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Chapter Eight

By the time Kurt arrived at Blaine's house he was seeing red. The whole drive Kurt had been lost in thought, with one voice ringing obnoxiously through his head. He's mine. It had played over and over again in his mind—her hands on Blaine, her lips on Blaine's, her eyes staring into his in such a possessive, arrogant manner. It all swam through Kurt's mind in a continuous loop, and by the time he'd reached the boy's house, Kurt was about to explode. Blaine was not hers.

After flinging himself out of the Navigator he charged up the steps, eyes focused on the door that was swinging open to reveal Blaine. Unlike earlier, the boy now wore only a white t-shirt and black sweat pants; his hair was ungelled, showing his unruly chocolate curls. His crooked smile was replaced with a look of surprise as he noticed Kurt's expression, but before he could utter a word Kurt had flung himself through the door and at Blaine, crashing their lips together in a scalding hot kiss. Blaine kicked the door shut, allowing Kurt to push him against the wall as their mouths worked together roughly, eliciting a moan from the dark-haired boy's lips.

"Jesus christ, Kurt!" Blaine gasped as the other boy trailed kisses down his neck all before nipping at the tan skin at his pulse point. Blaine hands found Kurt's side, arching into him and sending a delicious wave of tingles up both boys' spines. Kurt all but dragged Blaine to the couch, straddling the boy's lap once he'd pushed him down. Blaine moaned once more, causing Kurt to grin in satisfaction. Kurt hands slide down the boy's chest, grabbing the end of his t-shirt and prying it over his head carefully, licking his lips as a shiver wracked Blaine's body before sending gooseflesh over his skin as the cool air hit his overheated chest.

Kurt let his fingers trail lightly over Blaine's tan, muscular skin, sending a new wave of shivers over him. His finger trailed down, down to the light brush of dark hair that started at his bellybutton, his nimble fingers stopped at the boy's waistband before the sought out his perfectly sculpted hip bones, creating a perfect V shape that made his mouth water. Blaine watched Kurt's lust blown eyes take him in, unsure of whether to feel self-conscious or flattered; he settled on flattered when Kurt's mouth surged forward and met his.

"God, you are so hot when you're possessive and pissed," Blaine mumbled against Kurt's lips. The feeling of Kurt's nails biting into his hips ripped a growl from his throat and Kurt laughed lightly. "Kurt, we should slow down," Blaine added hesitantly, "I need to cool off, if you feel me."

Kurt snorted, "Oh I do," he replied bluntly when he sat back on Blaine's lap. Blaine blushed, slapping Kurt's arm lightly and pouting. Kurt put his hands up in mock surrender before sliding off the boy's lap with another chuckled. Blaine sat up next to the boy, breathing heavily and closing his eyes as Kurt continued to laugh at him.

"This is so much more difficult when you're here beside me laughing. I can't focus on anything but you, and that's not helping my… situation." Blaine told him, cracking his eyes open to look over at the blue-eyed boy beside him.

"I can leave if you want…" Kurt sassed back. He began to push himself off of the couch threateningly but was pulled back down just as quickly.

"No!" Blaine yelped, "Just—ugh," he shook his head, looking down at his lap. "I need a cold shower."

"Finn always thinks about a postal serviceman he hit while driving a few years ago…" Kurt spouted out awkwardly, blushing profusely after he did.

A bubble of laughter left Blaine's lips before he began to laugh wholeheartedly. Kurt couldn't help but join in. Seeing Blaine laugh—well, it was amazing. His eyes squinted and his nose crinkled, and a large toothy smile spread across his face. Kurt rarely got to see this—if he'd ever seen it at all—and the fact that Kurt had brought it out of him excited Kurt. As tears began to prickle in Blaine's eyes, he finally began to calm down, taking slow and deep breaths to compose himself.

"Sorry that was just—" Blaine shook his head, his eyes filled with adoration as they watched Kurt, who blushed once more. "I really like you Kurt. A lot."

Kurt smiled, "I like you a lot too, Blaine."

. . . . . . . . . .

