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The very sky, it seemed, shook with cannon fire and the screeches of metal against metal. Military planes flew overhead the Nemesis, shooting at it with their weapons. Meanwhile, the Autobots stormed the warship.

The battle was arduous for the Autobots as well as the humans. Several human military aircraft were shot down yet there had not been any human casualties. Likewise, no Autobots were terminated as they fought bravely for Earth and Cybertron.

Darkstorm turned as she saw Smokescreen sneak towards the interior of the warship. "Smokescreen, what are you doing?" she hissed.

"I'll be back, you'll see," Smokescreen hurriedly replied before running down one of the Nemesis' corridors.

Darkstorm frustratedly shook her helm before slicing off a stray Insecticon's helm.

"Ultra Magnus to all units, we will be delayed. Soundwave pulled one of his relocation tactics."

Jack and Miko approached Raf at the computer. Skye deactivated the visual display on the headset as she saw the wheels in Jack's head turning.

"Hey, Raf, could you get me onto the bridge of the warship?"

"I have the coordinates-but you don't stand a chance against Soundwave!"

"I will if-"

"Absolutely not!" Skye walked to the group, though "stormed" would probably be more appropriate. "It's dangerous enough for the 'Bots to be aboard, and they've been fighting for longer than life has existed on Earth. There's no way I can let you go, no matter what edge you may think we have."

Jack seemed taken aback-the whole group did. After a moment Jack blinked and put his hands up. "Look, I know you're scared for them, we all are. But you have no authority to tell us what we can or can't do."

"I most certainly do, when you're suggesting taking on a 'Con that just swept the Wreckers away like nothing. Not only would your guardian hold me responsible if I didn't stop you, but my conscience would too. It's a suicide mission and there's no way I'm standing for it."

Miko put her hands on her hips. "Um, aren't you the one who took on MECH? Twice? And the 'Cons?"

Skye huffed. "Yes, I fought MECH. The last time ended with a gun to my head-it was by God's grace alone that I walked away. And I don't think I need to tell you how my last encounter with the Decepticons went." She turned her head slightly as she spoke, making her point vividly as the others saw her scar.

Skye turned to return to her spot facing away from the group, hand raising to the visual toggle. She hit the button, but the display didn't appear. She hit it several more times, but still the video didn't show.

"Scrap!" She took the headset down, wearing it around her neck as she ran to her tool case. She quickly started tinkering, not looking for a good fix, just one that would let her back in on the action.

"This is for all those innocent miners and humans, you fragger!" Blackout hissed before firing his weapon.

Soundwave spasmed, the shot hitting squarely in the facial plating. Nothing but a gaping hole leaking energon remained where his visor should have been. His frame continued to twitch until it finally lay there, still.

"Come on," Blackout gestured to the others. "Optimus needs help near the space bridge!"

Meanwhile, Smokescreen ran out towards the others, carrying the Star Saber in his servos. Darkstorm's optics widened. Of course. The Decepticons must have grabbed it when their base was destroyed.

Smokescreen attempted to bring it to Optimus but was shot down by Shockwave. Arcee and Moonracer tried to come to his aide but were detained by Starscream. Bumblebee, who was nearby, managed to grab the weapon.

Be careful! Darkstorm warned through the bond, grappling with yet another Insecticon.

Careful's my middle name, he remarked before running towards Optimus.

Megatron, unfortunately, saw him coming. Bumblebee jumped off the railing at the edge of the space bridge with the intent of quickly reaching the other side and giving Optimus the Star Saber. When Optimus was down, Megatron turned, radiating malice. He fired his fusion cannon, hitting Bumblebee square in the chassis.

Darkstorm gasped and bent over, clutching her chassis. Skybreak ran forward and caught her just as she collapsed, convulsing in pain. She… had never felt such extraordinary pain before. It felt as if her very spark was aflame. Her optics filled with coolant.

She tried to reach out to Bumblebee through the bond. Her energon ran cold. She couldn't feel it anymore.

