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Chapter 10


Gohan for the life of him couldn't understand what his 'Girlfriend' was gaping at till he took a good look at the large tv moniter. The image it presented brought a pasty look to his face.

His mother was going to kill him. With a loud growl he hit the button of his watch, and the change to his alter ego came instantly, and Videl proceeded to do the same, after the moment of shock was over.

Those brats! Making him waste his precious Videl time doing minial tasks such as saving worthless humans! Kami he was sounding like Vegeta... maybe that's not such a bad thing...

A slow change to his furious expression came as the realisation came to him.

He was a Saiyan, a super saiyan at that for kami sake he didn't have to take any sh!t from anyone! ...okay he wasn't stupid enough to go against his mother and Videl, they were an exception, but Kami fck the rest of the world.

That also brought question of what to do to the green teenage guardian of earth. Gohan knew for sure that all the madness of his life was caused by the baka. Kami burger's with a side order of chibi steaks definately sounded quite appetising at the moment. Anger and fury melted as a malicious smirk upturned the corners of his mouth.

"Uh Gohan..."

"Yes dear." Muttered the teenager turning his gaze to the young woman before him, no sign of nervousness and embarressment on his face, smirk still present

Videl only blinked in response and gently placed a caring hand onto his shoulder.

"You... ok?"

A full fledged sadistic grin appeared bringing both the feeling of fear and excitement to the pit of the offspring of Satan Hercule's stomach.

"Never been better..."


Taopaipai gaped as his target changed instantly into the green clad stranger. He was vaguely familiar to the cyborg, and it took him a moments serious consideration to come to a conclusion. And suddenly

his eyes widened in realisation. Of course! Wasn't he the star of that movie character the Great Saiya-wotsit. So the boy was an actor! That explains his previous failure. He must of had some sort of protection against attempted assasination. After all it happens quite often in the entertainment business. But in the end nobody wins against Taopaipai.


Two streaks of green flew low at high speeds through the winding canyons, passing a startled family of flying dinosaurs. Other then the brief almost clash the valley was deserted of life.



"Would you like to go out with me tonight?" Asked the demi saiyan calmly, eyes looking sideways to the flying young woman beside him.

Videl immediantly froze in midair and Gohan made the emergency stop beside her. Slowly she shifted her gaze to the young man that had long ago captured her heart.

"Did you just ask me out? For.. for real!"

He nodded calmly, his penetrating gaze doing wonderful damage to the carefully constructed walls of her heart, built from years of emotional neglect from her bungle of a father. There was a comfortable moment of silence before Videl turned shyly to the black haired teenager, a gentle smile gracing her delicate features


"Great then." Whispered the alien youth with a dreamy grin.


"Where the hfil is that baka!" Growled Chibi Goten, his eyes narrowed as he looked anxiously around for the appearance of his older brother.

"I'm sure he'll be here soon." Murmered Chibi Gohan with a slight yawn.

Suddenly the people screamed as two figures impacted the ground, which turned to sighs of relief at the figures of the two heroes of Satan City.

"What the hfil is going on Trunks!"

"I... I... had nothing to do with it!"

"A likely story..." Gohan narrowed his eyes warning, so much much for relief as shrieks of fear ran throughout the store. Then proceeded to growl with a deadliness that made Chibi Gohan and Trunks wonder if the Dragon's wish had also affected the older child of Goku as well as the youngest.

"It's time for you to know what real pain is, brat!"

Annoyed with been ignored for such a long time, Chibi Goten growled with a haughtiness that would have made Vegeta proud. Gohan blinked at his little brother in confusing. Standing stiffly, and thrusting a small thumb, directing to himself proudly.

"The giant prune is correct baka! I'm the genius of this operation." Growled the Goku look a like, ignoring the immediate glare from the young Saiyan Prince.

"Goku!" Wailed a voice from above, before Gohan could contemplate his brothers behaviour, and the figure of the unknown voice fell in shock and horror, bringing a loud clatter from the contact of flesh and metal on the hard ceramic floor, conveniently between chibi and superhero.

"YOU!" Growled Gohan lunging for the unsuspecting assassin, hoisting him to the air by his throat.

Taopaipai let out a silent scream as the person he once thought was a simple actor, an easy target become a figure of his darkest nightmares. Dark glasses deteriorated into dark piercing eyes, which flickered to an icy blue, as the white bandanna escaped, and the dark hair that was once hidden, spiked up into gold, as the transformation of Super Saiyan took place.


Videl stared on as her now real boyfriend. He stood before her with the cyborg suspended in his strong right hand, somehow she had a feeling that her life would contain many similar scenes in the furure. For some reason a daydream of him throttling a tall lavender haired youth in the air in the same exact position came to mind with the added figure of a protesting young girl that looked a lot like herself hanging onto him pleadingly.

'Daddy let him go!'

A dreamy smile came to her face, briefly before a fierce scowl replaced it with an equally fierce glare.

"Gohan! Put that that man down now!"

"But... sweety!"

Videl flushed a little at the name, but nethertheless doubled the force of her glare. The gasping robotic man was immediantly released from the tightly firm grip and found himself on the same ceramic floor with a crash. He lay dazed and unmovingly, except for the slight momentary twitch.

"I was only going to maim him a little." Pouted Gohan. Videl sweatdropped slightly, her left eyebrow arched a 'yeah right'.

"Could I help!" Grinned the Goku look-a-like enthusiastically. Chibi Trunks and Chibi Gohan shuddered briefly.

"I don't think so!" Replied the dark haired girl flatly. Chibi Goten scowled heavily.

"Woman! I... I... never mind..." The once scowling chibi melted beneath the Satan glare of doom x100. The entire Toy store shook with fear at the death glare, most even running in fear to the nearest exit, many others in need of a change of underwear. And let's just say even a vegeta-ish Goten was shaking with fear.

Gohan bravely wrapped an arm around the shoulders of his girlfriend, distrupting the Satan Glare of Doom x100, and bringing several sighs gasps of relief. She looked at her boyfriend with wide eyes, and sighed as he leaned down to plant a tender kiss on her mouth, uncaring of the flashes of the papperazzi that appeared in front of them, from nowhere eagerly taking photo's of the momentous occasion.

Chibi Gohan blushed, while Chibi Trunks smirked knowingly. Then just when everything was thought to be safe, despite been embarressing for a certain chibi, the large doors to the toy superstore swung open with a loud thud and an aura of doom glowed through, when to the horror of Son Gohan, the silouette of Son Chichi stood in the doorway. Gohan separated himself from the tempting lips of his girlfriend at the sight of the figure before him, pulling her into his deep embrace. He momenterily cursed himself for not writing a will.

"Gohan!" Screeched a shrill voice, eyes glaring at him, assuring him of his guaranteed doom.


End of Chapter 10