"So you're auditioning for the musical, right?" Blaine's voice asked over the phone a week later. Currently Kurt was lying in bed, freshly out of the shower, flipping through a magazine as he talked to Blaine on the phone. It was nice, Kurt thought, having someone to talk to whenever he wanted. No matter what was happening, Blaine would answer. Unless of course he was with Rachel. Rachel had become even more possessive over the past week after the café incident. She became even clingier, demanding to spend more and more time with Blaine who, despite her demanding, refused to spend very much time with her. Kurt would be lying if he said that Blaine ignoring his calls or texts as he spent time with Rachel didn't bug him, but he understood why he did, and Blaine did call him once he was home.

Kurt was just so frustrated with sharing. He'd tried to do the friends thing with Blaine—clearly that didn't work—but Kurt hated being the "other person." He'd always hated the idea of cheating, but now, he saw it a little more clearly. Not that he was condoning cheating or anything… but like with Princess Mia and Chris Pine's character in the last Princess Diaries, they kissed when Mia was engaged to be married and it was because they're feelings were so strong for one another… he just saw how it could happen. But this wasn't just some kiss of passion—this was full-on, day-after-day, makeout-after-makeout, with-my-girlfriend-but-also-with-you for weeks kind of cheating. He knew it was because Blaine just wasn't ready to come out, but part of him felt like Blaine just didn't care enough about him to come out yet. And well—Kurt was almost positive he might be falling in love with Blaine Anderson.

Kurt sighed into the phone and put the magazine down. He hadn't really been reading it anyway, just flipping through the pages mindlessly while he talked to Blaine and thought about things. "Honestly, I don't know. I love West Side Story, but I'm no Tony… I'm an Officer Krupke as best, and I'm not sure if I can rock that," he pondered, twisting his mouth to the side and biting his lip.

"Bull! You're amazingly talented, Kurt. I would know— I've heard you sing and it's gorgeous."

"A large majority of our Glee Club would beg to differ which can be shown by my lack of solos in performances," Kurt countered.

"Yes because our Glee Club is full of geniuses who know everything. Sorry, I forgot," Blaine replied sarcastically and Kurt could practically see Blaine rolling his eyes. "Most of them wouldn't know great talent if it walked in front of them naked with a flashing sign in hand."

"Are you suggesting something?" Kurt asked making Blaine break out into a fit of laughter.

"No! I'm just proving a point. They may not see it, but I do, and I know you're amazing," Blaine told him, his laughter finally dying down.

Kurt cleared his throat awkwardly, his face flushed. "So are you auditioning then?" He asked, changing the subject.

Another chuckle came from Blaine's end of the line before he answered, "But of course… and not just because Rachel would burn me at the stake if I didn't—I really love West Side Story. You should too, Kurt; no matter what sort of part you get, it's one more thing to add to college applications, which, along with my undying love for theatre, is the main reason I do them. McKinley's performances sort of suck, but if it gets me closer to the college of my dreams then I'll do it."

Blaine had a point there… When it came to extracurricular activities, Kurt was lacking. Now was the time to be racking in the activities—he should have sooner, but better late than never, right? "Yeah," Kurt nodded before reminding himself that Blaine couldn't see him, "I need all the help I can get I suppose." A breathy, humorless laugh was the only reply. "What?" He asked.

"Kurt Hummel, when are you going to see how truly amazing and talented you are?" Kurt felt his heart stop in his chest.

Yep, he was definitely falling in love with this boy.

. . . . . . . . . .

Blaine Anderson rarely ever got nervous. So why was he now? Why was it that, as he sat in the balcony of the auditorium in secret, waiting for the next audition to take place, his whole person was shaking with nerves? It wasn't the fear of getting caught by an authority figure—sure, he wasn't supposed to be in the auditorium during other's auditions and he'd get in trouble if he were caught, but the teacher's at McKinley were far from scary, save Coach Sylvester. The worst that could happen with a teacher figuring out he was sitting in there was that he'd get kicked out.

No, he was nervous for Kurt.

Not that he thought Kurt would do anything less that amazing, he was just… nervous. He found it odd; the fact that he could go for years, auditioning for everything he could— completely calm and collected— but when it came to Kurt something inside of him shook. Blaine completely forgot about himself and focused in on Kurt, felt what Kurt felt, hoped for what Kurt hoped for. Blaine didn't even care if he got a part in the musical, all he cared about was Kurt making it and being happy. He'd never felt that way before, not even with Rachel. Sure, Blaine usually put others before himself, but never like this. This was different in some way—stronger.

