"God dammit." Ichigo rubbed his head, feeling fatigued.

It was Sunday and he had no school, but plenty of homework to do. It was his final year and he desperately needed good grades to make it into medical school. Yet, he still had his duties as a substitute soul reaper. He was honestly considering asking if they'd take back the badge. This was taking a huge toll on his sleep and he wasn't sure he could endure it much longer.

It didn't help that today he'd had an absolutely filthy headache. Ichigo was grimly certain he knew who to blame for it, too. Grimmjow, aka William, had been gone for the entire day. Where he'd gotten to was a mystery. He'd called Kisuke to ask but the shopkeeper had been annoyingly coy, just assuring him that the arrancar was fine and running an errand for him.

An errand in Hueco Mundo. I'd say you're right King. Shiro said and Ichigo nodded. Dumbass should have asked us to come… although he does have access to all your power if something happens. If he really needed to, Grimmjow could use the exact same level of power he had against Aizen. So there wasn't much actual danger… just aches and pains from the strained mating bond.

"Well, the headache's finally going away. He must have gotten back. I'm not going to care." He said firmly before booting up his computer. He needed to get some more work done on the damned book report. Maybe even take Grimmjow's advice and babble on a bit. His grades in this class weren't critical anyway. He was hard at work when he heard the window opening, but he didn't look up. It would probably be Rukia or Renji –

"Hey shinigami!" Or that. Ichigo grimaced, keeping his attention on the computer. "Oi! I brought you something!" Ichigo glanced up with a scowl. Grimmjow sounded entirely too pleased with himself and he was carrying a bag? It seemed to be wiggling.

"Not interested." He said briefly, ignoring the arrancar. He was out of his gigai, in his full Espada uniform. "Just make sure no one sees you like that." Trying to explain to his Soul Society friends what Grimmjow was doing here would be difficult, at best. So far he'd managed to keep them in the dark and strangely, the grey hair of the Espada's gigai really helped. Rukia had seen him a few times but hadn't paid the least attention.

"Yeah, yeah, teach your grandma to suck eggs." Grimmjow retorted. That caught his attention because it was incomprehensible. Ichigo tried to decode it for a moment before giving up. It must be something British. "Come on Ichigo! This is something you really like. Aren't you even curious?" He shook the bag, which squeaked a little. "Don't you want to see her?" Ichigo blinked, turning in his chair to give the arrancar a confused look. Then he frowned. He could only think of one 'her' who could fit in a bag.

"Not interested in seeing Yoruichi's cat form, thanks." He went back to his book report and there was a loud sigh behind him. Then there was a sound of rustling fabric and… tape being removed? That made him slightly curious but he wasn't going to give Grimmjow anymore of his attention.

"OK, he's no fun. You can scream at him now." Ichigo lifted his head as there was another tape sound. What –

"ITSYGO!" The shriek took him completely by surprise and his head nearly hit the computer screen as Nel fastened herself to his back, clinging to him and bursting into tears. "YOU DON' WAN' ME ITSYGO?! WAAAAHHHH!"

"Nel?!" He choked out, trying desperately to get her off his neck so he could breathe. Grimmjow's laughter was not helping in the slightest. "Help… agh…" He was in his human body, too, which just didn't have the strength to pry her away.

"Ah, come on Nel, he's turning blue. Let go will ya?" Grimmjow gripped the eternal toddler and she finally let go, still crying like a waterfall. Ichigo turned around to look and saw that she was alone. Well, aside from Grimmjow of course.

"Hey Nel, I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you. Where's your brothers?" He asked and Nel's tears managed to increase, to his surprise. "Nel?"

"Szay-sama k-k-killed dem!" She sobbed and he froze, his brown eyes going wide. He met Grimmjow's eyes and the arrancar nodded. "I been alone Itsygo! All alone! Why you never come back for me!?"

"I…" He swallowed, feeling like a bit of a heel. But he'd thought Nel would be fine with her brothers. "I'm sorry Nel. I should have come back." Ichigo said huskily before opening his arms. Grimmjow took the hint and placed Nel in his lap, so she could hug his chest. That was much, much better than hugging his neck. "I'm really sorry but I'm here now. I'll take care of you."

"Eh, you don't really have to." Grimmjow said as Nel cuddled up, her sobbing tapering off a bit. Ichigo frowned at him and the arrancar elaborated. "Kisuke wanted an arrancar to study. I brought him a few dead bodies – Szayel had them on ice in his lab – but then I found this l'il thing running around so I brought her along too. She's going to be staying at his shop so he can examine her."

