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The Holy Alliance of Britannia

Updated: 25.05.2015

Chapter 1: Decision



2157 a.t.b

A man of tall stature opened a door. He walked in, carrying his briefcase. He put it on a table briefly after stopping behind the table. His hair was short, straight and grey in colour. He looked ahead, and saw his students looking expectantly after they greeted him. It is time to start the class.

"Alright, everyone. Its been a long time since you guys had the chance to test your knowledge on history, so we've got a pop quiz today!"

A series of groans broke out from the class. A student spoke out loudly, "But we've already had one three days ago! How is that suppose to be a long time?"

The grey haired teacher replied, "Time is a relative thing. So let's get on with it. I won't be taking any marks from this, but I'll be asking the question verbally. Anybody who can't get two out of your three question right, will have to write two history essays instead of one."

The students internally gulped as they reassessed what they remembered. After all, who wants to do more work? Velvett, one of the student sitting at the back looked to Pincer who seemed to be the only one excited about this. 'Of course he would be. No one is more patriotic than Pincer. I'm sure he already memorised the text book'

The teacher continued, "Alright! I'm being nice today, so I'll ask chronologically. Déntra! Who is the first king of Britannia?" Everyone gulped. It's not a bad question, but it's something 2157 years ago…


"Correct. He is descended from the local celtic tribes in Britain and successfully repelled Julius Caesar's attempt to invade the British Isles on 1 a.t.b or 55 B.C."

"How come our previous capital city, Pendragon was in the American continent instead of the British Isles? Answer me, Árvores!"

"Errr… Somewhen in the middle of the 19th century, French Revolutionary Napolean Bonaparte invaded Britain. Queen Elizabeth III had to retreat to the new world and establish a new capital there. Sir Ricardo von Britannia, who was close to her, succeeded her. If I'm not mistaken, sir."

Árvores received a nod from the grey haired teacher standing in front of them.

"Alright. Let's ask about more recent things. Bäumer! How did His Majesty, Lelouch vi Britannia ascended the throne and brought the world under prosperity?"

Bäumer relaxed. He got an easy question. "It was in 2018 a.t.b that His Majesty appeared in the throne room of Britannia, announcing the death of the the previous emperor and that he was assuming the throne. His Majesty was opposed by his siblings at first but they conceded later on, as His Majesty proved his worth. He appeared alongside the Knight of One*, Suzaku Kururugi and the Knight of Zero*, her highness Kallen vi Britannia. His Majesty was also opposed by a multinational entity called the United Federation of Nation* and his elder sibling Prince Schneizel el Britannia. The defeat of the United Federation of Nation and Prince Schneizel el Britannia marked an important footnote in history. Its the Day of Unification."

"Very good Bäumer. Although that was an easy question. Moving on, Àrboles! Who was the leading the Grand Rebellion, in which began in 2020 and ended three years later?" asked the grey haired teacher.

"It's Prince Schneizel el Britannia, sir. He exploited the protests of the former E.U states and former Britannian nobles to coordinate a global rebellion against His Majesty. This war had been the most devastating one, since Prince Schneizel's tactics was to wear down his majesty's resources through attrition. Infrastructures important to maintain stability such as hospitals, communication towers, military bases, mineral sites and trade routes were systematically targeted and destroyed."

The teacher nodded, before turning his head to Agaclar. "Agaclar, what happened directly after the end of the Grand Rebellion?"

"The Grand Rebellion did cause a lot of destruction. Not only infrastructures were reduced to rubbles, systems such as the previous emperor's policy was also destroyed. This paved the way for a reformation. Efforts were directed towards rebuilding. It was at this time that His Majesty was accepted worldwide as the emperor and opinions towards His Majesty turned positive. His just treatment of the citizens had won the hearts of the common people. There were no preferential treatments and His Majesty didn't play favourites. As stability came to every corner of the empire, the focus was directed towards expanding our reach out of Earth."

"Al-Asyjar, describe to us our milestones in the space frontier."

"The first spacecraft was launched in 2031 a.t.b, and landed safely on Luna. A base was set up for research purposes. The first settlement on Luna was built successfully 7 years later. To solve the problem of lesser gravity of Luna, the city itself was a huge wheel that rotates constantly. It uses centripetal force to increase the gravity. In 2044 a.t.b, the first colony on Mars was established. Discovery of alien ruins that were rubbles of a building and wreckages of spaceships a year later initiated many things. This huge bombshell of a discovery led to many debates and opinions. Reverse engineering the technology could push us forward a hundred years, but using a technology that wasn't invented from scratch had its weaknesses. The process of invention was important. It gave experience and wisdom, unlike reverse-engineering, since you have to fail a lot of times before inventing a working technology. The decision was then made by His Majesty. Britannia would use its own technology. However, the alien ruins were still researched."

