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Below you'll find the first (short) chapter to my first (hopefully long) FanFic. It grew from two ideas: What if Chuck got the Intersect a day later? and What if Chuck hadn't stopped the first bomb? I realised these two ideas could be merged, and thus Chuck vs the Eagle Commander came into being!
I'm planning to always have short chapters, because I'm quite a slow writer and I think it's better to get a small chapter often, rather than a big chapter barely ever. The first handful of chapters will follow the first episode, and after that... well, things will get a little bit different :)

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"Do we really have to have this conversation again?"

Ellie smiled. "We've rehearsed it enough."

"Fine, I'll... get over Jill tomorrow," replied Chuck as he stood up, leaving Ellie sitting by the fountain alone. She sighed, staring after her little brother. Sometimes he seems like he could be president, then other times it's like he thinks himself worthless. She crossed her left arm under her right before resting her chin on her free hand.

After a few moments, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"You alright, babe?" Devon, her boyfriend she'd met years ago when they were both in Medical School, took a seat and put a comforting arm around her. Ellie leaned onto his shoulder.

She gave a sad smile, even though she knew Devon couldn't see it. "When is he going to realise that he's worth something?"

Chuck pushed open the door of his room, looking forward to some classic digital escapism: Gears of War, maybe Call of Duty. As he stepped in, Morgan quickly straightened up from next to Chuck's computer with a guilty look hiding behind his beard.

"H-hey Chuck."

Chuck raised an eyebrow. "Whatcha doing there, buddy?"

"Here? Just... looking at your computer. It's nice. Fancy. Is it new or-"

"Morgan, two things. One, there's no way I'd leave the promo copy of Eagle Commander in the disc drive. And two, the copy on my hard drive is protected behind the famous Bartowski firewall. You'll just have to wait until next week, like the rest of the gaming world."

Mock surprise covered his best friend's face, and Morgan's voice rose by an octave or two. "It was you that Big Mike gave the promo copy to? I had no idea. And the suggestion that I'd be trying to steal it..." Morgan scoffed, "Frankly, that is offensive."

Chuck rolled his eyes and flopped onto his bed, face down. He heard Morgan power up the Xbox before sliding a chair into his preferred gaming position.

"Co-op?" Morgan waved the second controller in the air. "We've still got more Locust scum to destroy."

Although he'd been looking forward to carving up some digital flesh, Chuck didn't feel that he now had the energy. As soon as he'd hit his bed, the night's escapades seemed to fall on top of him. He grunted a negative into his pillow. After a few minutes of silence – punctuated with bursts of gunfire and screams of agony – Chuck flipped over, knowing that his mind wouldn't shut up until he talked about it.

"So Ellie had a chat with me..."

"Cheer up, Chuck. You can talk to some women, y'know. It's a start."

Chuck knew Morgan was trying to help, but he'd never really found his best friend's counseling to be all that effective. Actually, it was usually safest to ignore it. He rubbed his tired eyes to try bring the TV screen back into focus.


Morgan glanced over at the computer. "Wow. Blast-from-the-past wow. Bryce remembered your birthday, dude."

"What?" mumbled Chuck as he turned towards his computer. Did Morgan just say Bryce?

"The guy who got you kicked out of school, the guy who stole your girl, remember that guy?"

Oh actually, I'd totally forgotten about the guy who ruined my life, he thought. That happens sometimes when you have an awesome life like mine.

"Yeah, Morgan. I think I remember Bryce."

"Alright well, what uh, what have we got here?" Morgan stumbled over his words as he abandoned the digital world for the real. Discarding his controller, Morgan hurriedly stood up and peered over Chuck's shoulder as the latter took a seat at the computer desk. Attached to the email was a single file: Stanford, with the weird .zrk file extension. Chuck double-clicked on it.

The words 'The terrible troll raises his sword' appeared on top of a black screen.

"What is it?" Morgan sounded confused.

"Zork," replied Chuck, as memories came crawling back to him. "Remember Zork, the old text-based video game? Well Bryce and I programmed our own version of it back at Stanford using a TRS-80."

"Wow, you guys were really cool." Morgan's voice implied that they were anything but, though Chuck didn't seem to hear.

"Yeah... If I could only remember what was in my hero's satchel." At this, Morgan swung his head round to look at his friend. "The weapons that I would use to kill the terrible troll," Chuck replied to his wordless look.

"Ri-ight. Y'know what, you're still really cool."

"And you're going home."

"Is it that time?"

"It's that time."

One of the good things about Morgan, Chuck thought, is that he'll leave when asked.

"I've still, uh, got to save the world," replied Morgan, finger pointing towards the Xbox as his eyes darted down to Chuck's hard drive. OK, maybe he doesn't know how to take a hint.

Chuck peered at Morgan's sweaty face. "You all right, buddy?"

Morgan gave a nervous laugh. "Great, just great... I wa- Aahh! Look over there!" He pointed towards the open window in the corner of Chuck's room, which Morgan usually preferred to use as a door. Chuck raised an eyebrow, not even bothering to turn around. Morgan returned his look with a weak smile. "Worth a shot?"

Chuck opened his mouth to reply when Morgan suddenly bent down and snatched something which had been hidden around the back of the computer. A cord was left dangling from the USB plug. The Zork game closed and a small bubble popped up on screen: 'This disk was not ejected properly.'

As Chuck glanced at the screen, Morgan took off towards the door.

"See you tomorrow, Chuck!"

"Morgan!" cried Chuck, "Big Mike will kill me! Don't play that game!"

"No promises!" Morgan's voice faded into the distance as the front door slammed shut. Chuck sighed and ran his hands over his face. Well, he thought, I'd better find out what damage has been done.

It only took a few minutes to uncover a nifty little program which had avoided most of Chuck's security by creating a clone of his entire hard drive, rather than trying to open individual files or locations. He had to admit that he was impressed. And so, obviously, Morgan hadn't been working alone. Chuck would have to have some strong words to Jeff and Lester tomorrow about privacy and stealing.

Chuck toyed with the idea of opening Bryce's email again and playing through some Zork, for old time's sake; he was even pretty sure of what had been in his satchel. But his eyes were drooping and the alarm was set to go off in less than 5 hours. It'll still be there tomorrow night, he thought to himself as he switched off the light.