH younger woman, and was supposed to be quite exotic. It would be interesting to do a photo shoot with her.

"And I've started going over your memoirs, as well," Shizue grinned, "hot reading."

Veronica grinned back. She had been talking about publishing her memoirs for years, but no legit publisher in the US wanted to touch it. So she had been pleasantly surprised when she finally heard back from the publisher of Honey Chop.

Sipping her drink Veronica asked, "Any issues?"

"Well, the lawyers are concerned of course," Shizue conceded willingly, "we're vulnerable if someone sues."

"I have various means of proving my story, including photographs," Veronica said smugly.

Shizue raised her eyebrows. "Can we use them in the book?" she asked eagerly.

Veronica snickered. "Not a good idea," she shook her head, "the photos are insurance. Besides, if we added them to the book someone WOULD sue to keep them hidden."

"Fair enough," Shizue conceded. "Anyway, I'll pass that on to legal, it should stop them getting their panties in a wad."

"I usually wad panties up rather than un-wad them," Veronica smiled impishly.

THAT nearly made poor Shizue spit up her drink.


"How the HELL did a bar like this get in Aincrad?" Asuna Yuuki HAD to ask, the pretty brown haired woman there with her crew.

Asuna got embarrassed when people called it her team, but that was what it boiled down to. After the disastrous first floor raid that killed Kirito, Diavel and Kibaou, things had kind of fallen apart for a bit. As disorder reigned a group of female players formed an alliance for mutual protection, and eventually formed the core of a group that did, finally, beat the dungeon.

Yuuki Yuuki, her 'wife' looked amused as the dark haired swordswoman sat beside her. "I like it," she said cheerfully.

Lizbeth, the blacksmith and one of their 'tanks' sighed. "You would," she said as she sipped her drink.

Yuuki stuck her tongue out at her. As the fastest swordswoman in Aincrad she had unlocked the 'dual blades' skill, making her very dangerous to piss off. Generally, Liz didn't care.

"Yuuki!" her older sister Aiko Konno scolded her. She sat by Liz, smiling at her girlfriend as she asked, "Has everyone ordered yet?"

"Just waiting for the waitress to come back," Silica noted, the youngest member sitting alone. Darn it.

"Hai!" the orange haired woman popped out of nowhere, nearly making them all jump her.

"ACK!" several of the girls acked.


"Thank you for inviting me out tonight," Bubbles said as she and Faye swayed together out on the dance floor. She had picked up dancing fairly quickly, though Bubbles was still trying to figure out the odd sensations she got, being this close to Faye.

"You're welcome. I like spending time with you," Faye admitted.

Bubbles hesitated, then quietly said, "Faye, I have never... I mean..."

"it's fine, I'm pretty new to this too," Faye reassured her.

To be continued...

Our Cast: Cyber Six from the series Cyber Six, May from Hand Maid May, Amelia, a one-shot character from Trigun, Tendo Nabiki from Ranma 1/2, Ryouko from Tenchi Muyo, and Excel is from Excel Saga.

Characters: Bubbles, Dora, Faye, Tai Baslisk and Veronica Reed are all from the webcomic Questionable Content. Suruga Kanbaru is from Bakemonogatari, Tomoko and Megumi are from Wakamote, Shizue Mikuriya is from Ghost Talker's Daydream and finally Asuna, Yuuki, Lizbeth, Aiko and Silica are from Sword Art Online.

Notes: Over on the Questionable Content webcomic, they made Dora and Tai a canon lesbian couple, and are hinting at Bubbles and Faye. Dunno if they will actually get together or not, but it makes fun reading. Veronica is in this because she's at least implied bisexual, the way she glomped Tai once. Heh

The Sword Art Online bit is a reference to a fic idea I'm knocking around in which the lead characters in SAO die early and Asuna is forced to lead. Dunno when I'm going to write it, but it's on my list.