The Star Saber slipped from Bumblebee's grasp, landing on a nearby metal platform. Smoke from the fusion cannon fire and energon poured from the gaping hole where his spark was. Everyone watched in horror as he sank into the cybermatter lining the space bridge. His optics slowly offlined.

Enraged by the loss of the scout, Optimus shakily got up and fought ever the more fervently against the sadistic warlord.

"Bee…" Darkstorm sobbed. "No… No…" She looked towards the sky. "Please, God… Please bring him back to me… Please!"

Hearing no answer, she buried her facial plating in her servos. Her shoulder plating shook as she continued to sob, too weak to continue on fighting. Her brother wrapped his arms around her, trying to comfort her amidst the chaos.

"It's alright, Sister… It's alright."

"Got it!" The display of the headset flickered to life and Skye quickly replaced it on her head. Her blood ran cold at what she saw.

Bumblebee was midair when a shot from Megatron's fusion cannon collided with the scout's chest.

Skye gasped, her hand flying over her mouth as her eyes widened. No, no no no no, this couldn't be happening. She fell to her hands and knees, both shaking horribly.

"Skye, what's wrong? Skye?" She couldn't respond as she heard the others first speak to her then approach, Fowler placing a hand on her shoulder as he knelt. He . . . he was-

Her dream. It was real . . . the bad feeling, why didn't she tell them, why didn't she warn the others?! One thought pierced through her self-loathing as the tears flowed: they had said sparkmates could feel each other's pain. Darkstorm!

Her hands still shaky and barely responding to commands, she could only barely reach into her pocket and remove her phone. She found the frequency for the team comm line.

"Dar'sain, can you hear me? Dar'sain!" Her soul slipped into an even darker state as she received no response. No, not her guardian too. "R-Ratchet, Skybreak, anyone! You have to get to Darkstorm!" Her voice was yet again pitchy from the overload of emotions. No . . . she couldn't lose everything, not again.

God, please. Heal me just like you did with Optimus and Darkstorm… I can't leave her. Not now. Not like this, Bumblebee had managed to silently pray.

"You are right, My son. It is not yet your time to join Me. Your faith has made you well," God replied.

With amazement, Bumblebee felt his optics online. He stared down at his chassis as the wounds began to fade. Eventually, they disappeared altogether. Everyone except Megatron and Optimus, who were still heavily engaged in combat, stared at this in disbelief.

No one could have survived a shot like that. He should be offline… How was it that he wasn't?

Darkstorm, too having felt this, slowly pulled away from her brother. "Bumblebee?" she whispered in disbelief.

When she saw him shakily climb out of the pool of fluid and grab the Star Saber, her tears began anew. "Thank you, God. Thank you."

Elita One and Drift, who had gone to search the Nemesis for Ratchet, returned with him. They set the wounded medic down gently before measuring everyone's awe-struck gazes.

"What happened?" Drift asked softly.

Darkstorm wiped her optics. "He healed him…"

"Who healed who, darling? What's going on?" Elita One replied.

"God," Darkstorm smiled. "He healed Bumblebee."

What came next only shocked the others more. A cry of "Megatron!" resounded across the bridge as Bumblebee himself pierced the warlord's spark with the Star Saber, trying to defend his leader.

The scout, after voors of silence, had spoken in his own voice.

"You took my voice," Bumblebee's optics narrowed. "You will never take anything from anyone ever again!"

Megatron stared at the scout through disbelieving hazy optics before gazing at the sword. He tried to speak but no sounds came. Only the gurgling of his own energon. He weakly grasped the sword, trying to pull it out but it was too late. The damage had already been done.

As Megatron's optics offlined, he slid backwards. The sword cleanly exited the tyrant as he fell off the bridge, tumbling to the planet beneath him.

Optimus glanced at the sight a bit sadly before accepting the scout's servo. With Bumblebee's help, Optimus climbed up onto the main bridge.

"Bumblebee…" Ratchet stared at the scout with wide optics.

