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Weaving his way through the halls, Richard Grayson was attempting to get to his next and final class unscathed.

But trying to get through what seemed like barricades of people both taller and bigger than him was harder than it may seem. Even with all the training he had, and still was, receiving as Robin it's still hard to get through the halls of Gotham Academy.

That's why he usually has his friend Barbara Gordon with him, but today just happened to be one of those days where Barbara wasn't at school. No, she was out visiting her mom, spending the week there. She had left Thursday morning, which was yesterday, skipping the rest of the week. Her dad didn't approved of her skipping school at first, but Barbara managed to convince him.

Because after Friday was over, Gotham Academy's students were having a week vacation for Christmas. So, everyone was excited to be able to bust of this place and go to other countries or visit family with their rich parents. While Dick would stay at the manor with Bruce and Alfred, and they would exchange a few small things then that would be it.

Both Bruce and Dick never did the whole Christmas thing to the max. Because Bruce's celebrations had ended when his parents died, and Dick never really got to celebrate it too much because he was always on the road with his parents. So Christmas was generally a foreign subject, but Alfred had managed to convince Bruce to celebrate Christmas with Dick when Dick was first brought into the manor. Alfred said it would be a good thing to make Dick feel more welcome. Of course at the time he didn't know little Dick Grayson didn't know too much about Christmas or even who Santa was. So Bruce tried to brush it off, and he managed to for that Christman.

But after Dick met Barbara, she had introduced him to Christmas, and all Dick wanted to do after that was celebrate it with Bruce. So they did, and Alfred was happy to have some more joy brought into the manor along with Dick. And surprisingly, so was Bruce.

So now they keep it small. Just spending time for one night at the manor, without having to worry too much about criminals going bump in the night.

Of course, they always kept a close eye on that too, for that is always first priority.

But for right now, all Dick has to worry about is getting to his eighth period Social Studies class.

Dodging a pack of jocks, Dick seemingly hugged the wall for the moment; clutching his books to his chest; and he kept walking. But going through all of this once again, Dick managed to avoid an encounter with some of the less niceish people in the school.

Okay, scratch that, he managed to avoid the dim headed idiots who like to beat up people smarter and smaller than them because they have issues.

But as Dick slipped into his last class of the day he couldn't care less about what those idiots were doing. He was just happy that his day was finally almost over.

Sliding into his assigned seat in the class he immediately looked up to the board for instructions. Figuring out that he should probably take out his work from yesterday he did so and then set everything on his desk in an orderly way. Before Dick could continue reading the board, the teacher came in anyway, and Dick settled himself to pay attention.

Time ticked by and Dick payed attention as much as possible. Which was more than any of the other students, considering most of them were either dozing off, or just staring at the clock for the entire time. Waiting in anticipation for the final bell to ring so they could all leave for their winter cabins and beach houses.

The teacher's ranting was starting to grow tiresome, and Dick found himself drifting to what he would do when he got home today. There wasn't really much to do, but maybe he would go out and be Robin for a bit with Batman. Or maybe he would go to the mountain.

He already knew that his teammates were planning on having a day to celebrate Christmas when everyone could come together to the mountain. Robin was looking forward to it. While Dick however, was looking forward to spending some time with Bruce on Christmas day.

But then he woke from his slight daydream and looked back up at the teacher.

She just wouldn't stop going on and on about things that Dick, along with the rest of the class, already knew. Because she obviously didn't realize that she had already taught them all this last week.

I mean, nobody hates Mrs. Collin, but nobody's a big fan of her lectures either. She actually is a good teacher when it comes down to it, but if she keeps forgetting what she's taught them already and teaching them it again, some of the students may just straight up tell her. Disregarding everything else.

But I guess hearing all of this twice helps them all remember. Perhaps she's doing it on purpose to make them remember.

"Do you all understand that?" Mrs. Collin suddenly asked, snapping Dick out of his inner rant.

They all replied in a unison, "Yes, Mrs. Collin."

"Good," she said back. "well now that that's done, because it's the Friday before vacation, I'll let you chat amongst yourselves for the last few minutes of class."

Some 'yes's were heard throughout the classroom, and the kids immediately began switching around desks so they could talk to their friends.

But because Barbara wasn't here, Dick didn't really have any friends in this class. So he pulled out his iPhone and began working on hacking one of the apps.

Of course he didn't get too far before he was interrupted by someone speaking to him behind him.

