Frozen - Olaf's Special Christmas

Chapter 3: A Chosen Tree

Author's Note - Disney owns FROZEN, FROZEN FEVER, etc.

So, later that day, Elsa and Anna were joining the people of Arendelle in tree shopping by walking around the many available options.

As for Olaf, the little snowman was running around, in awe of the beautiful trees.

Some were green, others were covered in white snow, but they all looked beautiful.

"La, la, la… Aaaahhh!" All of a sudden, Olaf's face lit up with pure joy.

Meanwhile, as they walked around, Anna noticed that her sister was rubbing her nose every few minutes.

"You don't have a cold, do you, Elsa?" asked Anna, concerned. "You remember the last time that happened…"

The Ice Queen chuckled, and said, "No, just that the smell of so much pine is making my nose itch."

Anna chuckled a little, and as they kept walking, their snowman friend waddled over to them, saying, "Hey, look at the tree I found!"

So, Olaf led them to what he had picked, and the tree he had chosen was green, with a little bit of white snow over certain areas, but what had caught the snowman's eye was the snowflake decoration placed on the top.

It was similar to Elsa's own snowflake that appeared at her castle, her snow outfit, and other things, with the queen saying, "Huh… what do you know…"

"So, can we get this one for the castle?" asked Olaf.

"Ooh, we could put it in the den!" replied Anna. "That's where all the gifts will go anyway, including the ones I already got!"

Elsa was surprised. "You shopped already?"

"Well, duh, you think I would do it all on Christmas Eve day?" chuckled Anna.

Before Elsa could reply, Olaf said, "Wait, you got gifts for all of us?"

Anna smiled, and said, "Course I did! Why wouldn't I?"

Then, that means I need to get all of them something!

"Huh? Oh, just wondering… So can we get the tree?"

Sometime later, the five friends were in the den, decorating the tree they had brought back.

"It's felt like forever since we did this together," replied Anna, hanging a red ornament ball.

Elsa smiled, and said, "Well, now, we get to do it together…"

Anna smiled brightly, and then, she turned to her boyfriend. "Did you and Sven and the trolls ever do this?"

"Oh, yeah, loads of times," replied Kristoff, with Sven nodding his head. "Every one of us had our own special ornament… ours is back over there, but I think we can find our own to put on this one and future trees."

As she finished one set of ornaments, Elsa began humming a song to herself, and eventually sang the words

I don't want a lot for Christmas

There is just one thing I need

I don't care about the presents

Underneath the Christmas -

Suddenly, Elsa paused when she noticed Olaf looking around the warm fireplace.

"You okay, little guy?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, but I was wondering… how does Santa come down the chimney if there aren't any steps?"

Kristoff smirked, while Elsa replied, "Well, Olaf, um… see, Santa uses a special magical energy that allows him to simply slide down the chimney, like the water slides that the children play on in the summertime.

"And for homes that don't have a fireplace, he uses that same magic to transport himself into the area of the house where the tree is at so he can leave his presents."

"Not bad," chuckled Kristoff, but then, Sven frowned while thumping his friend's head.

"Ow! What, you too?"

Later that night, Anna had finally organized all of the birthday gifts Elsa had given her on that wonderful day, which were safely placed in the closet.

Closing the door, she let out a sigh of relief, and headed to her bed when suddenly, there was a rumbling at her doorknob.

Before she could open the door, it popped open, and she smiled when she noticed a carrot nose in the keyhole.

"Olaf, remember what we told you about opening doors and knocking?"

"Knock first, and take a step back?"

Anna chuckled, then raised an eyebrow.

"Oh… well, it's like when I did it in the fireplace, right? Wasn't that okay?"

"In that situation, yes," reminded the princess. "But everywhere else, that is almost like breaking and entering."

"But I didn't damage the doors."

Anna smiled, and added, "No, you did not, but doing that is like entering someone's place without their permission, which is wrong, so… um… only just do it with me, ok?"

Nodding his head, Olaf said, "Sure, Anna, I can do that!"

"I know you can," smiled Anna. "Warm hug before bedtime?"

Olaf grinned, and walked over to his best friend, getting a hug that felt warm for the two of them.

After they let go, Anna yawned, and laid down, quickly falling asleep while Olaf began to leave.

Just then, he felt something touch his feet, and looked down to see a pretty string that lead to Anna's closet.

"What did Elsa say?" said Olaf, quietly to himself. "Just follow the string…"

As for the princess, she was on the verge of entering a dream that would be filled with chocolate and sandwiches that-


"Why did everything get dark?"

The snowman was now inside a pile of all the gifts that Elsa had given her, and random things that had been in the closet.

"Darn it, I forgot the string…" groaned Anna, getting up. "Don't worry, Olaf, I'm coming!"