Song is by Tori Amos from 'the Choirgirl Hotel'. Used without permission, no profit being made. Same with the characters.

Raspberry Swirl

By Icka! M. Chif

            I am not your senorita

It was a typical day at River Furuta High, Classroom 2B. Filled with the normal sounds of the teacher teaching, students learning and Aoko chasing Kaitou around with a mop.

            I am not from your tribe

"Ha! Missed me!"

But this too had fallen into the 'normal' category. People had long stopped taking bets on if Aoko was going to hit Kaitou with the mop. However, daily bets on how long she would chase him still continued. Bets on breaking the record for longest chase were always popular.

            in the garden I did no crime

"Get back here, you... you... Ice Cream Boy!!"

Attention was gained. New insult on the field. Eyes turned to Kaitou, to see the reaction. Good insult or bad insult?

            I am not your senorita

Kaitou laughed, doing a handstand in one of the aisles. "Yup!"

The bell rang, signalling the end of the class period and the start of break. "Ice Cream Boy?" Akako echoed, one eyebrow arching artfully.

            I am not from your tribe

"Yeah." Aoko nodded, still glaring at Kaitou. "Because he's so cold."

Kaitou didn't appear to take offence to this as he suddenly appeared next to Aoko, tapping her nose with a flower. "But Ice Cream is sweet too." He reminded her with a grin.

            if you want inside her, well,

She blinked, blushing faintly as she took the flower.

"Well, if he's Ice Cream Boy, what would that make you, Aoko-chan?" Hakuba inquired, watching the proceedings with a vaguely amused air.

            boy you better make her raspberry swirl

"Raspberry Girl." Was Kaitou's prompt answer.


            things are getting desperate

"Well, Raspberries are sweet, yet kinda on the tart side." Kaitou explained. Aoko took advantage of his standing still to take a swing at him, which he promptly dodged.

            when all the boys can't be men

"-And to get the best ones, you have to get through all the brambles and thorns." He continued, un-deterred, grinning the entire time.

            everybody knows I'm her friend

"I'll show you brambles!" Aoko roared as the chase began anew.

            everybody knows I'm her man

That night,  Aoko's door bell rang. When she went to answer the door, she found a white box sitting on her porch with a note attached. The note consisted of two words.

            I'm not your senorita

'Eat Me'.

She grinned, recognising the handwriting. It was from Kaitou.

            I don't aim so high

When she opened the lid to the box, she found a small container of ice cream inside, and a spoon. The label on the ice cream read 'Raspberry Swirl'.

            in my heart I do no crime

With a grin, took the container inside and up to her room for a late night treat. The ice cream was vanilla and raspberry sorbet  swirled together, stripes of bright colour with darker splotches against a creamy background. She took a bite.

            if you want inside her

The raspberry sorbet  was on the slightly tart side, with bits of berry that burst with flavour in on her tongue. The smoothness of the vanilla complemented it, removing the bitterness without making it too sweet.

Bitter sweet. Sweet tart.


Raspberry Girl and Ice Cream Boy.

            boy you better make her raspberry swirl

They complimented each other very well.



"River Furuta" Is the closest I can get to the School Name. Need a better translation… (so please don't take it as canon until we get a better name!) They are in 2B tho…

Aoko comments that Kaitou is cold like Ice Cream in Vol. 1, file 4 of Magic Kaito.

Kaitou's favourite ice cream is actually Chocolate. #^^#

Had the song stuck in my head, then started thinking about Ice cream, and the two just kinda swirled together and *poof!* there ya go!