Author's note: The Claiming is inspired by Nova Alexandra's fics. The events that led Grimmjow to this are inspired by a manga, but I won't tell you which one just yet. ^_^ Suffice to say, Grimm is pissed.

Grimmjow looked down at the battered corpse without sadness or pity.

Kurosaki Ichigo was dead. Very, very dead. Extremely dead. Grimmjow laughed at the thought, a cold, vicious sound. Then he tossed Orihime onto the floor in front of him. The look on her face when she realized who she was looking at… that was pretty good. He grinned before shoving her in the back.

"Heal him, woman." He ordered roughly. "Not all the way." He had plans for Ichigo and they didn't involve a fight. Everyone thought that, of course. "I want to talk to him." He partially lied. He actually had very little interest in speaking to the teen beyond explaining a few things. He was mostly interested in putting his final plan into effect.

I've been waiting for so long. He thought almost dreamily as he watched the woman healing Kurosaki. It would take a while for Ulquiorra to get out of that prison he'd trapped him in. Hopefully it would be long enough. So very long. A mirthless grin stretched his face as he waited for the woman to be done. Then he scowled. The bitch was being too thorough.

"Just get him alive, woman. I told you, not all the way." He growled. The last thing he wanted was another fight. "You can heal him all the way later." He added and she stopped, looking up at him before drawing her hands away. He scowled at her. The brat was still dead!

"No. You'll hurt Kurosaki-kun." She said, a display of defiance that surprised him. He threw back his head and barked a laugh before grabbing the collar of her dress and yanking her off her feet.

"Hurt him? I hate to break it to you, woman, but he's dead." He said mockingly and she just gripped his wrist, giving him that look of hers. Sort of pathetic and sort of… wise? Whatever. "Right now, he has no fucking hope. He's just a piece of meat. Are you going to let his story end like that? Dead in Los Noches, nothing but a fucking failure? Would he want that?" He said and her eyes went wide. Not what she'd expected from him, clearly. But he was done with playing his part. This was the end game, he could reveal a bit of his true self. "I sure as fuck wouldn't. Now heal him!" He dropped her and she stared at him for a moment before crawling back to her Kurosaki-kun. Nel was maundering on and he walked over to the brat. She went utterly silent as she noticed him above her, her brown eyes full of tears. "The fuck are you doing here anyway?" He asked the former Tercero before picking her up and taking a seat on the broken stone, settling her on his lap. She looked at him wide eyed. "You got a problem?"

"N-No Grimmjow-sama." She whispered and he grunted before patting her on the head. She was cute, in a fucked up way. But his attention was on Inoue and Ichigo. Soon enough brown eyes fluttered and a halting breath was drawn. Seeing that he set Nel aside and walked up, shattering the golden shield.

"That's enough." He growled and gripped Kurosaki's collar, lifting him up as he coughed and struggled to stay conscious. Maybe he'd broken that shield a bit soon. But then the brat gave him that look that he'd always detested. But not really. Right now, he loved it. That look gave him hope that the shinigami could really do what he wanted. "You both stay here. If Ulquiorra gets out of his cage, scream." He ordered them before dragging Ichigo off. Nel called something and Orihime's voice was pleading but he didn't bother to listen. As soon as they were in a private spot he shoved Kurosaki down onto his belly.

"What the hell…?" The teen sounded flat out confused. He tried to push himself up and got shoved down for his efforts. "Grimmjow?"

"Shut up." The panther growled before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a bottle. It wasn't ideal, just some hand cream, but it had been easy to get during a trip to the Living World. "I don't have much time. We need to get this shit over and done with fast." Reaching down he yanked down the shinigami's pants, finding the ties to the fabric easily. "Ugh, underwear." That was annoying. He yanked down the offending garment as the shinigami began to struggle in earnest. Laughing, he pinned him down with his reiatsu alone. His power was fresh while Kurosaki's was anything but.

"Get off me you fucking pervert! What the hell are you doing?" Stupid and defiant, that was a good description for the brat. Grimmjow just sneered and began preparing him. Muscles clenched up tightly, trying to deny his fingers entry as the teen squirmed. "Oh my god, stop!" He sounded panicked now and Grimmjow growled at him, annoyed.

"I am going to claim you." He said with a note of dark promise and saw the teen stiffen, probably as his hollow yelled at him. The shinigami wouldn't understand but the hollow certainly would. "And this is your lucky day, shinigami. You're about to feel the most intense pleasure you'll ever know." That was just a fact. Drawing in his power he began to ease his cock inside that firm, tight ass. Kurosaki screamed and tried to get away, but he kept a firm grip on the back of his neck as he seated himself. Then he let a bit of his power slide into the shinigami.

The yelp he got and the way the teen quivered was gratifying. It got better as he drew out and slowly, carefully went back in, spilling more of his reiatsu into the waiting body. The shinigami's cock, which had been soft a moment ago had suddenly gone bolt upright. Grimmjow knew that to Kurosaki, it would feel like his body was being stroked from the inside out, the very core of his being filled with an intense pleasure. It really was a shame he couldn't draw the experience out. But this just had to be quick. Narrowing his eyes Grimmjow speeded his pace, putting as much reiatsu into Kurosaki as his battered body could take. When he decided it was enough he bit the teen's throat, drinking back a bit of reiatsu. That gave him some pleasure and he found his release, growling as he filled the shinigami with his seed. There was a shudder under him and a harsh, wracking sob. Grimmjow grinned as he drew away, watching a bit of semen run down Kurosaki's thigh. He ran a finger over that soft skin, gathering up the salty liquid and licking it off his fingers.

