**AUTHOR'S NOTE; This is an OC fic. Don't like it? I couldn't care less if I wanted to. Is my OC a 'Gary Stu'? Maybe, but again, I really don't care. In fact, it almost physically hurts that's how little I care. You want your OC to be included here? We'll see if I like him/her enough. But I'll go more into that later. Also, this is about the ORIGINAL Teen Titans, not 'Teen Titans GO!', that new comedy show on Cartoon Network. Yes, I've seen it. Yes, I like it. No, I don't view it as cannon. I view it as a parody. Also, italics are thoughts. I thought that wold be common sense, but whatever.**

Chapter 1: The Wannabe

It was a normal day in Jump City, blah blah blah, but suddenly, EVIL ATTACKS! But then the Teen Titans show up and kick $$ in the least cliché way possible, but I don't feel like writing that part because I know I'm gonna screw it up somewhere and we're not gonna focus on the actiony part of the story for the first chapter anyway! (If you couldn't tell, that entire intro was purposefully horrid. I suck at thinking of the first few sentences.) A boy, around the same age of the Titans, watched the battle unfold. He had a superpower of his own, and he had dreamt of joining them all his life. His name was Alexander Mor. He was wearing his hair long and somewhat messy. It was snow white in the front and jet black in the back. His eyes were purple, however this was due to his colored contacts. Nobody knew his true eye color except for him, his parents, and his best friend. He was wearing a paint-covered smock that was about three sizes too big for him, an old, barely-used-before-him hand-me-down from his father. When the Titans had finished their battle, standing victorious as always, Robin congratulated the team.

"Good work everyone. Now let's go get a pizza or something." Alex wanted to talk to them, but he was a bit nervous. What if they don't like me...? I bet they get kids like me every day, begging to become a Titan… he thought. He finally gathered up enough courage to talk to them, but they were already gone. They had gone to a nearby pizzeria, and were arguing over what kinds of toppings to get... again... Their quarrelling could be heard about half a block away. Alex had decided to stop his search for them for the day when he heard the discordance. He saw them at the pizza place and chuckled, surprised that the great Teen Titans would fight over something so simply solved. He somewhat hesitantly walked over and leaned on the railing outside of the outdoor dining area near their table.

"Why not just order the pizza with different toppings on different portions...?" he asked.

The Titans stopped arguing for a second, all looking to him. Raven was the most intrigued, as she had argued the same thing, but nobody was listening to her.

"He's got a good point," she stated, finally getting a word into the conversation, rolling her eyes.

Alex blushed, "Alright... Yeah, let's do that," Robin decided. "So what's your name?" he asked, trying to be courteous to the boy.

"I'm Alex. And you're the Teen Titans," he said, the thought finally entering his brain. ... You're the Teen Titans... I'm talking to the Teen Titans.

Robin found his reaction a bit humorous and chuckled. Alex snapped himself out of his ditziness and secretly pinched himself.

Not a dream. Alex thought.

"So what's with the smock? You a painter?" Cyborg asked.

"Hmm? Oh! Yeah, I like all forms of art."

"Where are you from, how old are you, what is your favorite food, do you wish to be my friend?" Starfire inquired.

"I hail from London, I'm s-" he was cut off as all the Titans (With the exception of Star) simultaneously asked "London!?" Alex was taken by surprise

. "Y-yeah... You guys want to hear my accent, don't you?" All five Titans nodded slowly.

"Very well then. I can't keep this up all day though, chaps. I might forget how to talk like you Americans do."He spoke in his natural flawless accent.

Alex rolled his eyes as a group of passing girls looked his way. Seeing that he wasn't wearing brand name clothes and wasn't ripped with a six-pack and muscles the size of milk cartons, most of them instantly became uninterested. "Oh how I hate your arrogant girls, America," he said, facepalming. Raven secretly smiled at Alex's obvious sarcasm; she could get used to this guy.

"Wanna eat with us, Alex?" Beast Boy asked.

Alex eyes lit up like fireworks. "Of course!" he replied, losing the British accent, "It would be an honor!"

Alex walked around the railing and sat at the table with them, putting his backpack beside him. The open seat was between Cyborg and Raven. Raven eyed the boy carefully, wondering how he got them to listen to him. Alex watched the rest of the group grab their slices.

"What's the matter, Al? Don't like pizza?" Beast Boy asked, confused.

"You wouldn't understand unless you've had authentic Italian pizza."

"You've been to Italy?" Robin asked.

"Oh yeah, my mom travels all around Europe."

"So your family goes back to visit, then?"

"Uhh, no. My parents are divorced. My dad lives here in Jump City and my mom's still in Britain," he said, projecting a globe in front of him and pointing to the locations.

"How are you doing that?" Cyborg asked, curious as to where the globe was coming from.

"Oh, it's my power. I can create images whenever and wherever I want to. Can't touch them, though. They're just images, like illusions. Nothing more, nothing less."

"That's cool... Have you ever wanted to be-" Beast Boy was cut off by Alex,

"If you're about to ask me to be a Teen Titan, I'd be more than willing!" The group was slightly taken aback by the outburst. Robin recomposed himself.

"We haven't really seen the extent of your powers, but I'd like to see more. You're definitely welcome to train with us if you like." he explained, taking his second or third slice of pizza.

"Of course! I'd do almost anything to be a bloody Teen Titan!"

"Why would you want to be covered in blood?" Star asked.

"Oh, nevermind that, Starfire. It's just an old British expression. Like 'barmy' and 'blast it'." Alex explained.

** ANOTHER AUTHOR'S NOTE; Yeah, it was short. Get over it. At least it's not a one-shot. If you're gonna criticize Alex for being a 'Gary Stu', make it constructive criticism, otherwise I'll just laugh in your face. 'Oh, he's such a Gary Stu because all the girls swooned over him and he's perfect!' you say? Notice how they turn away as soon as they see his looks. And more imperfections will appear very soon. Even in the next chapter, maybe *COUGH COUGH HINT HINT* Anyway, review it, like it, fav it, whatever, I don't care. I'm only writing this because I feel like writing something.**