"Very good. You didn't miss a fact. Dûrveta, How about the invention of AI? How did it happen?"

"It started with Digital Humans, whom were humans that had their consciousness transferred into a digital format. The scientist responsible, Friede Aman*, died a few years later. No one could reproduce his work. However, scientists were able to clone them. This clones are the Artificial Intelligence that are among us now."

"Yes, thank you Dûrveta. It was in 2033 a.t.b that the term Digital Humans was made known and five years later that AIs were invented. Pincer, tell me who invented the Einsrosen Drive."

Pincer's smile faded. He got an easy question. Too easy for him.

"Einsrosen is shortform of Einstein-Rosen, sir. The two physicist responsible were Nathan Rosen and his wife Nina Rosen, known as Nina Einstein at the time. It was in 2098 that the Einsrosen Drive* was invented. Our own first piece of technology capable of interstellar travel. A year after, the empire's effort was then focused on colonisation. It has been 58 years since we expanded into the stars. We have 110 colonies now in 46 systems, all equipped with at least one Orbital Artillery Defence Platform* in each system, thanks to the Colonial Protocol* initiated in 2111 a.t.b."

Velvett smiled lightly as the quiz went on. It would be her turn soon enough.

It was the year 2157, 139 years after the events of the Black Rebellion. 139 years passed since Lelouch vi Britannia ascended the throne. Britannia progressed forward by a great deal. With multitudes of progress came various changes too. The government was no longer absolute monarchy, as the Constitution was drafted. Britannia was then a constitutional monarchy.

The dual government system was formed. A central government and a stellar government. The central government was led by Lelouch as the emperor and had ministers running various department. While the central government was responsible for finance, military, education, health system and extraterrestrial affairs, the stellar government on the other hand was responsible for territory, tax, public service, internal affair and the general welfare. The ministers from the stellar government were chosen from the occupants of the star system. The Noble system was naturally abolished. Lelouch had not only invested a great deal of effort in education, but also continuous campaigns on virtues and etiquette. After all, virtues are essences that defines humanity. Britannia had an open economy, but the economical and social gap was hardly there. Philanthropism was common. The citizens of Britannia under Lelouch races to give and to contribute, just like their emperor. Gone was the image in mind that emperors sit on a golden throne, luxuries coming from hard work of their citizens. Possessing nothing more than what he needed, Lelouch's example was followed each and every man and woman.

In the year 2120, the capital of Britannia was moved to New Pendragon system. A system consisting of 7 planets and two twin stars. Sol system on the other hand was declared a heritage world. It was not only to preserve Earth's beauty, but also because of New Pendragon's strategic position in the centre of the empire.

Britannia was growing bigger and bigger. With light years of distance between colonies, conventional piece of technology had become obsolete. The Einsrosen Communicator was invented, applying the Einsrosen Travel principles. The communicator used two rooms which were located on both ends of the communication. These two rooms were regulated constantly with standardized air concentration. This is because Einsrosen Drive required both ends of the portal to be 95% similar in terms of environment. The energy consumption for this particular piece of technology was absolutely enormous, as the Einsrosen Portal needed to constantly opened, even though the portal's radius was only a few millimetres.

Khar'shan, 2157 a.t.b.

The Batarian Hegemony High Council was in full session. A primary relay, named Relay 314 was discovered by Batarian slavers, then reported to the Hegemony. Primary relays lead to a wider area to explore, which means more systems to colonise.

"Have the research team determined where the relay would lead?" asked a chancellor to the Batarian presenting the research data of the relay, as his head tilted to the right. Ba'haital Abek gulped. In front of all his superiors, to say he wasn't nervous would be quite incorrect. He recognised the gesture shown.

"Somewhere between us and the inner council space." he answered while tilting his head to the left. The chancellor turned his attention back to the other chancellors, "This is a too much of a big risk for us to take! This notion should not be passed"

"Chancellor Lorvan. Ever since 2000 years ago the citadel council heavily regulated the opening of primary relays, wanting to prevent anymore incidents similar to the Rachni. Do you know what I see, Chancellor Lorvan? The Council has become too conservative and are afraid to explore and expand. This is an opportunity. The Batarian Hegemony itself had not tried to open new relays. I know one day, the Council resources will dwindle and they will uplift the law."

