Chapter 1

Marley Rose stumbled into class, knocking over someone's books in the process. "I'm sorry" she squeaked but her classmate didn't say a word. Everyone knew that Marley Rose was a klutz. They knew she stumbled and bumped into anything that got in her way. She gave the person a small apologetic smile and continue to take her seat in large room.

It was the last week of their senior year and as tradition the school would round up the students and gave them one last big assignment. Every year was different. The only thing that didn't change was the theme. It was mostly to get know the people you've been in school forever, see the person beyond the label they had through the whole high school experience. Marley didn't care much about it. If it didn't cost her a grade she wouldn't even be there and be in the library soaking up yet another book but there she was.

She took a seat beside her best friend Unique. She was the only person who truly bonded with her during those hard high school years. "Hey girl!" Unique said turning to her. "Are you excited about this assignment? It's like a heirloom being passed down to us" Unique said cheerfully causing Marley to roll her eyes.

"It's an assignment. Just like any other group project they force us to be in" she said with a sigh. Marley label herself as a social piranha. She was always so awkward and shy. She found it really hard to work with other people, afraid they would make fun of her or worst but it never happened. At least not in class.

Unique rolled her eyes but didn't have time to say anything else. In front of them stood the best teacher the school had, Will Schuester and beside him stood his new wife and counselor, Emma Schuester. began talking about high school labels and how much it affected everyone in the room. As he pointed out the labels Marley couldn't help but scan around and see her fellow classmates. It seemed she wasn't the only one who was bored. Maybe she wasn't as different as she thought.

Her eyes ran over Kitty Wilde, who was more concentrated in her pedicure than the lesson. Then on Bree who was making the boy beside her shiver and squirm. Then she saw Ryder Lynn who seemed to be in his own little world, moving his along the music in his head and then she saw him. Jake Puckerman, Ryder Lynn's best friend and WMHS heartthrob. Marley wish she was one of those girls who rolled her eyes at Jake's petty lines and charming smiles but she wasn't.

On the outside she would but on the inside she would melt like butter in a piping hot frying pan. She stared at Jake for a second. Just taking in his serious completion. He was a serious guy when he wanted to be but mostly he was mysterious. He barley let people know about him but Marley knew enough. After all they were neighbors. Their windows were one next to each other and for years they had stolen glances across the lawns.

Marley couldn't remember the last time she even spoke to Jake. She remember being his friend and being completely and over the top in love with him and then it stopped. The late night talking and the joke sharing were gone and they grew apart to so much as a glance on the hallway. Marley figure he just realize how much she brought him down and he just did what was best for him.

And then she grew angry. Angry that he thought himself too good to be her friend (Or more) and she decided to hate him but of course that isn't so easy when every time their eyes locked, her heart skipped a beat and her knees would weaken but she managed.

"So tell, who you think you are?" she heard ask bringing her attention back to the lesson, just a second before Jake's eyes landed on her. "And that's what we are going to find out" said as he turned to his wife, giving her a sweet smile, as she handed him a small bag.

"We placed in here the names of every female student in this year senior class. The boys would be picking a name and whoever they pick would be your partner for this assignment" He smiled. Marley looked around confuse. What was the assignment again?

One by one the boys stood up and picked names. Deep down she hoped she would get Unique, who even though portray herself as a female was register as male but she had no such luck. Unique walked up and took out Bree's name, leaving Marley to the horrible realization she had to work with a boy she would barely know or worst.

She waited and waited for her name to come out but it wasn't being called and then she saw him from the corner of the eyes. Jake and Ryder finally got up to take their names and for a moment she prayed Ryder would pick her. She had worked with the boy before and he was nice and respectful but she had not such luck. "Kitty" he said as he looked at the blond, the two teens shared a look and a smiled and Marley remembered; "They're dating" she whispered as Ryder made her way towards her.

"Marley Rose" she heard her name. She didn't have to turn around to see who had taken her name because she knew his voice too well but she did anyways. She slowly turn to look at him and their eyes met.

Of all the guys in her class, Jake Puckerman was the guy she had to spend her last week with. It was then Marley decided that Universe was just against her.