PS if this is Ziva

Chapter 2

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Here comes more of their love story.

Previously on PS, if this is Ziva.

Across the world in Israel Ziva David had dialed her partner's cell phone. She had attempted to dial it many, many times in the past year but always managed to hand up before he answered or it went to voice mail. This time she let it go hoping he would answer on their anniversary of sorts. However, it went to voicemail. She was about to hang up when she heard the overture from her favorite movie, the Sound of Music. Then she heard his voice. She had not heard it for such a long time. It seemed to mesmerize her. "You have reached Tony DiNozzo. If this is a weekday I am sure the Boss has me working on a case or even worse paper work. Yuck. If this is the weekend I am probably either working again or at a local movie theater watching a marathon and if you are not Ziva David hang up. You have the wrong damn number. "Ziva felt her breath catch when she heard his voice and what he said. "And PS if this is you Ziva I will always love you. Please tell me where you are?"

Ziva almost dropped the phone but caught it before it hit the floor and woke the two sleeping babies that were lying in their carriers at her feet. "That was your Daddy. He never ceases to amaze me." She leaned back against the back of the chair she was sitting in. She was staring at the ceiling remembering their goodbye at the airport and the tears she had willed not to fall only to have them pour from her eyes as soon as the plane had taken off. "Tony, how can you still love me? How you still say that after the way I have treated you." Tears began once again to fall from her eyes. She really wanted to see him again. She wanted to rush back into his arms. She felt that she had closed that door when she let him leave. "But he still loves me," she thought. "What kind of man would hang on this long? What kind of love that must be?"

She was thinking about calling back to leave a message when one of the babies started to stir. Ziva quickly put the phone down and picked up the little boy. He had dark curly hair and when he looked up at her his green eyes just danced. "You need to be quiet little man. You will wake your sister." Ziva smiled down at her son. He looked up at his eyes sparkling and a huge grin on his face just like his father's.


Gibbs had finally dozed off in a large chair he had pulled in from Tony's living room. It had been a rough night. Tony woke several times during the night screaming her name. Sometimes it was about her in danger and then others it was her walking out on him. Gibbs had not realized how attached they two of them had been. He had always known they were soul mates. He had always hoped they would find their way to each other on their own. He had made the decision before he dozed off that he would have to play cupid and force them to face each other.

Then the phone rang. Gibbs grabbed it quickly before it woke Tony. "Gibbs" He got up and walked into the living room closing the double doors behind him.

"Morning Boss, how's Tony?"

"Rough night. He was passed out drunk when I got here. "Gibbs replied. "You got me any information on that phone number."

"Still working on it. If this is Ziva she does not want to be found. I have traced it to Israel. The number seems to be on the Mossad exchange. " Tim told him. "Abby and I are still checking things out. We now have Tony's phone on constant surveillance. If she calls again we can get a trace. "

"Keep me posted McGee. I'm going to stay with DiNozzo. He will be really hung over when he wakes up."

"Sure Boss. If she calls again before he wakes up try to get her to stay on the line." Tim hated when he had to remind them of the obvious but he wanted to help his friend. "Abby is looking into some other avenues to find her.

"Of course," Gibbs grumbled. "Pull out all the stops. We have given her a year. She has time to "find herself". She left a lot of unfinished business here."

"I agree Boss."

"Stay on it, McGee." He slammed the phone shut and then stared at Tony's cell phone. He secretly hoped his glare would reach her and she would call.


Ziva had spent her time getting her children feed, changed and now they were napping. After she got them down for a nap, she finally had time to think about the message Tony had left. She knew that he loved her. He had said so many times before he left her at the airport a year ago. One of the things he had convinced her to do was to write down her feelings and her goals. She had wanted to change back then. She wanted to leave Mossad, NCIS and the life her father had designed for her behind.

After checking on the twins, she went into her bedroom and opened a drawer of her desk. She removed a large journal and opened it to the first page. It was dated Tuesday, October 1. She read what she wrote. "I have just left Tony at the airport. It was the hardest think I ever did. I did not want him to go. I love him so much. I guess I have always loved him. But I have to find myself. I cannot do that without severing all ties with my past. But Tony is the hardest thing I have ever been forced to leave behind. He wants me to call Gibbs. He insisted on it. Gibbs will listen, Gibbs will understand, Gibbs will be Gibbs. I just hope I can call him."

She turned to the next entry. She read it. "Just called Gibbs. Tony was correct. He was Gibbs. He listened and did not offer advice I did not ask for. He told me the door was always open for me to call him to talk or to come back to NCIS. Right now the thought of returning to the comfort of my NCIS family is so what I want to do but it would be so wrong. I want to be a different person. I want to go back and see if I can become the woman I would have been if I my choices had been different. Gibbs is my father. He wants what is best for me with no alteier motives. He wants what is best for me. I will begin to reach for my new goals."

After she finished reading her two first entries, she began to remember the past year.


