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Operation Revenge

Chapter 1

The day passed by as normally for the saiyan youth named Son Gohan. Attending the well-known Orange Star High School while was consider a boon, was also a blessing to the boy. The reason for the blessing was sat next to him, diligently working on her essay, that she and the rest of the class were required to complete. Gohan with his brilliant mind had finished his own essay in a small fraction of the time given, providing him with an opportunity to spend the remaining time to secretly watch his best friend.

Satan Videl's short hair looked soft to the touch and shone irresistibly from the small amount of sunlight that fed through the small window's of the classroom, and her blue eyes glistened like sapphires. His mouth went dry as he gazed at her. He was in Love with the girl, and even though he himself had accepted that, the fact remained, that Son Gohan, boy genius didn't know what he was supposed to do.

And well, he couldn't exactly ask his friends. He could very well imaging everyone reaction. Krillen would just laugh and tease him, Master Roshi's perversion would strike yet again, Bulma would just swoon and start spouting out romantic notions. And he definitely wasn't stupid enough to talk to his mother. Kami knows there's already enough cries of grandchildren without her knowing anymore than she does know. And Vegeta… he doubted he'd wanted to know what the Saiyan might say or do.

He sighed sadly and slumped his head into his arms as despair suddenly filled him. After all Videl was so wonderful, so perfect, what chance did he have…

Suddenly a gentle poke in his side sent him stumbling from his angst thoughts, and his attention turned to the culprit. He raised his eyes to his best friend, who merely smiled warmly and without making the teacher aware, she pressed a small folded piece of paper into his larger hands. He looked up her again blinking with his normal naivety, and his almost heart crashed to his feet as she gave him one of her stunning grins.

He smiled weakly in returning, and with slightly shaking hands he unfolded the note and quickly read through her recognisable scroll.

Hey Gohan! I was wondering if you could meet me by the old tree at lunchtime. Alone. Thanks! Love Videl

She said Love…? Maybe she does feel something for me or maybe she meant it in a friendly way? Nevertheless Gohan quickly folded the read note, and slid it discreetly into his folder, away from his teacher's prying eyes, and turned to see Videl's eyes still on him. He nodded to the girl in silent agreement, and she smiled back, warmly, then continued returned to the task of finishing her essay.

Gohan stood patiently in front of the Old Oak, his schoolbag heedlessly tossed across his shoulder as he awaited his female friend. His stomached protested loudly several times, but he ignored its calls to wait for the young woman. Finally his eyes pleasantly found her making an approach to their meeting spot, and he smiled and gave a short wave. She merely smiled at him grimly and sat beside him.

"Hey Videl! What is it you wanted to speak to me about?"

A sigh escaped her pink lips and Gohan couldn't but stare at them briefly at wonder. She crossed her arms across her chest, and turned to look at the Saiyan youth. Gohan quickly averted his eyes.

"I need your help."

"Anything?" Whispered Gohan gently, with a small smile.

"I know this sounds odd, but… I need you to be my boyfriend." She muttered her eyes casting downward, gazing at her shoe's as if they were the most interesting things in the world. Gohan's eyes widen and jaw dropped as he gaped at his best friend.

"But only to fool my Dad." She proceeded with, after a few seconds of his wide eyed, gaping spectacle.

Gohan mouth wound close, and disappointment rose from deep within his chest, to which he rapidly suppressed, then he looked at his blue eyed secret love with mere curiosity.

"Why?" He whispered eventually, loud enough for her to hear.

"Because I'm sick of his big ego! I want revenge on him for all those years of lies!" She growled, anger evident in her voice.

Gohan looked at her dumbfounded and in the famous Son way, his hand found the back of his neck and he absently scratched the said location in absolute confusion.

"But how does dating me get any revenge?"

"Easily, now let me explain..."

"WHAT!" A loud voice rang throughout all of Satan City, scaring a few birds in mid flight.

"You heard me!" Muttered Videl Satan to her best friend.

"But me! Me of all people dressed as a… as a punk… and acting like one!" He squeaked, startled beyond comprehension.

"Come on! I know you could do it! I know a friend who can help!" She replied in a voice of complete desperation.

"No Way!" He muttered with an absolutely certain tone.

"Please? You said anything."