"Hey, Grayson." Dick heard, and turned to see Gregory Pallen in front of him. So Dick decided to turn his chair to face him, since he seemed to actually want to talk to him.

"Yeah?" Dick asked casually, wanting to know why he was talking to him. Because Greg has never been a problem for him, he never really did anything. In fact, he was usually one of the few nicer people in the school.

"Uh, I was just wondering what you're doing?" he asked. Dick raised an eyebrow, then looked around the classroom. That's when he realized that Greg didn't really have any friends in this class either, so he must have decided to talk to Dick out of boredom.

"Just messing around with an app." Dick smiled and waved his phone in front of Greg. Greg just nodded, and pulled out his own phone then taking a seat at the desk across from Dick.

"Oh, yeah? What app?" Greg asked. He was obviously just trying to make nice conversation and pass the time to when he could leave.

"Just Candy Crush," Dick replied calmly, hoping that his obvious disinterest in talking to Greg would spare Greg the torture of putting himself in this situation. But Greg just laughed.

"Yeah? What level?" Again with more questions. "I'm on level one hundred twenty two."

"Oh, really? My friend Barbara is on level two hundred and three." Dick dodged the question for what level he was on. Because he wasn't actually playing the game, he was trying to see if he could make it jump him instantly to the highest level so he could freak the people who run the app out. And Dick knew that him knowing how to hack might draw a connection between him and a certain Robin.

"Wow. She's really far ahead of me, huh?" Greg replied. Dick just let out a breathy laugh, hoping he could end this conversation.

"Yeah, yeah she is." And that was it. Greg nodded, and swiveled in his chair; deciding then to play Candy Crush instead of talking to Dick, and Dick was very relieved as he went back to screwing around with the app.

Sometimes Dick wished that people wouldn't only talk to him because he was the only person around, or because he's the ward of Bruce Wayne. Sometimes he wished that people would talk to him because they wanted to talk to him. Like how Barbara did, and sometimes even Bette Kane. Even Artemis, who doesn't even know that he's Robin. Not that Barbara or Bette know either, but they aren't superheroes like Artemis. So it doesn't matter as much.

Finally crashing the app, going up to the highest level, the afternoon announcements came on. Everyone became deathly quiet and were ready to jump out of their seats.

And once the woman who said the announcements said, "You may dismiss your students" everyone was already out of their seats and running out the door. While Dick got up a bit more calmly, but still rushed out. But not before waving goodbye politely to Mrs. Collins.

"Have a nice vacation, sweetie!" she said to him as he headed for the door.

"You too!" Dick replied sweetly as he made his way out of the classroom.

Rushing through the halls, he got to his locker and shoved everything into his bag, heading out of the building.

Dick was finally able to relax slightly as he walked down the sidewalk looking for Alfred to come and pick him up. Luckily he didn't run into anyone else after he finally got sidewalks.

But when Dick didn't see Alfred yet, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and looked for any voicemails. Checking to see if Bruce had called him telling him that Alfred would be late.

One new voicemail.

Dick sighed, and clicked on the message.

"Voicemail. If you would like to hear your messages, press one" So Dick did. "One new voicemail..."

The voice changed into Bruce's voice.

"Dick, I'm sorry but Alfred won't be able to pick you up from school today. He is having some family issues going on with his nieces, and I can't get you because I have a meeting and Lucius won't let me get out of it. So, you'll have to head to the nearest zeta-beam to get to the cave instead. Then, get into your civilian wear and go to the mountain. I'll call you again later." Then that was it.

Dick sighed again, and began heading off in the direction towards the nearest zeta beam entrance, which was just a worn down telephone booth in an alley way.

Dick decided that if he's going to go to the mountain instead today, he might as well call Wally to see what's going on with him and if he's going to the mountain today.

Dick dialed his number. Because he didn't have Wally as a contact in this phone.


Pressing his phone to his ear, he waited as the ringing persisted.

"The Wall man here!" Wally shouted, and Dick couldn't help but laugh at how Wally choice to pick up the phone.

"Hey, 'Wall man'," Dick said, still laughing.

"Oh, hey Dick! What's up?" Wally asked, not caring that Dick obviously found it funny that he called himself the 'wall man'.

"Nothing much. I was just wondering if you're going to the mountain today?" Dick asked.

"Duh! I was actually just about to head into the zetas when you called," Wally replied cheerfully.