"What?!" Ichigo said, outraged. How could Grimmjow be so callous? "No way! He'll do who knows what to her!" He snapped but Grimm just shook his head.

"Oh come on, he's not that evil. He's just going to give her a few tests and shit." He said and Ichigo scowled. "Nel said yes. Mind you, he did bribe her with candy." That seemed to remind the eternal toddler and she waved a hand with a small cheer.

"Candy! Do you have candy Itsygo?" She begged shamelessly and he shook his head with a smile.

"No, but we have brownies. Grimm, can you get her a brownie?" He asked and Grimmjow shrugged before leaving the room. "You'll really like them Nel, my sister makes them." He said and brown eyes went wide.

"You gots a sister? Can Nel meet her Itsygo?" She asked and Ichigo blinked. Karin would see Nel but Yuzu probably wouldn't. It was likely better not to complicate things.

"Maybe later, if Kisuke can make you a gigai." That might be good. Maybe they could introduce her as Grimmjow's sister? That would be funny. Then the arrancar came back with a small plate and a tiny sliver of a brownie. "…Isn't that kind of small?" He asked and Grimmjow grimaced.

"You've never seen her on a sugar high, shinigami. This is all she gets." He said firmly and Ichigo snorted at the image. Grimm was probably right, the thought of Nel on a sugar high was daunting. "Make sure you chew brat! You're not getting another." He warned as Nel made to inhale the sweet. Chastened, she nibbled on it and her eyes went wide.

"This is good Itsygo!" She said happily before chewing carefully. "Really really good!" The expression on her little face was blissful and he laughed, patting her on the head.

"I'm glad you like it. Thanks Grimm. This is a much better gift than Yoruichi." He said sincerely. He'd honestly thought the arrancar was going to give him a cat in a bag. That made Grimmjow frown, cleaning out his ear with a pinky.

"Yeah… about that. How did you think I could have gotten the woman in there? It's a small bag!" He said and Ichigo's mind screeched to a ragged stop. Did he not know…?

"Um… you do realize that Yoruichi can turn into a cat?" He said and Grimmjow stopped his ear cleaning before lowering his hand, a thoughtful expression on his face. "A black cat. Her voice is male in that form, for some reason."

"A black cat." He repeated carefully and Ichigo nodded. "With golden eyes?" He asked and Ichigo nodded again. Grimmjow's expression was… odd. Very thoughtful. "When I was alive I would have charged extra for that." He muttered and Ichigo gave him a strange look. "…A LOT extra." He muttered, rubbing his chin and narrowing his eyes. Ichigo finally couldn't take it anymore.

"What are you mumbling about?" He demanded and Grimmjow blinked before giving him an amused smile.

"Oh, all the times that cat sat on the dresser and watched when Kisuke and I screwed like rabbits." He said cheerfully as Ichigo's mouth dropped open. "And all the times she came into the bathroom with me when I was naked and drying off after a shower. Oh, and all the times the perverted little wench licked my wet legs. I thought it was a strange thing for a cat to do –"

"Augh! Stop!" Ichigo covered his ears. "I don't want to know!" He pleaded although he could totally see Yoruichi doing all of those things. She must have been having a field day with Grimmjow. Although… "You're not upset?" If it had been him he would have been EXTREMELY upset. But Grimmjow just grinned.

"Oh hell no. I'm going to pick her up tonight, fluff her fur and ask her if she enjoyed it as much as I did." He laughed at the thought and Ichigo blinked. "We'll see how little miss voyeur reacts when she sees the gig is up. I can't wait!" He sounded like he was really looking forward to it and Ichigo ventured a tentative smile. It actually was pretty amusing when you put it that way. Yoruichi would probably have a massive sweaty palmed moment. "Well, I better get Nel home. Come on Nel, let go." The eternal toddler didn't want to go. It took both of them working together to pry her away and Nel gave him a soulful look.

"Come visit me Itsygo? Please?" She asked and he nodded, patting her on the head with a smile.

"I'll come by tomorrow Nel." He pledged and she beamed. Grimmjow picked her up and went out the window again, this time with the toddler clinging from his shoulders. He left behind the bag and the… masking tape? … he'd used to keep Nel quiet with. Ichigo sighed to himself before tossing the tape in the garbage and putting the bag in the closet. Maybe Grimmjow would need it. "Why is he being so… nice?" He said to himself as he went back to his work. The arrancar hadn't had to bring Nel to him. It was an oddly thoughtful gesture. Shaking his head, he devoted himself to his work.

