"H-hurry up, lunch is almost over," Josuke urged as they clamored into the bathroom stall. He hurriedly forced his pants down as far as they would go with his belt still on. Which was far enough so he quickly pulled his underwear down as well. He tried not to look embarrassed as he exposed himself in front of his best friend. It wasn't the first time, but he still felt like he should be embarrassed about it.

"You're the one who couldn't wait," Okuyasu reminded him. He knelt down anyway, pushing Josuke up against the wall. "Just…don't make a lotta noise or nothin'."

Josuke pursed his lips and nodded. "'course."

Even as he promised to be quiet, almost as soon as Okuyasu brushed his fingers against him he inhaled sharply. He was already hard just from earlier in class when they had been passing notes back and forth. It was embarrassing just to think that he had gotten so flustered just from reading about Okuyasu sucking on him. He tried not to think about it as Okuyasu began to actually suck on him.

Josuke dug his fingers into the wall, desperately scratching. "Hurry up," he mumbled impatiently. Okuyasu simply glared at him, taking his time and running his tongue over his length. He was thorough in exploring every last bit of Josuke, including sucking and nipping at his thighs. That was especially difficult for Josuke, who had resorted to futily covering his mouth with his hand.

As Okuyasu finished thoroughly running his tongue over him, he instead moved to sucking on him. He sucked on the head mostly, using his hands to otherwise stimulate Josuke. He glanced up every now and then to make ensure that Josuke was being quiet. Josuke gave him sheepish looks every time. Okuyasu knew better than to believe Josuke could be quiet, but he really didn't want to get caught like this especially. He would gladly be caught smoking or drinking in the bathroom stalls, but this was far more embarrassing than either of those things.

He pulled away from Josuke, wiping his mouth. "Do you have lube?"

Josuke frowned slightly, even as he panted lightly. "W…what for?"

"Yes or no."

Despite his skepticism, Josuke pulled out a small packet of lubricant from inside his jacket and handed it to Okuyasu. "But what are you…?"

Okuyasu ignored him and opened the packet of lubricant and spread it around on his fingers. Then, he went back to sucking on Josuke before he could ask any more questions. If he told him why, Josuke would never let him do it.

After sucking on him again for a short time, Okuyasu pressed his fingers against Josuke's opening, prodding at him gently. He glared at Josuke when he heard him loudly gasp.

"I-if you're going to do that, how am I supposed to stay quiet?!" Josuke hissed back at him, before moaning again when Okuyasu inserted a finger.

Okuyasu smiled somewhat smugly as he began to move his head back and forth, running his tongue along Josuke's length and sucking on him. He thrusted his finger in and out, gently prodding at his inner walls. He looked up at Josuke, who was biting down on his fingers to stay quiet at this point. He could hear Josuke moaning even though his hand, and the only way to get him to stop would be to get him to cum. Determined to make him cum quickly then, he moved his mouth and fingers faster both.

When Josuke finally came, it was dramatically. He quickly swallowed and wiped his mouth, pulling away.

"…you were too loud," he complained as he stood up. "I bet someone heard us 'cause of your stupid ass."

"You're the one who had to finger me, dick," Josuke shot back in between his panting.

"Shut up, let's hurry up and get to class before we're late," Okuyasu replied, stretching out his somewhat sore legs.

"Yeah, whatever..."