Chapter 11: Iron Curtain

"We've come a long way, General Rommel," said von Esling, "The Americans are sending one of their armored corps to our assistance and six infantry divisions."

"I hope they are ready for battle," said Rommel.

"You will be the one to test them," said Esling, "The Americans have heard of you and their government has agreed to place one of their infantry battalions under your command. You will also be reinforced by the 8th Panzer Army."

Rommel tried not to look surprised but it was futile.

"I know this is a surprise, but we have our reasons for doing this. You have the best record of any of our commanders. You have defeated Stalin at nearly every turn and you continue to do so. Well, it's time you were sent out for some more important missions. You've managed to get us vital information regarding the Iron Curtain project and have helped us narrow down the possible traitors within the High Command."

"The thing is General," said Stavros, "You've managed to defeat Stalin in dozens of ground confrontations. However, now we need you to transfer your ability to fight on land to sea."

"There is a major Soviet submarine base that we need to be destroyed," said Esling, "It was also indicated as having something to do with the Iron Curtain project. Therefore, we've decided to give you a task force of destroyers and an armored battalion. Your orders are to capture the radar dome and then destroy the sub pens."

"But you don't care if I don't destroy the entire Soviet base," said Rommel.

"That is completely up to you," said Esling, "Attacking the enemy base directly may be too costly to be considered."

"Very well," said Rommel, "I'll get on it."

"Once you are back, the first American forces should be arriving."

"Private Roberto Shield?"

Roberto looked up and saw a major looking at him. He saluted.


"You're being promoted to sergeant and transferred," said the major, "You'll be flown to the States and then to France."

"Yes sir."

"I guess I should be saying sorry to you," said Fritz, "since you're the only American here."

"Not really," said Zach, "I don't know anyone at Pearl, but a lot of other people back in the States do."

"So you going to stay with us?"

"Hell yeah. I'm not going back to the States just so I can join some green division. I'm already fighting, and if Uncle Sam doesn't like me fighting with another country he can kiss my ass."

"Right. Now, we're getting deployed again. A naval forces is attacking a major Soviet submarine base. A ground force is needed to take a radar facility and also distract the Soviet forces while a destroyer force moves in."

"Attacking an enemy submarine base," said Zach, "Whose bright idea was this?"

"I think it came from the top," said Fritz, "Come on. We need to get going."

Zach finished dressing and put on his combat uniform. He followed Fritz onto an APC that was loaded onto a landing craft. They left immediately. Zach looked out the window and saw a fleet of six destroyers and eight gunboats. He looked at the map of where the naval base was. If they destroyed it, the Soviets would lose the ability to harass naval forces east of England. Their force landed and the fighting started immediately. Zach and Fritz led a charge that broke through a group of enemy infantry while three tanks and two rangers were unloaded by a second transport. Two more transports appeared and landed ten more tanks. They destroyed six Soviet tanks as they cleared a way for the MCV. It was unloaded by a fifth transport and deployed. Buildings went up quickly and soon an average sized base was completed. The fleet had moved north and Zach could see geysers of underwater explosions shoot up. Suddenly three MiGs appeared and fired on the construction yard. Their missiles struck the building but only slightly damaged it. A few seconds later five antiaircraft guns had gone up. When they returned again, two of the MiGs were shot down and another veered away and retreated. More tanks were ready now and they attacked the enemy position south of them. Zach and the other infantry had stayed behind for the entire battle while rangers were moved up to take down infantry. After what seemed to be another hour, the order to withdraw was sent out. Later Zach and the other soldiers found out that Rommel had destroyed the sub pens. However, he had felt that a full out attack against the Soviets was going to be too costly and decided to withdraw.

"We didn't even see any fighting," Zach said to Fritz, "It seemed too easy."

"Maybe the Soviet commander was really incompetent."

"For some reason I don't believe that."

They were sitting outside their barracks when dozens of tanks started up and drove off.

"What's going on?" Zach asked a soldier.