It would take more than a few gestures to change his mind about Grimmjow.

Grimmjow whistled to himself as he put his coat away and took off his shoes.

He was at Risa's house. Not that he was alone. No, she'd invited two more of their classmates and they were all going to play Settlers of Cathan. He'd never tried it and didn't know the rules but apparently, it was pretty easy. Also a lot of fun, if the enthusiasm was any indication.

"Everyone, Will's here!" Risa announced with a brilliant smile and he glanced into the kitchen, a bit surprised to see that except for him her other friends were girls. One of them he hadn't met and she stared at him, a blush coming to her cheeks. "This is my big sister, Junna. You know Hikaru." That was another girl from his class and he nodded at them both with a friendly smile.

"Of course. So how does this game go?" He asked as he took a seat and Risa poured him a cup of tea. "Thank you." Green tea wasn't really his thing, he preferred black with cream and sugar, but he would drink it. He'd had it plenty of times at Espada meetings.

"Well, first we roll to see who goes first…" Risa explained the rules as he looked over the board. It sounded like the sort of thing he would probably be terrible at, at first, but quickly get the hang of as he continued to practice. Nodding to himself, he took the dice and rolled. Then laughed at his three.

Risa went first so he was somewhere in the middle. They each got a chance to place a settlement, then it went back, each of them placing another settlement. Grimmjow blinked as he realized that going first was a double edged sword. Sure, it meant you got the best first spot… but it also meant you had a shitty pick of second spots. Then they each took cards for their second position and the play really began.

"It's almost seven." Risa said with some concern after they were done the game. Grimmjow glanced at the clock, a bit surprised. Time had flown. But then, he'd been having fun. "Do you need to get home Will?"

"I should." He agreed before standing. Isshin wasn't as strict with him as he was with his own children, probably because he did have at least a loose grasp of reality. Kisuke had been honest with him about his houseguest so he knew Grimmjow wasn't a child. But despite that he did get very disapproving when William missed supper and he didn't want to deal with a lecture. "That was fun, I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime." Risa went a little pink and Grimmjow had an idea that he'd been invited more for his looks than anything. Half the girls in the class were crushing on him, which was natural really.

Walking home from the house should have been quite easy. However, things took an unusual turn when two men… no, more like teenagers, stepped out of an alley. He glanced behind himself, not particularly worried, and saw two others jogging up behind him. The piercings and the hair were different from what he was used to but Grimmjow still recognized the type. Young toughs out for a stroll, getting their jollies off by beating up hapless victims.

Well, they picked the wrong one today. Grimmjow felt a surge of adrenaline and smiled. He couldn't use any special powers unless he exited his gigai, and then the Soul Reapers might sense him. But that was fine. That turned this from a cakewalk into a challenge.

"Hey old man!" One of the kids jeered and Grimmjow lifted his eyebrows before smiling. He'd heard that one before, with his grey hair. "You fight like an old man too?" He said and Grimmjow shrugged, taking a fighting stance with ease.

"Oh yes, I fight like an old codger. Why don't I show you then?" He asked and they laughed and went for him. But he was ready. There was nothing fancy about his hand to hand fighting technique. Just fists, fury and the knowledge of plenty of nasty, dirty tricks. Street fighting at its finest.

It didn't go all his way though. That was too much to ask, with one against four. By the time he was done he had a black eye, a split lip and some painful bruises on his body. Possibly even a broken rib. But two of the little thugs were lying on the ground, unable to move and the last two were badly hurt. One had a broken arm for certain and they both decided they'd had enough, running away. Grimmjow snorted, reaching up to wipe a bit of blood off his face. He had a nasty gash across his forehead, too.

Home wasn't that far away but he frowned as he reached it. If he went inside looking like this, everyone would freak. Instead he consulted with Pantera.

"Hey, Pan? Can you tell that hollow to get Kurosaki out here, preferably with a medical kit?" He said softly and his zanpakuto made an annoyed growl.

I've told you before, don't call me that! And fine, I'll do it. He gave in with ill grace and Grimmjow grinned. Then he watched and waited. It took a little while but Ichigo finally got outside, holding the promised first aid kit.

"Will?" Kurosaki said softly and he stepped out, giving the teen a grin. "What the hell happened to you?" He asked with a rather appalled expression. Grimmjow wondered how bad he looked. Probably pretty damn bad.