Ziva woke up to the sun shining through the window. She had not been feeling well for about a week throwing up almost nonstop. She had finally decided that she needed to see the doctor. She slowly sat up in the bed and looked over at the clock. Her appointment was in about two hours so she had time for a shower, change and try to eat a meal. All she had managed to keep down for the last week was water and crackers. She tried to walk into the bathroom to get a shower when her head started to spin and then the nausea hit again. She ran toward the toilet just making it in time for her to empty the contents of her stomach.

After she finished she wiped her mouth and then rinsed the vomit out of her mouth. "What could be wrong with me? The stomach flu could not last this long could it?" She looked into the mirror and noticed the dark circles under her eyes. She had slept almost constantly for the whole week but she still looked and felt so tired.

She managed a shower and a small meal of dry cereal and a piece of fruit and then she headed toward the doctor's office.

First she met with the nurse and filled her in on all the symptoms she had been having. "When was your last period?" the nurse asked.

Things had been so hectic with her father's death, the death of his killer and then Tony she had not really noticed. Since Somalia her periods had been erratic so keeping track was not a matter of concern. "I really do not remember. Things have been a little busy lately."

The nurse smiled and made a note on the chart. "Well let me ask this could it be possible you are pregnant?" she asked hesitantly.

Ziva started to answer no because she had not had sex in months until she remember Tony. They had been together a couple of times before he left. "Yes, I guess it could be possible. I was told after I was raped that the possibility of me getting pregnant was highly unlikely."

"But since it is possible we need to run a test just in case. That could explain all your symptoms," the nurse replied.

A few minutes later the nurse came in and drew some blood for the test and then handed Ziva a cup for a urine test.


The urine test had come back positive for pregnancy and Ziva was floored. She had not expected to ever be pregnant. She knew that this was Tony's baby. She was torn between their agreement on giving her a chance to chase her new dreams or allowing him to be part of a pregnancy that might end in heartache. The doctor had checked her out and said she seemed healthy but he wanted to keep a close eye on her just in case with her medical history.

She was to come back every two weeks for a check. She was now sitting in the office waiting for her doctor. "Hello Ziva, how are you feeling?"

"The morning sickness has eased somewhat." She told him.

"Good, well your hormone levels show you are defiantly pregnant and things are progressing normally. You are over 12 weeks so we want to do a sonogram and check out how things are progressing inside."

Ziva lay back on the table and the doctor put some cold gel on her stomach. Then he placed the wand and began to run it through the gel. Immediately the room filled with the sound of the baby's heartbeat. "Heartbeat sounds strong and healthy." He found the pocket in the uterus that housed Ziva's baby. He pointed out the head, the heart and took measurements. He checked out the placenta and then he noticed something that caused a look of concern on his face.

"Doctor, is there something wrong?"

"No not exactly Ziva. I have found you a bit of surprise. There is a second baby. Twins."

On Ziva's face was not a look of concern but a look a shock was there. "Twins, are you sure?"

He showed her the other baby sac. "Everything looks fine but given your history and what happened in Somalia I want you watched carefully. Is the baby's father still in the picture or are you alone?"

"He is out of the country but I will get my Aunt Nettie to move in with me if you do not want me alone."

"That sounds like a good idea. Does he know about the babies?"

"No, and given this complication I think I will not tell him. We are not speaking right now. He is giving me time to pursue my dreams."

"Did you leave things on good terms?" Ziva nodded yes. "Then he needs to know. If something happens during the pregnancy he would want to know."

"I know. I will consider what you have said." Ziva wiped the gel from her stomach and after making her next appointment she left still in shock. She called her aunt who immediately agreed to move in with her. She debated calling Shmell her dear friend but she was not ready to have the discussion of calling Tony. She knew he would insist that she call him. She was not ready for that discussion. She had a lot of thinking to do.

End of Flashback

Ziva had finally convinced Shmell that she did not want Tony to feel obligated to return to her because of the babies. If something had happened and she lost the babies he would be stuck. He was too honorable of a man to leave her after she had lost her babies.

Once again she returned to the message he had left her. He did not know about her pregnancy and after a year he still loved her. She grabbed the phone and once again dialed his number. She was not sure what she would say if he answered but it was the time of day in the US that he would be at work. She waited as it rang 3 times but his time someone answered. "Hello Ziver"

It was Gibbs. She started to hang up but then she panicked. Why Gibbs would be answering the phone he used only for her. "Hello Gibbs." She said quietly "Is Tony ok?"

"No, Ziver. He is still passed out. I came over here last night and he was passed out drunk. He was watching the Sound of Music and drinking bourbon."

"Really? Why?"

"Did you not realize what yesterday was? One year ago he left you at the airport. He misses you kiddo."

"He got drunk because of her. He really must love me," she thought. "Gibbs is he dating anyone?"

"No, if you want to know anything else you have to talk to him."

Ziva could hear her son beginning to awaken on the baby monitor. "I have to go Gibbs. Please do not tell him I called."

"I won't lie to him Ziver. If he asked I will tell him but if he does not ask I will respect your wishes. You need to talk to him though. "

"I know that Gibbs," she replied. "I will call him I promise." She hung up and went to check on the babies.

Gibbs hung out and immediately called McGee hoping he was able to get a trace. If he did then things could be looking up 1for his Senior Field Agent.