{{{ SHAKE! }}}



"I'm so proud of you, babe. Southern Region Manager of the Year three years running!"

"All because of you, my melodic massage-chair mechanic!"

"Mmm," he hums, grabbing my naked hips as I straddle his lap, "what a sweet reward."

"Which? Me or the chair?"

"Pfft, girls are a dime a dozen! The OSIM, on the other hand, she's special."

"She, huh?" I smile as his eyes roll back. "One girl on top and another below. What more could any man want?"

"Don't be jealous, baby. The top'll always be my favorite." With that, he lifts my hips and skewers me.


80" screen, well-placed mirrors, computer connected, and Bella reverse-cowgirling me in our OSIM—this moment's right.

"Mmmm, best position yet."

"The view's spectacular." I ogle jiggling tits.

Grabbing the TV remote, I link to my laptop while setting the chair to max-vibrate.

Retro AC/DC plays our song, staging another grand gesture as the words, "BELLA, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" flash on screen while Bella's mid-orgasming.

She says,"YES!"—without take backs—and kisses me, while I fumble for her ring in the side pouch.


This is the life I've envisioned for us—just me, my girl, and some incredible shaking.

Authors' Notes:

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