"Now, Kurosaki. Just in case your hollow didn't get a chance to tell you, that was a hollow claim. By our rules, you are my property. Not just my bitch, my absolute slave… for now." Grimmjow grinned as Ichigo looked over his shoulder, his eyes glazed with tears and his expression absolutely furious. "Now, my first order. You will not under any circumstances reveal anything about when, how, or who claimed you." He put enough power into the order that it would be cast iron. Ichigo just glared at him and Grimmjow grabbed his shoulder, pulling the shinigami onto his back. "Now, for second. I want to talk to your hollow." That wasn't a claim enforced order and Kurosaki looked a little confused. "I need you to do something but I don't think you'd know how. He will. Get him out, would you?" He really needed the bastard. Ichigo frowned but reached up and pulled down his mask.

The black and gold hollow eyes that looked at him promised a slow, painful death. But the hollow didn't say anything. He no doubt had a much better grasp of reality than his handler and he knew they were both screwed, literally. Grimmjow grinned into that bone covered face.

"Now, here's the deal. I want you to complete the claim." He said and had the satisfaction of seeing that stare go from "I'm going to kill you" to "HOLY FUCK WHAT?" At least, that was what he imagined the hollow was thinking if the wide eyes were any indication. "Then you're going to take my power and gut Aizen… preferably very, very slowly. And if you can gut Gin too I would love you forever." Grimmjow said, the dark desire filling his voice like smoke. The hollow just stared at him a moment before finding his voice.

"That's… insane, but clever. It might even work." The hollow cocked his head to one side, thinking about it. "And you've set it up so we take all the risk." Grimmjow grinned viciously. It was true, he had. Even if Kurosaki was taken alive and tortured, he wouldn't give up the secret. And with Szayel dead Aizen would have a hell of a time figuring out who held the claim. Then the hollow gave him a wondering look. "What the hell did Aizen do to you, to make you hate him so much?" He asked and there was no hostility, only curiosity. Grimmjow shrugged.

"Survive and win and maybe I'll tell you. It's enough to know that the thought of your sword, sliding through that bastard's guts… Gin dying in a puddle of his own puke and piss… shit!" Grimmjow groaned and suddenly ground his hips against the hollows. Black and gold eyes stared up at him, shocked and disbelieving. "See, I'm happy already." He groaned, rubbing against the other hollow. He was hard as a rock. The hollow tittered, an insane giggle.

"And I thought I was crazy… shit, I like you. But there's a problem. I'm the Horse, not the King, and I'm not really in charge of Ichigo's reiatsu. He'll have to do the claim." The hollow warned and Grimmjow frowned. "I'll walk him through it but I have a condition. He gets to ride you." The hollow said and Grimmjow just stared at him for a moment before tossing his head back in a wild laugh.

"You think that would put me off, hollow?" He pulled himself off then lay on the floor, spreading his legs in a wanton gesture. "Fuck me so hard I can't see straight." He said and the hollow cackled before pouncing on him. There was a method to the creature's madness, Grimmjow discovered. Kurosaki's body was hilt deep in him before control was wrested away from the hollow and shocked brown eyes stared at him.

"No! I can't – " He tried to jerk away but Grimmjow had him in a tight embrace.

"You can. You will." He growled, rocking his hips against his unwilling partner. He tightened his muscles and watched Kurosaki gasp. "A hollow claim is nothing but ownership. With a mating claim you can take my power and use it to fight." That was so a hollow could defend their pups from any comers. What he was doing was a perversion of that, but Grimmjow was beyond caring. "Now fuck me like you mean it." He whispered harshly into the teens' ear and Kurosaki gasped as a half-mask began to form on his face. The hollow wasn't assuming full control but he was helping the teen, letting him use his animal instincts.

And use them he did. It was fast, just like Grimmjow's claim. Kurosaki set a punishing pace, releasing all the reiatsu he had into Grimmjow's body. The power difference right now was enough that he could have denied the claim, but he embraced it. He submitted his reiatsu and allowed Kurosaki's to mingle, soaking into his body. The pleasure was mind blowing but he kept enough awareness to bite Kurosaki's shoulder as the teen bit his neck. The equal exchange invalidated his earlier hollow claim, but it didn't invalidate the single order he'd given under it. That compulsion would linger for as long as the claim itself did. Grimmjow estimated that would be around a year, give or take.

They were both left panting and exhausted. Ichigo stared at him with wide, confused brown eyes that echoed with pain. Grimmjow just grabbed his clothing and began pulling it on.

"Well? Don't just sit there. You need to get healed up and go get your girl out of this pesthole." He urged the shinigami and Ichigo looked even more hurt for a moment before realizing he was right. Shaking his head he pulled his pants back up before giving the arrancar a look that was angry as hell.

"I'm going to kill you for this." Kurosaki said with a deadly calm and Grimmjow just shrugged before flashing him a vicious smile.

"I'll die happy soul reaper. Just kill them for me." He purred and Ichigo blinked before swallowing, hard. Freaking the teen out was easy and pretty fun. "See you later." Right now he needed to find a bolt hole. When Kurosaki started draining his power he'd be weak as a kitten, no pun intended.

Hopefully, this would work. And if it didn't he'd be no worse off.