"What are you implying? That we break the council's law?"

Another chancellor replied, "We start exploring first, while the council races are still doing nothing. And what about the council's law? We've been breaking them for more than a thousand year already. The council's law are full of loop holes, Chancellor Lorvan. We'll disguise the exploratory vessels as rogue slavers. We wont be responsible for them."

"What if we found a new species?"

The chancellors look at each other before the chancellor who proposed the notion answered, a grin formed on his face. "This had come across my mind the first time I thought of this notion. What do we do? What else, we make them our client race."

The Batarian Hegemony High Council session has ended. With a close win by 4 votes, the notion was passed. Never did they knew this would be their worst decision yet.

Shanxi, 2457 ATB / 2157 CE

Aaron was pacing back and forth as his team was working on their duties. Setting up a colony was heavy work. Due to the Colonial Protocol initiated in 2077 ATB, when setting up new colonies on a new planet. A minimum of 10 large cities must develop, along with the planet's orbital artillery defense. Military vessels were positioned around Shanxi, 7 of them being cruisers and the rest frigates and fighters.

Aaron was managing the construction of the planet's orbital defense. As a professional, he would made sure everything went well. After all, Emperor Lelouch had mentioned in a press conference that he would be sending his sister to oversee the contruction of Shanxi. They couldn't afford to go slow.

"Alison, have the shipment arrived?"

"Yes, sir. Our Caradocs are unloading them as we speak."

"Very good. The orbital defense should be operational soon."

Aaron went back to work, only at lunch break did he relax. Taking a view of planet Shanxi and the space at the a balcony near his office, the scenery was really beautiful. Shanxi looked like a mixture of blue, and white ball. With two moons with darker shades of blue orbiting it, it was breathtaking. It was almost as if he could forget everything for a moment. His task. His burden. His problems.

"Hey boss. Dazed off, huh?"

"Yeah, beautiful ain't it. Kind of wish you could touch it. And the two moons around it. Wish you could spin it around yourself."

"You want to spin the Shanwei? Its made of ice. Your hands would freeze first."

"Don't worry I'll spin it with the Percival. Its energy wings would take me up there."

"Not a bad idea, though if you did that, the moon would hit us, you know. We're also orbiting Shanxi in the same trajectory." They both laughed at that.

"I know, I know. And there a relay in there too. Don't want to accidentally activate it too."

"Relay huh? Wonder why we're not using it? I thin-"

"Jared. Why is the Shanwei glowing?"

Jared, who was leaning on a rail quickly turned his body to look outside. Shanwei did glow. Its centre was turning red and spreading outwards. Then the ice broke into pieces and the relay inside was exposed. The blue ball inside was spinning rapidly, as if…

"Somebody's activating it on the other side. Jared, go sound the alarms! I'll go alert General Williams!" The relay continued spinning wildly, then 8 blocky ships appeared in front of the relay. 7 frigate sized ship and a cruiser sized ship.


The Knight of One - The second highest position of the Thirteen Knights of Britannia. The Thirteen Knights of Britannia are considered a group of elite combat units. The Knight of One is the leader to the all the other knights except The Knight of Zero and acts directly under emperor Lelouch

The Knight of Zero - The highest position of the Thirteen Knights of Britannia. Personal bodyguard to the emperor and acts directly under emperor Lelouch

United Federation of Nations - A multinational country formed shortly before the end of the reign Charles xi Britannia. At the time of the formation of the United Federation of Nations, Britannia had conquered half of the globe. The other half banded together, forming the United Federation of Nations.

Friede Aman - The computer scientist responsible for Digital Humans are consequently Artificial Intelligence.

Einsrosen Drive - Main interstellar travel method, which utilises a vacuum that sucks Trennon boson. This causes a tear in space and time, allowing ships and objects to travel large distances in the universe using shortcuts. The technology was firstly theorised by Nina Einstein and her would-be-husband Nathan Rosen.

Orbital Artillery Defence Platform - A satellite orbiting the planet in which it is defending. Its orbit follows the orbit of the moons of the planet.

Colonial Protocol - A law that dictates that a colonial effort cannot be done, unless the funds are enough to fund the colonisation, provide essential public services and build basic defences.

Batarian - A bipedal species that has four eyes. Slavery and caste system are common among the Batarians. Their homeworld is Khar'shan and their government is the Batarian Hegemony.