"General Rommel is moving out with a small armored force and a destroyer squadron," the soldier answered, "We're to stay behind since he can't move in too many troops."

Zach grunted and let the soldier leave. He settled down next to Fritz again.

"So what do you think?" Fritz said, "General Rommel going to pull another miracle?"


"An American division is going to meet us today," said Fritz, "They're all green."

"So were we before this war started," Zach reminded him.

"Fritz, Zach. We're moving out."

The two soldiers loaded up their weapons and got onto their APC.

"So were are we going?" Zach asked.

"Apparently the Soviets have constructed concentration camps and were killing people in them," the gunner said, "We just liberated in Poland and since we're the closest unit we've been assigned to escort a medical convoy going in."

"Concentration camps?" said Zach, "What the hell is that?"

"We'll soon find out," said Fritz.

The convoy soon rolled up to a place with a large sign saying it was Auschwitz. When the soldiers all got out, most felt like they were going to lose their lunch. The stench of the place was horrible and they could see a massive crowd behind barbed wires, all looking like they were more skeleton than human. The eight medical trucks screeched to a halt and nurses and doctors got out. Five more trucks filled with food appeared, but Zach was paying more attention to a certain nurse he had stopped. He walked over and tapped her shoulder. Angelica spun around and smiled when she saw him.

"Hello Sergeant."

"Angelica. What's going on?"

"We were called here to help the prisoners," she said, "A lot of them are in bad shape and need help."

"I can see that. Need any help yourself?"

"Come with me. Oh, and shoulder that rifle. I don't think you'll need it."

Zach ended up spending most of the time helping Angelica carry people to the makeshift medical centers that were set up by other soldiers. The doctors inside examined the people that were in the camp and tried to help them the best they could. Many were loaded up trucks to be transported to the rear so they could go to hospitals and be treated properly. Many died on the spot, unable to carry on.

"Those fucking bastards," Zach muttered at supper. He was sitting with his squad by one of the APCs.

"I know what you mean," Fritz agreed, "The Soviets aren't exactly the nicest of folks."

"So what are we going to do about all of the inmates?" Vincent asked, "We can't exactly keep all of them with us and we can't stay here forever to guard them. The Alliance is still advancing towards Moscow."

"Someone will come up to relieve us," said Fritz, "We're frontline troops and they need us up there fighting."

Just then a battalion of tanks and APCs appeared. All of the Germans got up and held their weapons tight. An American colonel appeared and walked towards the German troops.

"Does anyone speak English?" he asked in very rough German.

Zach walked up.

"I do."

"I am Colonel Xavier Anderson of 4th Division. We're supposed to be joining the 34th Division."

"You found us," said Zach, "I suggest you get your men settled down. We'll be staying here for a while."

Xavier nodded. He then turned and shouted a few orders to the American troops.

"So who are they?" Fritz asked.

"They're our American backup apparently," Zach answered, "Didn't think they'd get here so fast."

"Well, as long as nothing gets out of hand, I don't really care who they are," said Fritz.

Roberto looked over at the German soldier. His English had been fluent. Roberto was pretty sure that man was one of the Americans that had left to join one of the Allied Armies to fight the Soviets. Those people had obviously seen that the war would draw the US into it and decided to get a head start. He wasn't sure if that was the smartest of all things, but they were smart enough to see the war coming. He walked over and tapped the soldier on his shoulder.



"So where're you from?"


"How long have you been in the German Army?"

"I joined two months after the war broke out," Zach answered. One of the other soldiers said a few things in German and Zach replied in kind. Two nodded while Fritz chuckled.

"What was that?" Roberto asked.

"Warned me to keep you away from my girl," Zach said.

"Fritz! We just got called! Soviet base with some weapons project. We need to move out now!"

"All right, you heard him. Move out!"

Roberto stood there, not understanding any of the German. However, a few seconds later his commanding officer called him over and he got onto an APC. Apparently they would soon be tested in battle.

End of Chapter 11

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