"Your voice," Arcee added, the same flabbergasted look on her own facial plating.

"My voice? What do you mean-?" It was then that Bumblebee realized the true extent of his healing. He tentatively touched his throat cables before disengaging his face mask. "My voice…" Bumblebee grinned wildly. "My voice! Ratchet, I've got my pipes back!"

"It would seem so, Bumblebee," Ratchet smiled warmly, despite the pain.

Bumblebee fought to keep his balance as Darkstorm ran forward, wrapping her arms around him as tightly as she could muster. "Don't you ever scare me like that again!" she whispered.

"I don't plan on it… but, I was in good hands," Bumblebee smiled softly.

"I know. I heard Him, too," Darkstorm replied.

"We all did," Jetfire smiled.

"It seems He is on our side," Optimus said.

"Was there ever any doubt, dearest Orion?" Elita One held onto his servo. "If He could heal you, He could heal our young scout."

"And He gave me back my voice. Something I… thought I'd never have after… Tyger Pax," Bumblebee added, saying his words slowly as if savoring the sound of his original voice.

"You sound even better than what I had imagined, my beloved scout," Darkstorm grinned before pulling his helm forward for a kiss. Bumblebee offlined his optics and tightened his hold on her.

Thank you, God, he silently prayed. Thank you for letting me return to her.

The two pulled away and Bumblebee smirked. "Been daydreaming about me again?"

"Well, you are the mech of my dreams," Darkstorm smiled widely, rejoicing and thanking God as she felt their repaired bond.

She paused however as she heard gagging noises over her comm link. "Ugh! Get a room, you two! We can see you, you know!"

"Miko?" she asked, her cooling fans activating.

"Bee!" Raf took charge of the comm link. "Is it true? You really got your voice back?"

"Sure is, buddy," Bumblebee smiled. "Thank God."

The comm was then taken over by Darkstorm's charge. "Dar'sain… you and Bumblebee. You're alright," she said, though Darkstorm could tell her voice was still shaky from the ordeal.

"Yes, we are," Darkstorm smiled encouragingly. "God has taken care of us. Besides, you can't get rid of me that easily."

"Now, I do believe we have some business to attend to," Optimus interrupted. Everyone stared at their leader questioningly.

"You mean-?" Ratchet began hopefully.

"We now have the means to restore our home. And since Megatron has been vanquished, we shall do it without fear of putting the humans in harms way," Optimus replied before comming Colonel Lennox. "Colonel Lennox, are there any more humans near or on the Nemesis?"

"You have the all clear, Optimus," Colonel Lennox said.

Optimus nodded and smiled before turning to Ultra Magnus. "Ultra Magnus, set a course for Cybertron."

With the Nemesis' highly advanced warp drives, the Autobots were able to arrive in a matter of mere hours even though Cybertron was at least three galaxies away from Earth. The Autobots watched as the cybermatter was dropped off near the planet's core.

New life had been brought to the planet. The Nemesis was illuminated by newly sprung energon rivers and the fresh luster from the metal landscape. It was if the war had never happened.

It was certainly not Earth, but Darkstorm had forgotten how beautiful it was.

An involuntary shudder went down her spine however as she heard a familiar sultry voice beside her. "Such magnificence," Knock Out purred.

She immediately drew her swords and held them both to Knock Out's throat cables. "What are you doing here?" she hissed.

The medic did not seem phased by the action. "Easy, sweetspark. I'm simply… joining the winning team," Knock Out smirked.

Before Knock Out could say anything else however, Darkstorm landed a blow on the back of his helm. "That was for Skye," she donned a matching smirk as he slumped downwards, unconscious.

Everyone watched in slight amazement as she deactivated her weapon systems and wiped her servos. "My… that was liberating. I feel so much better now." She turned to the others, feeling their gazes upon her. "What? It was a security precaution. Nothing more."

"Remind me never to get on your bad side," Bumblebee chuckled as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder plating.

