In my experiences in writing Command & Conquer fics on, there have actually been very few serious stories. I know, I probably haven't read all of them, but the ones I've read have had lots of humor in them. There are actually some that are serious, but because my internet modem at home is down and I have to rely on the school internet connection, I now cannot actually look for them. I am not trying to offend anyone, so do not complain.

Anyways, enough of my blabbering. This is a story about a twenty-one year old American that had enlisted in the Germany Army in the Second World War against the Soviet Union. We follow him as he fights alongside General Erwin Rommel as the Allies fight to push back the Soviet Union.

Where is My Homeland?

Chapter 1: First Mission

Private Zachary Keith was shivering in the cold. He was a member of the German 34th Mechanized Infantry Division, and they had just been deployed into Poland. It did seem a bit ridiculous, but here he was. Two Soviet soldiers were approaching him with one of their attack dogs. The Ranger in front of him opened fire with its machinegun and cut down one of the soldiers. He raised his rifle and blasted away at the other incoming infantry. The Soviet soldier went down after several bullets struck him in the chest. Corporal Fritz Gustoff, a German officer, fired on the dog, which was killed after a short burst from his M-16 and the Ranger's machinegun.

"Those men won't kill any more of our men, ja?"

Zach nodded. Just then, a Chinook transport appeared and headed towards them. Good thing the Soviet base didn't have any SAMs, or that helicopter would have been dead.

"Who is supposed to be our reinforcement?" Zach asked Fritz.

Just then, three more Allied soldiers appeared from behind and joined them. The helicopter landed, kicking up the snow, partially blinding Zach until he turned to face the Soviet base again. The Soviets were sending several more soldiers to attack them. Just then, Zach saw a few civilians run up and get fried by the Tesla Coil. He flinched as they were electrocuted and their bodies burnt to a crisp. He felt a hand clap onto his shoulder and saw Private Gunter Goring.

"We'll make the Soviets pay for what they did," he said.

Zach nodded. Just then, a woman came out of the Chinook and it took off and left.

"I'm Agent Tanya," she said, "I was sent to assist you."

Zach thought it was a joke. They sent a woman to assist in this operation?

"Professor Einstein is in the Soviet Tech Center. We have to disable the power plants before we can get to him," said Fritz.

Tanya nodded and headed down.

"What the hell? Is she crazy?"

The other soldiers shrugged, but the followed Tanya's lead. She opened fire on one of the Grenadiers, killing him with one shot in the head. She then fired on a fuel barrel, igniting it and starting a chain reaction. The barrels all exploded, taking out the other grenadier, two dogs, and one rifleman running towards them. Their burnt bodies fell to the ground as the explosions continued, creating an inferno which led to one of the power plants. The plant exploded and the Tesla Coils deactivated. Zach reconsidered his first impression of the agent.

"Now's our chance!" Fritz yelled out.

The Rangers moved in and mowed down several of the soldiers. Zach ran in and fired upon one of the guards standing outside the Tech Center, blowing apart his head. Gunter dropped another one. Tanya had been busy setting C- 4 charges on the two other power plants. Gunter went inside the Tech Center and a few seconds later came out with Einstein. Tanya blew the plants and they started pulling back. A few other Soviet troops tried to pursue them, but the Rangers cut all of them down. Another Chinook had landed by a signal flare that one of the infantrymen had set. Just then, Zach saw a few large warships appearing off the horizon. They opened fire and blew apart two of the four remaining power plants. Zach didn't wait to watch. He jumped into a Ranger and they sped off. Tanya and the Professor had boarded the Chinook and had disappeared off in the air. Zach was just glad he had gotten out of another mission alive.

Zach stretched his aching muscle as he sat down on his bunk. He had stashed his gear and was ready to hit the sack. They had pulled back to a base in Greece, but would probably have to pull out soon. Soviet forces were hitting them hard in the country, and even now Allied forces were retreating. Suddenly, a newspaper flew into his face.

"What the hell!"

He grabbed it and saw Fritz standing before him.

"Read it," he said.

Zach looked at the paper.

Soviet forces are pushing deep into Germany. Currently, the Alliance has been unable to hinder the massive Soviet invasion of Western Europe. The United Nations will soon vote whether to intervene and going in the ongoing war with the Soviet Union. The United States has been urging the UN to respond and authorize full military action against the USSR. Currently, there seems to be little support for the USSR and the vote is expected to favor military and economic support for the Alliance.

"So we lose Greece and possibly Germany and gain the world," said Zach, "Isn't that just great."

"You are an American. Do you think the American government is sincere in wanting to help us?"

"Probably. But the US is staying neutral in this. There has to be some sort of attack on them before they will commit. That's just how the US government thinks. They don't dare move first because they think people will think lesser of them."

"The Soviet Union has already moved," said Fritz, "They've taken Poland and will soon take Greece and possibly Germany, and the American government still frets about public support?"

"Do remember that I am fifty-percent German," said Zach, "The people back in the States fear losing their children to a war fought far away. However, they will most likely see the logic and reason for fighting the Soviets."

"Read page 4," said Fritz.

Zach turned to page 4 and immediately saw the article Fritz wanted him to read.

The United States has declared that it will fire upon and attempt to sink any submarines that are found trespassing past the security line that the US has placed. However, the US Navy has not transferred any ships to the Atlantic, keeping the Pacific Fleet at full strength. Currently, they have not commented upon why.

"Doesn't it seem a bit odd?" Fritz asked.

"So you think the United States is up to something."

"That, or they are just doing this for show."

"Decisions like this aren't made lightly," said Zach, "US-Soviet relations were already shaky. This will break them."

"Perhaps that is not such a bad thing."

Just then, Gunter appeared. "Saddle up boys. The Reds want to play again."