"Got run over by a moose." He said with a completely straight face and Ichigo snorted as he opened the first aid kit. "Actually, I ran into some young thugs who thought I'd be an easy mark for some fun. I showed them different." He cracked his hands and realized he'd skinned his knuckles on someone's face. "They did call me grandpa. I think they didn't like my hair." He said, knowing that would resonate. Sure enough, Ichigo grimaced and nodded.

"I know the feeling. Did this sort of thing happen when you were in England?" He asked, working on cleaning off the injuries. Grimmjow hissed softly at the sting but forced himself not to pull away.

"All the time. That's how I got good with my fists." He said before gritting his teeth. "Damn!" The cut on his head was really hurting now, a dull throb that went all through him. "Careful there." He muttered and Ichigo gave him an amused look.

"Don't be such a baby. Hmm, most of this looks superficial. Is there anything else?" He asked and Grimmjow hesitated. That brief pause made Ichigo give him a very sharp look. "What else is there?" He asked and when the arrancar still didn't speak, the teen smiled slightly. "I could just get my hollow to ask Pantera."

"Oi! Don't you gang up on me." He growled, annoyed. It would work too, Pantera would absolutely fink him out when it came to his injuries. "Fine." He pulled up his shirt, exposing the nasty, purpling bruise on his side. "Might have a broken rib. It's nothing serious." In his day and age someone would poke you a bit and say, 'yep, broken rib' and that would be the end of it. Maybe medicine had progressed a bit further but Grimmjow rather doubted it. This wasn't Star Trek, yet. Ichigo's hands were on him then and he winced as the fingers prodded him.

"Yes, that looks like a broken rib." The teen said and Grimmjow had to suppress a laugh. It would hurt a bit at the moment. "You'll just have to let it heal. Tell dad if it changes at all."

"I will." He pledged. "Although only because I know him." He added as Ichigo began putting everything back in the first aid kit. He had some nice bandages now. "Back when I was alive, doctors were people who killed you. Oh, and charged you for it." He said sourly and Ichigo glanced up with a faint smile.

"In Victorian England? I'll bet. What are you doing to tell everyone? You still look like you've been in a fight." He asked and Grimmjow thought about it for a moment.

"I'll just say I had an accident in gym class. Too clumsy, fell over my own foot and went face first into a wall." He said cheerfully. He was sure he could get them to believe it and now, he looked like the school nurse could have patched him up. A big hole in the story was that the kids at school would know otherwise but why would Isshin and the girls consult with them? And if they did… technically, he was an adult, despite the birth certificate. Ichigo shook his head but didn't say anything, just starting back to the house. "Oi! Put that where they won't see it or this is going to get pretty damned unbelievable." He said and the shinigami cast him an annoyed look.

"I know, I thought of that already." He said and Grimmjow shrugged, sticking his hands into his pockets to hide the skinned knuckles. When they went inside everyone noticed the damage – it was pretty obvious – but he spun the story well about his 'accident in gym class.' Karin even laughed and told him not to be so clumsy. Supper was still warm and he dug in with gusto. He was developing a great fondness for miso soup.

Grimmjow didn't notice Ichigo watching him thoughtfully before he went upstairs to get some sleep.

Ichigo lay on his bed, trying to decide what to do.

Grimmjow and Kisuke seemed to be having sex three times a week, from what he could tell. It wasn't exactly on a regular schedule. And the last wet dream had involved Yoruichi too, which honestly didn't surprise him. It was the sort of thing she would do when she knew the gig was up, and would Grimmjow say no? Psh, as if. Still, he could live with that.

The real problem was his hollow and Pantera. Despite the fright he'd apparently put into the zanpakuto, he kept slipping over. Ichigo really wondered why his hollow couldn't go visit Pantera in Grimmjow's inner world. Why couldn't he have the wet dreams for a change?

It doesn't work that way. To do that I'd have to take Zangetsu and he – That sudden pause caught his attention and Ichigo blinked, waiting for his hollow to continue. …I just had the best idea ever!

"Oh god." He groaned, running a hand through his hair and closing his eyes. "Your 'best ideas' are terrifying. Do I even want to know?" He was guessing he probably didn't.

Oi! I shouldn't even tell you. His hollow said sulkily before relenting. But it's just too good… you should fuck Pantera! That made Ichigo sit bolt upright, his brown eyes wide and shocked. Get it all out of your system! Only Grimmjow will know… and maybe not even him. Pantera might not tell him, hahaha!