So she resorted to the use of a technique only the desperate used. A look the youngest son of Chichi had perfected as a means of escaping the frying pan of doom many a times. The young female looked at her friend with saddened eyes, and they shone with surpressed tears, she clutched his hand desperately. While indeed it wasn't performed in a manner as potent as Son Goten's, it still impacted the Eldest living Son, and his protests dwindled down to nothing, and he melted into a puddle of goo. Metaphorically speaking of course. His shoulders slumped as he sighed resignedly. He had lost.

"Fine…" He sighed out loudly, and her expression immediately melted from the ultimate technique and a wide grin beamed from her face.

"Good! So you remember what you have to do?"

"Yeah... I'll meet you at 5 o'clock, at the Ice Cream Shop." He muttered, unhappily.

"Great!" She replied Cheerily, then continued with a smile.

"Well, we better get some lunch. I'm starved."

Unhappiness at his latest role, melted into oblivion at the thought of his second love after Videl of course. Food. The food capsules in pocket burning to be released and consumed. After all not even he, a saiyan with the abilty to eat most anything would eat the food they dished out from the school cafeteria. A child like grin settled on his face, as he followed his now enthused best friend to cafeteria, where many student would once more see the spectacle of Son Gohan, eating mounds after mounds of food that would dwindle down to nothing in mere seconds.

Gohan landed a few hundred yards from his home and nervously scratched the back of his neck. He hoped to Dende that his mother would buy the story he had made up, to carry out 'Mission Revenge'. Gohan sweatdropped at the thought of the original name Videl had thought up, before eventually deciding it was to long. 'Mission Revenge on the selfish bstrd, liar of a father, who deserves to burn in Hell for all eternity'. Thank kami-sama above, that he had managed to convince her to change the name, while it certainly held a certain appeal, it was after all a bit of a mouthful.

Gohan crept silently to the enterance of the front door and gently pushed door open. He winced as it gave a loud creak, and resignedly he found his mother sat at the kithen table, drinking what looked like coffee and another wince came. Coffee reminded too much of the time Goten and Trunks had got hold of an entire container of it and thought it was hot chocolate. It was a whole week of hell before they finally settled down. He only hoped his mother had hid the pot in better place this time. With a generous amount of caution, he stalked through the kitchen. The Sayian teen nervously sat on the chair next to his mother, while she looked up to him, ruefully.

"Mom I..."

"Gohan! I'm going away this weekend with Bulma, and Goten and your father will be staying at Capsule Corp. you don't mind, do you?"

"No! No. I don't mind." He replied, suppressing the urge to grin, and silently thanked Dende.

Chichi smiled at her son warmly, and stood up to dispose of her now empty cup.

"That's my boy! Make sure you study hard, ok? Now was there something you wanted to tell me?"

"No! I mean... I'll study hard, mom." He replied, with a hint of panic and a nervous smile set on his face, as he knew to well he wouldn't get much time to study this weekend.

Friday 17.00 hours

Gohan stood mutely in front of the exterior of the ice cream shop, mirroring his earlier stance during lunch earlier that day, including the very same bag slung over his shoulders. Only it wasn't filled with his school essentials, it was filled with items required for the hair brained scheme he had unwontedly been pulled into. And like earlier that day he smiled at her eventual approach and even gave a small wave, which froze as well as his smile as his dark eyes caught sight of her companion.

""Oh Dende..." He whispered almost silent, that nobody heard.

The man in question was as tall as Gohan himself, and was adorned in tight leather pants and tight white tank top with the word 'Bite Me!' scrolled across it in sloppy graffiti on the front. A large leather jacket was thown on top, covered in various badges of all sorts. His hair practically shaven to the extent that Krillen had once loved to adorn, till his change of heart several years ago. His entire right ear, had a line of hoop piercings, and finally he saw the tattoo of a small black dragon upon his right cheek. This was Videl's friend!

"Hey Gohan!" Shouted the rather enthusiastic girl and she hurried to meet him, the leather jacket adorned man followed closely.

"Hey Videl." He replied, trying to avoid eye contact with the other man.

"This is Yoshi, he's here to help you look the part."

Yoshi looked upon the nervously fidgiting Gohan, and smiled warmly.

"Hey Dude! Videl told me plenty about you, man."

Gohan looked at the guy, slightly surprised, and smiled back at the slightly bald man warmly.

"Really? What about me?"

Videl blushed slightly, and Yoshi chuckled almost evilly.

"Oh this and that..."

Gohan grinned at the guy, he had definitely liked him. And slightly ashemed he realised he had misjudged the guy, simply because of his look.

"Well. I'm ready for the new look." He muttered nervously.