After minutes of silently waiting, listening to the low, barely audible consulting between the audition holders below, Blaine heard footsteps. He sat up straighter, allowing his head to peek up over the edge of the balcony to get a better view of the stage, a large smile forming on his face when he saw Kurt. Blaine wanted so badly to call to Kurt, to tell him he'd be amazing, that he was amazing, but instead he crossed his fingers and took a breath. He watched as Kurt took center stage, inhaling a deep and calming breath as the "judges" (as if he'd actually call them that; It was only Artie, Couch Beiste, and Ms. Pillsbury) finished up their conversation and gave them his full attention.

Once all eyes were settled on him, Kurt smiled confidently and introduced himself (something he'd spent hours upon hours rehearsing every night leading up to his audition—though he'd never admit it). "Hello, I'm Kurt Hummel and I will be auditioning for the part of—"

Do it Kurt, do it. Please. Be strong. Courage. Blaine coaxed internally, hoping the boy decided to take a leap of faith and audition for Tony.

"Tony," Blaine could barely hold in the chuckle of pride and relief as he heard this. He wanted Kurt to see what he saw, and even if he didn't, he was still trying. That's all Blaine could ask for.

Artie, who was appointed to direct the musical, nodded, "Begin when you're ready, Mr. Hummel."

Blaine scoffed internally. Don't get him wrong— Artie was awesome— but Blaine couldn't help but think maybe Artie was taking his position a little too seriously? Blaine quickly shrugged the thought off though as he saw Kurt motion for the music to begin, which is when Blaine noticed the set up off to the side of the stage.

"I will be singing the seminal Broadway classic "I'm the Greatest Star" from Funny Girl," Kurt added before the music began to play. As the music played and Kurt sang his solo perfectly, climbing and dancing through a unique routine, Blaine felt his heart soar. It was all so Kurt and so—so perfect. As the song came to a closer and Kurt took his bow, Blaine barely contained himself from clapping profusely. Blaine snuck out of the auditorium as Artie began to speak, Kurt meeting him out in the hallway moments later with a giant smile on his face.

"So did I do well?" Kurt grinned.

Blaine laughed, "How'd you know I was in there?"

"You suck at being sneaky," Kurt teased.

"Blaine Anderson!" Artie's voice rang from the auditorium.

"I think Artie's taking his job a little too seriously," Blaine's joked. "Wish me luck," he said, running a hand down Kurt's arm before entering the auditorium.

Kurt sighed, smile still intact, and leaned against the wall, "Good luck."

When the door to the auditorium closed, a hand wrapped around Kurt's arm, pulling him down a side hallway and away from the door before pinning him to the wall. A hand shot out over his mouth just as a scream escaped, muffling the sound to a mere "hmmph!" Kurt's eyes shot open wide with fear, meeting the hard gaze of none other than Dave Karofsky.

"Shut up!" He demanded and Kurt quieted instantly. The hand that had covered his mouth fell, wrapping around his other arm to help pin his struggling body to the wall. His mind flashed back to the last time he'd been in this sort of position, the images making his heart rate spike with fear. "Stop fucking squirming and listen, Hummel, or else."

Kurt stopped hesitantly, hoping Blaine would hurry and come to his rescue. Once he was completely silent and still, Dave spoke. "You haven't said anything have you? A-about last time?" Under Karofsky's initial hostile, hard, furious gaze was a deep fear. He was scared that Kurt would out him.

"No, I didn't say anything," Kurt reassured him, understanding filling his voice. There was a slight glimmer of a thankful look in David's eyes before it was replaced with his usual tough look. "I don't believe in outing a person, David."

"Good. Say anything and you're dead. If I hear that you told anyone I will fucking kill you." With that, Karofsky's hands retracted and he gave one more small shove to Kurt's shoulder before walking quickly down the hallway and out of sight, leaving Kurt's heart in his throat and his body trembling.

Say anything and you're dead. If I hear that you told anyone I will fucking kill you.