"Wait, you mean… have sex in my inner world?" That idea had never occurred to him and for good reason. His inner world had his hollow and his zanpakuto in it. Zangetsu was not a sexy, cuddly sort of person. And the thought of touching Shiro that way… ugh. It felt like incest. Ichigo blinked as it suddenly occurred to him that touching Pantera would feel like incest to Grimmjow. His zanpakuto resembled him greatly. "That's… not a terrible idea." He said slowly. "Wait, do you want to participate too?" Knowing his inner hollow… the creature giggled madly.

Hell yes! I'm the one he's submitted to, after all! If I'm going to share I'm going to be there. He said and Ichigo turned over the idea in his mind. Maybe it was a sign of how much sexual imagery he was being bombarded with, but the thought of being involved in a gay threesome didn't horrify him. And his hollow was right. No one would know… not even Grimmjow, if Pantera kept things to himself. Would he do that though? And did it really matter if Grimmjow knew?

"…No." He decided, laying back down on his bed. Then he closed his eyes, going into his inner world. "When does Pantera usually show up?" He asked his hollow, who grinned widely. Zangetsu was nowhere to be seen, probably he'd made himself scarce as soon as he'd realized where this conversation was going.

"Right after Grimmjow goes to sleep." His hollow supplied helpfully and Ichigo nodded, taking a seat on the roof of the building. He would wait for the wandering zanpakuto. He'd only caught a few glimpses of Pantera and now he was honestly curious. He wanted to see more.

"There he is!" The hollow said before launching himself into the air with a laugh. Ichigo watched, wide –eyed, as the white psychopath caught the blue haired zanpakuto in a tight, possessive grip and gave him a tonsil-seeking kiss. Pantera responded passionately, curling around his hollow in a way that looked sexy and submissive at the same time. Then they separated and Shiro gestured down at the roof. Pantera's eyes widened as he saw the soul reaper there. There was a quick exchange of words, too low for him to hear but then the two of them were swimming in his direction. Ichigo swallowed, hiding any nervousness. This would only be his second experience. Did he really want to do this?

Then he got a really good look at Pantera and the thought drifted away. He was irresistibly reminded of Grimmjow's words… that Pantera was his softer, more sensitive side. His physical appearance reflected that. Long blue hair flowed down his back and bright blue eyes were a bit frightened but also curious. Pantera looked a lot like Grimmjow's resurrection, but without all the cold bones. Ichigo noticed the furry ears and before he even thought about it he was reaching out, running his fingers through that soft fur. Pantera jerked back in surprise but ended up against his hollow's chest. Shiro ran his hands down the zanpakuto's sides, caressing him through the thin linen robe he wore. That immediately relaxed the blue zanpakuto.

"Shiro says you want to have sex with me together?" Pantera asked and Ichigo was struck by the tone of his voice. He sounded like Grimmjow but younger, and slightly higher in pitch. Honestly, he sounded like Grimmjow's baby brother.

"If you're interested." Ichigo said huskily, feeling desire stirring. The zanpakuto was attractive and the lust was untainted by the rage he felt towards Grimmjow. Pantera ducked his head in a shy gesture before looking at him through his lashes. Ichigo wasn't sure if he was being deliberately seductive or if he was just that cute naturally.

"I would like that." Pantera said softly and Ichigo couldn't restrain himself anymore. He slid his arms around the panther, kissing him deeply. His lips were soft and warm, beautifully responsive. It came to Ichigo that this was his first kiss. With a part of Grimmjow, too, which was unutterably strange.

Of course, what was even stranger was having his hollow involved. Ichigo felt Pantera stiffen with a small gasp and pulled back to see that his hollow had pulled down that linen robe and was sucking and nipping on Pantera's neck and shoulders. Ichigo swallowed hard and let go of the zanpakuto, but only so the he could help strip that robe away. It fluttered to the ground and he was slightly surprised to see that Pantera was nude beneath it.

"You don't have his scar." He murmured, running his fingers over the fine porcelain skin, feeling the strong muscles beneath. Pantera shrugged before leaning against him, those black, clawed hands ghosting over his skin and finding the ties to his shinigami' clothes.

"I don't really understand why he kept that mark. Men…" Pantera said and Ichigo was about to point out that he was a man when the panther silenced him with a kiss. It was mind-blowingly hot and Ichigo groaned softly as he was tugged to the ground. "How will we…?" Pantera asked and he paused, uncertain. But his hollow had some very firm ideas.