"Let's get going then." Yosi replied, pulling Gohan towards the nearest clothes shop, while Videl made her way to the opposite direction.

"Aren't you coming with us, Videl?" Asked Gohan, sheepishly.

"Oh no! I'll meet you tomorrow at noon. I got some business to take care of..." She replied, indicating her police watch. Then she ran through the street, disappearing into the crowd, while Yoshi continued to drag the teenage sayian to most likely his doom.

Gohan looked at the leather coat; Yoshi had tossed him through their raid of the store. He replaced it with his own blue coat, and critically looked at his reflection in the mirror. It fit and it was scary how it made him how it really made him look out of his character and look the part, which to be frank was intended. He was shocked out of his thoughts, when a few garments and a pair of shoes flew his way and hit his chest. His arms promptly caught the eyes and blinked at Yoshi incomprehensively.

"Go try 'em on!" Ordered Yoshi, with a grin.

Gohan quickly skittered into a changing room, and promptly dressed into the given clothing. His jaw dropped at his appearance and for a moment he couldn't help but stare at his reflection. His gravity defying hair was tied back with a dark blue bandanna, a white vest was practically plastered across his well defined masculine chest, a pair of snug blue jeans, black leather working boots, and finally the leather jacket from earlier was wrapped firmly around his waist.

It screamed rebellious.

Yoshi peeked into the changing room, and couldn't help but smirk with satisfaction.

"Nearly done, man. There's just something missing."

"You've got to be kidding!" Moaned Gohan, holding a book that contained a selection of Tattoo's to choose from.

For some insane reason or the other. His new friend had decided that the saiyan had needed a tattoo, and the other boy insisted that it be real andnot some fake rub on that would most likely fade away at the most inopportune time. Somehow the human boy with some amazing show of strength, managed to drag the Saiyan youth to the nearest tattoo palour.

"Nope." Muttered Yoshi, happily.

"I can't have a tattoo! My mom will kill me!" He whispered back, eyes widening in horror as an image of his mother swinging her infamous weapon in a deathblow, came to mind.

"Come on! It's only a tattoo... and of course an earring."

"WHAT!" Yelped Gohan, surprisingly not shattering every ounce of glass in the building with his voice.

"Come on man, it'll be okay! You want to look genuine?" Yoshi replied with a grin.

Gohan looked at the man at loss, than slumped down in the chair and resigned himself into looking through the tattoo catalogue, sighing unhappily.

"The things I do for that girl."

After saying goodbye to his new friend with a promise of meeting some time or the other. He of course left for home, aboard Nimbus as it sailed through the skies. His bag now contained his new clothing for this weekend's charade.

Gohan rubbed his sore ear that held it's new addition of a hooped earring. He tried vainly to ignore the pain from his newly installed tattoo. Nevertheless he looked at it in awe. The tattoo was one he himself had designed. After an hour of looking through the damn catalogue and Yoshi eventually starting to feel a little irritated, he finally grabbed a blank piece of paper and drew a quick sketch of Shenron, with the seven balls beneath him. Both Yoshi and the tattooist had been so amazed and so complementive of the design, that Gohan blushed several shades of red.

How in kami-sama's name was he gonna pull of the act of punk kid? And further more... pretending to have made fathered a child with Videl! Frankly he didn't know... but for her... he'd try his best.

Finally he saw his house in the horizon, and it only struck him then that he hadn't any way of hiding his earring. The tattoo he could easily hide. Damn... he only hoped tomorrow would go okay.

After all that it was merely now a process of waiting, when the planning would be over, and Operation Revenge would be well on it's way

Nimbus stopped in front of his open bedroom window, and swiftly he jumped inside. He quickly got changed into his nightwear, and slipped under the duvet of his bed.

"Gohan! Is that you?" Yelled the very familiar voice from outside his door.

Gohan startled from his mothers call, jumped with the shock, then he proceeded to bury himself deeper into his bed covers. To hide his head just in case she decided to open the door and come in.

"Yeah mom. I'm just really tired." He replied, nervously after moments of silence, her voice rang through to his room lovingly.

"Ok baby. Night!"

"Night Mom..." He whispered back warmly.

With that, he heard his mother footsteps leave from outside his door, leaving him to sigh in relief. Gohan unwrapped the blanket that were tightly around him, then sank back into the pillows, and further reflected on what happened earlier that day. Soon the teenager was asleep and settling into dreams. Dreams of a raven haired girl with sapphire eye. A girl he loved and was willing to do anything for... Anything...

End of Chapter 1

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