"Oh, good. 'Cause I just got a last minute plan change, and I'll be heading to the mountain too," Dick replied.

"Bruce have a meeting?" Wally asked, he always seemed to know some how.

"Yep, and Alfred's having 'niece trouble'. So he's not around either." Dick heard Wally humm over the phone.

"Alright, whatever, right? So, I'll see you at the mountain!" Wally said, cutting off their previous conversation to Dick's joy.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a few." Wally ended the call after that with a quick 'okay' and a smile you could hear. Dick laughed again, and hung up with a 'bye'.

Dick slipped his phone back into his pocket, and continued walking. Albeit a bit faster than before, wanting to get to the cave so he could change then go to the mountain as soon as possible. Because you don't want to be walking around Gotham alone for too long, even in one of the better areas.

Dick continued to go along, keeping his guard up as usual, but he found himself drifting as he thought about what he would do with Wally once he got to the mountain after changing. Or, more like what Wally would have them do once he got there. He was wondering if he could maybe even spend the night at the mountain or with Wally. Because Bruce would most likely not be coming back to the manor until either really late, or not at all for the night. He would have to ask Bruce if he could first, of course, but Bruce would most likely be okay with it if just for the night.

Seeing the alley way to where the zeta entrance was, Dick forgot what he was thinking and picked up his pace again slightly. But he was stopped in his endeavor to get to the zeta beam entrance by a man asking him a question quite randomly it seemed.

"Excuse me, but can you help me?" he asked. Dick raised an eyebrow then saw that his car's hood was popped open. He must be having some trouble, so Dick shrugged.

"Sure, what's wrong with your car?" Dick asked. The man seemed startled that he already knew why he was asking for help.

"Uh, I'm not sure actually. I just saw you and thought maybe you'd be able to figure something out better than me." Dick smiled and nodded, following the man over to his car. Getting home to change, then going to the mountain could wait. He is Robin after all, he might as well help.

Dick looked the man up and down, he had brown hair and brown eyes. He looked relatively normal. Just in jeans, and a white button down with a jacket for the cold.

Dick peered over the car, and saw immediately that one of the car's spark plugs was missing.

"You see something?" the man asked, and Dick nodded.

"Yeah, one of your spark plugs is missing." Dick pointed out where it was missing. "You'll need to get one or this car isn't going anywhere." The man nodded.

"Wait," Dick started, looking up at the man, "why is one of your spark plugs missing anyway? Did someone steal it or something? 'Cause you couldn't have gotten here without it," Dick asked, warning bells going off in his head.

But the man said nothing, he just shrugged, and Dick raised an eyebrow.

"Okay then.. Hope you figure this out," Dick said, and the man smiled and thanked him for figuring it out. Dick smiled and said 'no problem'. Then he walked away.

Dick looked back at the man, who was looking into the hood of his car. Hands on his hips, and he was shaking his head while sighing. Dick could understand that.

Dick just shrugged the encounter off and continued walking towards the alley where the zeta entrance was. But he was stopped one more time.

"Hey, you got the time?" another man asked. This man had black hair and blue eyes like Dick. An innocent enough question, so Dick pulled out his phone.

"Uh, yeah, it's... a quarter past three." The man nodded and walked past Dick. Dick didn't even bother to look back at him, and he continued walking.

Dick finally managed to reach the alley, and he walked into it. Heading for the phone booth.

Dick sighed, his breath fogging the area in front of his mouth, glad he finally managed to reach the entrance. Dick turned to look around and make sure no one would see him go into the zetas.

But there was that man again, the one with the blue eyes and black hair. Right in front of him.

"Wha-" before Dick could finish his sentence the man had thrust a piece of cloth into his face. Grabbing him and holding him in a neck lock before Dick could do anything.

Dick breathed into the cloth, startled, and smelled the chloroform the cloth was soaked in.

Panicking, Dick flailed his legs and grabbed at the man's arms, trying to pry him off. Screaming as loud as he could, but the man just held on tighter. Dick's eyes widened to their full width and he tried so hard to kick him, but it was impossible in this position.

Dick felt his limbs getting heavier and the man thrust him in different directions to disorient him. It was working.

With one last gasp, Dick felt his eyes slip closed and his muscles relax. The man never loosening his grip.

No thoughts. Just panic had consumed Dick in that moment. He didn't even have time to hope for anything before he watched as the black creeped up on him from all sides of his vision.

He fell deeply into a panic filled sleep.

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