Chapter 5: Zuri

**AUTHoR'S NoTE; Yaaay! First guest star! Woohoo! It's Interested Puppy's OC, Zuri Earth. Here she is now! → [Interested Puppy; HI FRIENDS! I'M REALLY EXCITED RIGHT NOW, SO EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO TO A CORNER AND BE ANNOYINGLY HAPPY. YAAAY!] Wow… That was… Caps happy… Onto the story!**

Titans Tower, the building that sits on an island just outside of Jump City Bay, has always looked quite and peaceful in the dead of night 364 for days a year. But on one certain day a year you can hear loud noise and see flashing lights coming from this giant T. No it's not from a villain that attacks once a year. It's from the Titans new year's party that has gone into full swing at this exact moment.

"They were dancin' and singin' and movin' to the groovin' and just when it hit me someone turned around and shouted 'PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC GREEN BOY'" Beast Boy was singing his version of the song Play That Funky Music while the rest of the Titans (With the exception of Raven and Alex) and Titans East along with a few honorary Titans sang the chorus.

Alex was in the lab making some tea on a Bunsen burner when Raven walked in to escape the crowd.

"What are you doing here?" She asked as Alex jumped from the combined surprise of her coming in so quietly and the fact that he had just burned himself… again.

"Brewing tea," he replied, grabbing another band-aid from the pile he had next to him.

"You're brewing tea with what is apparently the most dangerous heating device in the tower. Genius," She retorted with obvious sarcasm.

"It's the hottest thing I could find," he stated, taking a sugar cube out of a little pouch that he had pulled out of his backpack.

"Why are you making tea, anyway?"

"It's New Year's Eve, We're supposed to be awake all night. Me plus no sleep equals me passed out on the floor. Throw tea into the equation and everything changes, I'm like a little ball of energy," he poured some of the freshly brewed tea into a cup and offered it to her, "Would you like some? It can help calm the mind."

Raven raised an eyebrow "I had no idea…" She said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. If he noticed it he paid no mind so she sighed " yes, I would like a cup," came the typical Raven response. Then a thought popped up in her mind.

"Speaking of… You mentioned OSA the other day… What exactly is that?" she asked, taking a sip from the cup he handed to her.

"OSA stands for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which basically means I have trouble sleeping due to something -I don't really remember what the doctor said- and it in turn makes me tired," he answered, swirling his tea around in the cup.

"Hm," was Raven's response, though a subtle interest flashed in her eyes. Alex went to turn the bunsen burner off and burned himself yet again.

"Blast it!" Alex exclaimed, trying to shake the pain out of his hand.

"You're not very good handling that thing are you?" Raven asked, her dry sarcasm returning. With an amused look, Alex responded

"Oh, so you can tell?" He responded in a similar tone.

"Don't push your luck with me, new guy. I can always send you to another dimension." Alex gave a nervous chuckle.

"Right. Terribly sorry," he assured her quickly.

"That's better," said Raven letting the dark magic fade from her hand.

"Alex, Raven, get to the common room now, we're about to start the countdown!" yelled Cyborg over the intercom.

"Shall we go then?" Alex asked Raven, extending his hand.

Raven merely nodded, walking out of the room, passing up on his unspoken offer. Alex let out a small, disheartened sigh before following closely behind with a somehow awkwardly determined look in his eyes.

Somewhere else in an undisclosed location, a young blonde geomancer was putting the final touches on her plans to capture a certain Titan. Zuri (Our Guest star! :D) was helping with said plan.

"They'll never see us coming," Zuri said to her mentor, Terra.

"Don't underestimate the Teen Titans," Terra replied.

"I only say this because I'm a threat never seen before. I wouldn't be so sure if we had already met and it wasn't New Year's Eve."

Summoning her powers, Terra made the ground underneath her feet break free from the rest of the earth and made her way to the tower to start the plan, while Zuri stayed put by the bay waiting for her time to shine.

Meanwhile, back at the tower, gathered in common room was the whole Titan family (Including honorary) starting the countdown, with everyone shouting the numbers.











Suddenly the towers windows shattered as giant boulders burst in, nearly smashing some of the Titans under their great weight. In the air was a single boulder with a lone figure standing on it. The only light was from the dim yellow energy that surrounded the lone floating rock.

"Heya Titans, did ya miss me?" asked Terra as she floated further into the common room. Beast Boy was the first to speak since this was his crush and he had questions.

"T-Terra! But how? I thought you lost your memories and powers, but here you are."

"Yeah, to answer your question on how, well, funny story. Would you believe a rock hit me in the head and I got my memory back?"

"Makes about as much sense as anything else in this fic," replied Deadpool, popping in from out of nowhere.

"Who are you?" asked Cyborg.

"Nobody," He said, jumping out of the shattered window, never to be seen again… Until later.

"... Anyway, as I was saying, after I got my memory back, I quit school and decided to come find you and ask if you wanna come travel around with me?"

Terra had hope in her eyes but it was soon crushed as Argent, the hero from New Zealand, spoke up.

"Sorry, but he's not going anywhere with you," She said as she wrapped her arms around one of Beast Boy's.

Terra's eyes narrowed. "And why is that?"

"Because this is why," Argent grabbed both sides of Beast Boy's head and pulled him into a kiss.

Terra's blue eyes filled with pure, unrefined fury. "ZURI, BACK UP PLAN!"

Everyone was wondering who she was talking to until the various potted plants around the Tower grew and tied them up. After this happened, a girl leaped into the room swiftly.

"If you won't give me Beast Boy, then I'll take him!" Terra jumped off her rock, grabbed Beast Boy, and, using the skill she learned from Slade, knocked him out, jumping back on her rock and exiting through the window.

The girl, whom they presumed to be Zuri, was about to exit in a similar manner, but Robin, curious as to who this girl was, stopped her.

"So you must be Slade's latest apprentice." Robin couldn't help but glare at the mystery girl thinking that Slade has something planned that involved Beast Boy. The girl smirked.

"Not exactly, Bird Brain. Try Terra."

Robin looked at the girl, dumbfounded. He had to ask;

"Terra has an apprentice?" Shock ran through the rest of the Titans present.

"I'll question it later, after we arrest you, but for now, all Titans that can fly go after Terra and retrieve Beast Boy," Everyone was still tied up in plants though, unfortunately.

"Oh, right, Starfire can't you just break through the plants with your strength?" Robin questioned his alien girlfriend.

"I cannot, Robin, I cannot feel righteous fury at this girl, and my arms are being pushed very tightly to my sides," She said miserably.

The girl smirked again. That was getting on everyone's nerves. "Nice try, Parrot Poop, but I know my strengths," With that, the girl lithely leaped out of the window, knowing her mentor awaited. She did not release them.

"Cyborg, change your hands into chainsaws or something and get us free," Robin ordered the mechanical Titan.

"Oh yeah, I forgot I could do that," Cyborg said, embarrassed of his own ignorance. Ten minutes later all the Titans were free of their plant confinements.

"Now then," said Alex, locating and retrieving his cup of tea, "Shall we go and fetch Beast Boy?" He sipped his tea, pinky-up like a true Englishman.

"You're drinking tea now?" asked Argent, obviously worried about the green one.

"Would you rather have me binge tea or pass out on the battlefield?" he retorted.

"Do what you need, then. Cyborg, do you have a lock on Beast Boy's tracking device?"

"Yeah I do, he's at some abandoned amusement park."

**MINI NoTE; Not my crack pairing of Argent and BB, all rage shall be directed to Waterfire98**