Everyone's attention was diverted however, as they saw a wounded Predaking. His silhouette crossed the front of the ship as he flew onward. Flareup's gaze followed him, no longer angry like before but composed, perhaps even sympathetic.

"The Predacon," Dreadwing observed.

"Should we follow, Optimus?" Ultra Magnus questioned.

"No," Optimus shook his helm. "The war is over. Let him live as we will, in peace."

"Although Cybertron is once again capable of supporting life, there is much rebuilding to be done. Alas, we will miss our home away from home and the family we have here," Optimus began, addressing his human allies. "I, we, wish to thank you, for everything."

Skye watched as the other 'Bots said goodbye to their humans, feeling her stomach sink lower with each passing second. She wasn't ready to say goodbye . . .

She felt her arms shake harder as her own guardian approached her, sadness dominating her features. If Darkstorm looked like that, Skye couldn't even imagine what her own face showed.

She tried to fake a smile when Darkstorm stopped in front of her. "So . . ."

"So… I suppose this is goodbye for now," Darkstorm too tried to fake a smile but her sadness was too great to hide.

The words Skye knew were coming but so dreaded to hear. She tilted her head back slightly as she tried to blink back the tears. Once the first one fell, it was easier to fake that smile. "I suppose so . . . you finally have your home back. I . . . I'm happy for you. Really."

Darkstorm slowly nodded. "Yes… But as I said before, it just isn't Earth… However, I am needed." She vented. "I must aide in Cybertron's restoration so anyone who was scattered after the Exodus can return." She half smiled. "But, praise God, Cybertron's atmosphere is beginning to clear. It may even be breathable when you come to visit. In the meantime, I shall see about making an exosuit so that all of you can join us… We shall see each other soon. I promise."

The girl smiled, a more genuine one this time, even as it forced a few more tears to fall. "Sounds good. I just . . ." She took a shaky breath. "It won't be the same without you."

A tear escaped from Darkstorm's optic before she activated her holoform and embraced her charge. "We won't be apart very long. I promise."

Skye coughed as the emotions fought to hold back her words. "It still won't feel right waking up to an empty base."

"I know…" Darkstorm shakily vented before pulling away. "Take care of the other children while I'm gone, will you? Especially Miko… She's bound to get herself into serious trouble again… one of these days."

"You . . . you can count on me. Keep Skybreak out of trouble too, eh? He's worse than Miko."

"I heard that!" Skybreak yelled.

Darkstorm chuckled slightly. "I shall try but you know how he is. I couldn't truly keep him out of trouble, even when we were younglings." She smiled before deactivating her holoform. "Goodbye, mo mear Ski'ri. I'll be back before you can say beef roast."

Skye laughed through her tears. "I'll tell Bernie to keep the stove heated." Her smile disappeared as quickly as it came. "G . . . goodbye, Dar'sain."

Darkstorm gave her one last encouraging smile before exiting through the space bridge. "See ya later, kid!" Skybreak grinned and saluted before following his sister.

Smokescreen soon came up to Skye. "Well, we did it," he smiled. "We got Cybertron back."

Skye smiled as best she could, despite starting a goodbye she dreaded just as much as the one with Darkstorm. "Sure did. You have a home again . . ."

"Well, they say that home's where the heart is," Smokescreen's smile faltered slightly. "And I feel that mine's right here, with you." He vented. "What I'm trying to say is… I love you, Skye. And I really wish things were different."

"As do I, more than you know . . . But you've finally done it, you've gotten back the thing you've fought over for so long." She bowed her head slightly, her gaze turning on the spot of the floor to the side. "And as much as I want you to stay, and Dar'sain too, I know it wouldn't be fair to ask you to abandon your home. I guess this is where . . . love is sacrifice. Because I love you too, so much it hurts."

Smokescreen looked down sadly before activating his holoform. He gently tilted Skye's head upward. "But love also perseveres and never gives up. We will be together again, I promise," he softly said before his lips met hers.

