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Chapter 7

Hayden's new life was an interesting one, to say the least. He had essentially been in hiding from all three races he was now a part of, though the reasons for each were vastly different. Crowley was in a position of power amongst the demons. That is never a good thing. Any sign of weakness and you'd be killed, anything that could be used against you was kept as blackmail material. And it just so happened that Hayden was Crowley's weakness. They were not willing to take the chance of demons discovering him.

Gabriel on the other hand, was in hiding himself. He had grown so tired of the constant conflict between his brothers and sisters. So he had just up and left. He missed his siblings though, and they all thought him to be dead. He was fine with that, he had to be. Though any major usage of his grace would give him away, so he tended to avoid major acts of healing or mass smiting, the adoption was pushing it a bit. His Father, also sick of the squabbling, had helped him create a vessel and disappear. Then the mighty God himself, fled from his children.

Then there were the humans, the magical ones at least. Crowley, being as paranoid as he was, kept tabs on Hayden's former relative's home. It hadn't taken long after the Dursley's death for wizards to come and investigate the falling of the already weakened wards. So clearly someone was looking for the boy, but considering the situation he was found in neither Crowley nor Gabriel felt that the wizards were entitled to any information on Hayden.

So needless to say caution was a big part of his childhood.

But that is not to say it was a boring childhood. No, it was still quite eventful.

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Hayden may have had to spend his childhood in hiding, but that did not mean he was ever cooped up in the house. No, they were rarely in the house for more than a few days at a time. For a while they only took him to a park or maybe a restaurant, but Hayden didn't get along with the other children. They could sense there was something off about him and children were often cruel. Then there was an… incident… and so the outings had to change. It seemed Hayden was starting to give in to his more mischievous tendencies.

Hayden was six. He had been living with Crowley and Gabriel for roughly eight months. And quite frankly he was bored. They hadn't done anything overtly interesting in weeks. They had eaten out plenty and Hayden had enjoyed the new food, but they'd ran out of new things for him to try that were age appropriate. They had also visited a few parks, but the other children there were boring and mean, they reminded him of Dudley.

And none of them could do magic.

Crowley had encouraged him to give as good as he got from the bullies, and Gabriel was always down for a bit of mischief, so Hayden had decided to prank the poor human children. He had lured a small group of three that had picked on him in the past into a game of tag, easy enough to accomplish. He led them into the woods after getting Gabriel to distract the parents and they played tag in a small clearing a few yards in. One of the boys shoved Hayden a bit too hard and he fell to the ground, skinning his hands and knees.

He turned, eyes blazing, as everyone stopped to stare. The other boy was laughing, but didn't apologize. Hayden growled under his breath and the edges of the clearing caught fire, as he clenched his fists, ignoring the stab of pain it caused. The children started screaming in sudden fear, as Hayden smiled just a bit. They yelled at Hayden, begging for him to let them go. He smiled wider. He teleported behind the boy that had shoved him and shoved him a little, not much, just enough to cause him to take a few stumbling steps towards the wall of fire. The boy started to cry and Hayden teleported a small distance away with a malicious smirk on his face. An expression he had picked up from Crowley. And then he was gone, taking the flames with him.

He and Gabriel cleared out of there fast, after Gabriel repaired the damage to the clearing, of course.

Hayden's guardians took this opportunity to begin the child's education. He had spent many a day with various magical creatures, unicorns, werewolves (the more tame European variety, not the rabid American packs), shapeshifters, hell hounds and so on. They slowly covered a wide variety of magical creatures and the history behind each race.

Hayden was seven now, he had known his birthday was sometime in the summer, so he had picked a date. They had had a small party with a massive cake and no real food was eaten that day, only sugar. Then they had played games and binged watched whatever show Hayden wanted to watch until the poor kid finally passed out. After he was put to bed Crowley and Gabriel had discussed it and now that he was adjusted to life with the two of them, they needed to begin his schooling.

And that's why we find Hayden standing in a clearing deep in the wilderness. He had no idea what country he was in but it wasn't relevant, so he didn't ask. He was there with Gabriel. The angel said it was a special surprise for him, so needless to say Hayden was a bit apprehensive. They had taken a break from all the difficult schoolwork, such as history, math and science, along with languages and spell-casting. Hayden was apparently a natural with magic, but the other subjects were taking some work, even though Crowley said he was already a bit further ahead than most kids his age. But back to the clearing.

It was quiet. Very quiet. The only sound was the wind through the trees, he couldn't even hear any birds. Gabriel had left him alone for the moment, he had said that he needed to go get the surprise. The silence was putting Hayden on edge.

His unease vanished in a heartbeat however, when Gabriel stepped out of the trees followed by a pair of beautiful white horses. At least he thought they were horses, until he saw the foot long horn on their heads.

"Are those really unicorns?" Hayden asked, his voice barely a whisper, eyes wide. He was in awe of these majestic and pure creatures.

"That they are, little man. Most people never see them, and never this close. Come here and pet them. They are eager to meet you."

"Why would they want to meet me? I'm not very interesting." Hayden was frowning a little in confusion as he raised a hand to stroke the glowingly white flank. He blinked at how soft it was, he had never felt anything this soft. He raised his other hand to stroke the mane.

"You are very interesting Hayden. You're new. There has never been another being like you in existence. They are curious of the new species. These are the leaders of the herd here in this forest, it's the largest herd in the world."

"Well then," Hayden stepped away from the unicorns and bowed to each of them in turn. "It's an honor to meet you."

And that was the beginning of Hayden's creature adventures, where he worked to gain the respect of the different sentient beings in the world. Though not his initial intentions, the result was the same.

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Hayden was eight the first time he saw a man die.

Though man technically wasn't the right term, as it was a demon, and said demon was about to kidnap him.

He had just gotten back from a trip with Gabriel, they had been visiting a werewolf pack in Germany when a fight had broken out amongst a group of lower ranked wolves. Gabriel had immediately grabbed Hayden and taken him home. Gabriel had gone back to help patch people up as needed, which he only did because the pack leader was a friend of his.

So Hayden had wandered around, bored after all the excitement he had felt with the wolves. He had wandered into the living room and switched on the TV and set about channel surfing. That was why he didn't hear anyone approach until he had been grabbed and lifted over the sofa.

"Now what do we have here? Does Crowley have a new play thing? You are a pretty little thing. Maybe I'll just take you for myself." Hayden was struggling, trying to break free so he could run.

"No! Let me g-!" Hayden's words were cut off with a snap of the demon's fingers. He flailed even more, desperation clouding his mind. The demon suddenly looked to the side and went pale, causing Hayden to pause.

"This isn't what it looks li-" The words were cut off and the demon was slammed into the wall, in a telekinetic chokehold.

Crowley didn't even give him a chance to grovel and beg, he just shoved an angel blade through his heart and watched as the light flared, sputtered and faded from the demon's face. It was only then, as he pulled the blade out of the corpse and it fell to the ground, did he regain his common sense. He turned to see the shocked face of his son staring at the lifeless body at his dad's feet.

"Hayden…?" The name was spoken softly, barely a whisper. The child looked up and met Crowley's eyes and he just stared.

All Crowley could do was stare back.

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