"We'll take you together. As a team… right aibou?" Shiro said with a grin and Pantera gave him a puzzled look. "Now, spread those legs wide, my pretty little uke." He said to the zanpakuto and he nodded, his blue eyes wide with anticipation and a trace of apprehension. Ichigo kissed him again as he stretched out those long, limber legs, his tail sliding up to rest on Shiro's shoulder.

Pantera whimpered into his mouth and Ichigo looked over the zanpakuto's shoulder to see that his hollow was stretching out the sword spirit. Instead of kissing the panther again, Ichigo began exploring his throat and chest, finding all the best places to suck and nip. The sounds slipping from Pantera's lips were sweet and filled with lust, lewd and deliciously warming. Ichigo was aware of his own hard-on and deliberately rubbed himself against Pantera, giving himself a bit of friction. The zanpakuto reacted with a shiver and Ichigo looked into his face, seeing the flushed cheeks, the half-lidded bright blue eyes and expression of pleasure on that gorgeous face. A face that looked just like Grimmjow…

Pushing that thought away, Ichigo watched as Pantera flung his head back. Shiro was seating himself inside the zanpakuto, his hard length pushing past that tight ring of muscle. Pantera gasped raggedly but didn't seem to be in any pain and Ichigo groaned as the panther gripped his length. But then a white hand was there, pushing away warmer skin and Pantera looked over his shoulder at the hollow with a small, confused sound.

"I said we're gonna take you together." Shiro said with a laugh and Pantera's blue eyes went wide as Ichigo looked at his white double in confusion. What was he…? Then he gasped as his cock was aligned with that already full opening.

Pantera whined and struggled weakly, his clawed hand raising thin lines of red on Ichigo's shoulders as the second cock joined the first. Ichigo was left gasping at the incredible heat and tightness, the mild pain of those claws only enhancing the experience. But from Pantera's whimpers, he wasn't enjoying it nearly as much as the two of them. They just stayed quiet for a moment, unmoving as they gave the panther a few moments to adjust. Then Shiro pulled back slightly before pushing back in. Ichigo followed, trying to work with his white half. Pantera's pained gasps became a yowl as they filled him more completely that he had ever experienced in his life.

"Uh! Ichigo… Shiro…" The zanpakuto panted, his eyes glazed as they began to take him with a strong, fast pace. Ichigo couldn't believe how tight he was, how hot it felt. The sensation of Shiro's length in there, snug beside his only added to the indescribable pleasure of the moment. It wasn't like the mating bond, though. There was no sensation of power inside him but Ichigo found he didn't really miss it. Yes, the mating bond had been a pleasure beyond anything he'd ever dreamed but this felt more real. Despite the fact that it was happening in his inner world, it still felt more real.

Ichigo felt hyper aware of all the little things. The sweat on his skin, the ghostly brush of moving water on his shoulders. The way Pantera's erection was bouncing against his belly, trapped between the two of them. The soft sounds their bodies made as they moved together, taking the cat and making him tremble. And most of all, the glorious expression on Pantera's face. His eyes were closed now, his blue hair floating in the water like a cloud of silk. He kissed the zanpakuto, feeling him moaning into his mouth.

The pace increased, until Pantera was almost bouncing on their laps. The zanpakuto was gasping now, his eyes open again as he was ravaged by the two of them. Ichigo knew he was close, knew that it would be over soon. He simply couldn't hold back anymore, not with that clutching warmth gripping him like a glove. Shiro was growling, a deep, guttural sound that was more animal than human.

But it was Pantera who came first. The cat in their laps uttered a high pitched yowl just before he came. Ichigo's eyes went wide as that wet heat clamped down on them like a vise, almost like the zanpakuto was trying to smother his cock. He couldn't stop himself then. He came hard on the heels of Pantera, shooting his load deep into that trembling, quivering body. Shiro snarled and bit down on the zanpakuto's shoulder before he came as well, filling Pantera a second time.

All three of them were left gasping, limp and exhausted. Ichigo slowly pulled away, exiting Pantera's body with a small pop. Then Shiro did the same and they were left holding the exhausted zanpakuto. Ichigo smiled as Pantera nuzzled his neck. Although… that made him wonder.

Could Grimmjow look like this? Pantera was Grimmjow's sweeter side, true, but could the tougher half ever look like Pantera did now? It was definitely something to think about.

Someday, he might even get to see.