She put all the passion in her heart behind it, allowing herself to pretend for as long as she could that this was eternity, that his warm embrace would never leave her again. All too soon though he pulled away, but hesitated before stepping back.

She leaned against him as her fingers curled against his chest. "You promised nothing would happen to you either, then you went and got shot."

"Hardly my fault," Smokescreen half smiled. "But, I'm serious. I care for you too much to stay away."

"I'll hold you to that, or I'll call Skybreak and tell him you broke that vow."

"Whoa, hey! No need for that. My doorwings are still sore from the last time Skybreak got mad at me."

She giggled ever so lightly. "Then be sure to come back."

"You have my word that I will." Smokescreen wrapped his arms around her one last time before deactivating his holoform and exiting through the space bridge.

"Optimus, I wish to stay here," Ratchet said after everyone else had already departed.

"But, old friend, there is much work to be done. And we would greatly appreciate your wisdom and experience," Optimus insisted.

Ratchet smiled and shook his helm. "Not work to be done by a rusted out old bot like me. Besides, there is one among us that has potential to surpass me. Darkstorm has proven herself time and time again and you know this." He turned to the humans. "And, I feel that someone must stay behind, to make sure that our human allies are kept in line."

Optimus took this in before smiling in approval. "Very well. But, you will join us if we require your assistance?"

"Of course," Ratchet nodded.

"Then… goodbye for now, old friend," Optimus placed a servo on Ratchet's shoulder plating.

"Until we meet again, Optimus."

Optimus gave everyone one last small smile before he too entered the space bridge.

Skye laid in bed that night unable to sleep. She'd tried everything she could from the overrated practice of counting sheep to playing music, but nothing she did helped. The base just felt so . . . lifeless.

She should've been able to sleep easily from the emotion overload she had that day-both of them, actually-but the fact still remained, her family was gone. Not in the permanent sense, they could still come back, but they were still absent and it did not sit well with Skye's mind or heart.

Finally deciding on something she'd been going back and forth about for an hour or so now, she stood up and grabbed one of the blankets from her bed. She picked up her cell phone, which she decided would never leave her side lest Darkstorm or the others call, before leaving her quarters and making her way as quietly as possible down the hall. She'd forgotten to put on thicker socks before leaving, so her prosthetic clanked against the ground with each step.

She looked at each of the large bay doors as she walked, unsure as to which one she was looking for. After a moment though she found one with its door slightly ajar. She peeked inside before sighing, having found her query. Skye crept into the large room and approached Ratchet, his hand dangling over the edge of the berth. She took a moment to look around but found no way up. With some hesitation, she came up to his hand and put her own against it as she tried to find a way up.

She gasped as it rotated, the fingers curling into a cupped shape that would be easy to climb into. She did so, stumbling slightly as it raised her up. She took a second to appreciate the situation, the memory that it brought. The first time she'd seen an Autobot, the day she met Arcee in the woods . . . it all felt like a lifetime ago.

The hand came to a rest on Ratchet's chest, and Skye stepped off as she smiled slightly at the scene. It seemed the others had the same idea as her, as on the medic's chest over his spark lay the kids. Raf was on the right, Miko laid on her side with her arm across the boy, and Jack was laying with his back to them. Skye walked gingerly, the metal-on-metal of her prosthetic against Ratchet's chest making more noise than a moment before.

Once she was close enough, she laid her blanket over the three of them before laying down herself, facing the group. Despite herself, she smiled.

They would be okay. It hurt, and the distance would always feel wrong, but the group would make it through. If this was a story, it would be considered one with a happy ending. The Autobots finally got their home back, the thing they'd fought so long for. The miners and Vehicons could finally be completely free of the Decepticon tyranny. Bumblebee and Darkstorm could finally have their own lives without war threatening them, and maybe someday their family-Optimus and Elita too. And even a senile mole could see the blossoming relationship between Moonracer and Dreadwing. All was well, despite how Skye felt at the moment.

All she could hope was that one day the great void between her heart and her body could be mended.

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