Zach groaned. Just when he was going to get some sleep too. Quickly, he put his gear back on and followed Gunter and Fritz. They got on an APC and were soon on their way.

"I wonder where Commander Rommel is sending us this time," said Zach.

"Probably another damned rescue mission," replied Fritz.

Colonel Sergey Yazov of the NKVD walked down the corridors of the underground installation. As he passed two guards, they immediately stiffened and waited fearfully for him to pass. Such was the power of the NKVD. Sergey walked into his office. There were briefing papers for him to read. The war with the Allies was going well. Soviet forces were about to take Greece and the Alliance could do nothing about it. He sighed. The research being done here would ensure the power of the Soviet people. One of two major projects, this one had the more destructive potential. Stalin had personally placed him in command of this installation. Sergey looked at the briefing again. A young lieutenant with a rather impressive profile was currently in Stalin's good grace. That was unusual. Perhaps if this lieutenant lived long enough, he might replace that fool Gradenko. Sergey had no idea how such an impeccable had become Marshal of the Soviet Union, but hopefully someone brighter would come along. Or perhaps it was in the NKVD's favor to have a fool be the head of the army. He finished reading the briefing and went onto the progress report. Ah, everything was proceeding according to schedule. Good. Now if only his love life would go as smoothly.

Sergey remembered his time in Germany with a certain young German girl. What was her name? Angel? Something like that. Well, she certainly was an angel in his opinion, the way she was able to hold his attention. But the past was the past, and he had his duty to do.

"I'm freezing my ass off here," said Zach.

"You Americans curse too much," joked Gunter.

Zach glared at him but remained silent. Two more Rangers appeared with a squad of infantry. It seemed that they needed to destroy an enemy base west of their location. Fritz signaled and they started moving out. Two grenadiers were standing guard but the Ranger fired upon the fuel barrels, blowing them up in the ensuing explosion. Zach fired upon a Soviet infantryman and the enemy soldier fell. Two other German soldiers backed him up, taking down an attack dog and another soldier. Another Ranger appeared, making their total count six. Four of them headed south with a squad trailing behind them. The MCV had already deployed and a power plant had literally sprouted out of the ground. Now an ore refinery was up and the ore truck headed towards the ore field they were standing on. The other two Rangers surged west towards them with two squads following them. A barracks was erected, then another one.

"What's the rush?" Zach asked Fritz.

"We have a convoy coming through the pass in twenty minutes regardless," he answered, "We have to clear out every red before they do or they'll get themselves slaughtered."

Zach followed the squad heading west. The two rangers ran into a group of infantrymen and fell back. The pursuing Soviets ran straight into the Allied squads, getting themselves cut to pieces. A few managed to fire a few bursts from their AK-47s, catching one soldier in the chest and another in the leg. Two medics were traveling with them. The one with the chest wound died a few seconds later while one of the medics started patching up the other one.

"We need to get him back to base sir," said the medic.

Fritz nodded. The injured soldier tried to protest, but Fritz ordered him to go back. He wanted to keep casualties to a minimum. Just then, a team of rocket infantry came up.

"We're to assist with blowing structures," said their leader, another corporal.

Fritz kept them in the rear while the two Rangers and the infantrymen moved slowly towards the enemy base. Zach wondered how the other team was doing. He trudged along a Ranger as they slowly progressed. Suddenly, two grenadiers popped up and lobbed a few grenades at the other Ranger. The gunner inside opened fire, catching one of them in the shoulder, but the two grenades found their target and the vehicle blew apart. Zach and a few others close by ducked to get out of the way of shrapnel. A soldier standing too close was killed in the explosion while another got some in his face. The other Ranger opened fire and shot the other grenadier. Zach walked over and saw that the first grenadier was still alive. He looked at Fritz. Fritz shook his head. Zach nodded and took out his pistol. They could not take prisoners right now. He shot the man in his head, ending the pleas to live.

Zach holstered his pistol and continued walking. They got into another skirmish before they sighted the enemy base. There were at least five squads of enemy troops. No way they could take the base alone. Suddenly, they saw several fuel barrels at the south of the base explode, taking out a structure and killing a few enemy troops. It seemed that the other team had arrived as well.

"Rocket troopers! Open fire on those barrels!" Fritz ordered.

Two missiles streaked towards a group of barrels. The impact tore them apart, causing another chain reaction to damage the construction yard. The Rangers charged in, shooting up many of the Soviet soldiers who were just standing there. Zach and the others followed and attacked the few soldiers still standing. Enemy units appeared from the north, but the now four Rangers were holding their own. They beat off the grenadiers and the squads from the south moved in and killed the remaining guards. The rocket soldiers then opened fire on the structures, blowing apart the power plants, barracks, and kennel with ease. Then, the enemy ore truck returned. The rocket soldiers opened fire, three missiles striking the truck. One must have found the fuel tank, because the truck burst into flames and grinded to a halt. Zach let out a breath of relief. He certainly did not want to try taking out such a vehicle with a rifle.

"We've set charges on their structures," said Fritz, "After we set them off, we're out of here."

The soldiers nodded and waited for the demolition experts to finish their work. Once the charges had been blown, the soldiers quickly retreated back to the base. The Rangers went up north to clear any other enemy units still lingering about and to escort the convoy once it came.

Zach was actually feeling rather well considering that he had just gone through a rather intense battle. He wiped the sweat off his forehead. Sweating when it was cold, he though. Could it get any worse than this? He saw that some of the soldiers were already dragging the bodies of dead Soviet soldiers and burning them. Zach went to one of the barracks set up and found his assigned bunk. He needed to get some damn rest once in a while, and this seemed as good a time as any.

End of Chapter 1

Well, let me know what you think. This does follow the storyline of RA1, but there will be some changes. Damn I'm tired.