I like Jasmine

Kids don't try this at home.

I know a girl who's hot and sweet.
Oh she didn't care a thing for me,
but I like Jasmine.

Said I was boring, make fun of my nose.
She didn't know the lengths I'd go.
Sweet innocent Jasmine.

Tied her up and hypnotized.
Now I'm the only prince in the eyes,
of my Jasmine.

Of the change of heart, her friends mystified.
But to her sincere pleas, they must abide.
They all like Jasmine.

Our wedding date was soon set.
That night the palace heard my enthusiastic pet.
The frantic cries of my Jasmine.

When Aladdin returned it was too late.
He came back when heard the new Caliph,
Was married to his Jasmine.

He didn't need no one to tell
when he saw her belly swelled,
That I'd had Jasmine.