Joseph ran his fingers over Caesar's cheeks, running his thumbs over the crescent shaped marks beneath his eyes.

"What are these?" he asked from his position atop the other man.

Caesar ran his fingers over Joseph's bare shoulder, tapping on the star shaped birthmark there. "Same as that."

"Yeah, but yours are like, pink," Joseph replied, pausing briefly to plant a kiss on Caesar's lips. "Are you sure they're a birthmark, hm? Maybe you got them during your secret past as a stripper, or something."

Caesar rolled his eyes at Joseph's antics, reaching for his cigarette and lighter on the bedside table. Joseph got there first, snatching both up and holding them above Caesar's head.

"Come on, Jojo, you know I always smoke afterwards," Caesar insisted, reaching for the items despite knowing he wasn't going to be able to reach.

Joseph scoffed. "Yeah, but it's gross. Can't you do it somewhere else?"

Caesar shot him a glare. "Then maybe I won't suck your dick anymore."

With a sigh, Joseph relinquished the items and Caesar smirked as he lit a cigarette.

"It's true, though," Caesar said after a few drags. "They're just birthmarks. They don't mean anything."

Joseph shrugged slightly. "I dunno, to me they look like crescent moons. Except, you know, pink."

Caesar exhaled smoke, putting his cigarette out on the ashtray on his bedside table. "You're just saying that because you want them to match your own birthmark."

Joseph grinned knowingly. "So? They do, and besides, that just means we were meant to be together. Like, soul mates, or something."

Caesar groaned loudly, shoving Joseph in the chest. "That's some pretty sappy bullshit coming from you of all people, Jojo. Besides, you think I want to be stuck with someone like you as my soul mate?"

Joseph felt his cheeks flush red as he avoided eye contact with Caesar for a brief moment.

"…you were being serious," Caesar said and he smiled as he tangled his fingers in Joseph's hair, pulling him in for a kiss. "You're worse than I am."

"Yeah, shut up," he grumbled defensively.

"Well, I guess being stuck with you isn't so bad," Caesar said slowly. "Could be worse. Could be stuck with someone much less interesting. Also, someone who was far less fun. Although, if they were better in bed…" Joseph pouted visibly as Caesar grinned widely. "Let's go get cleaned up and go to bed, Jojo."