A/N: This is just a poem that I wrote up to describe the emotional tensions between Anna and Elsa.

Disclaimer: I do not own Frozen or any of it's characters.

Anna is in regular.
Elsa is italicized.

The sky is awake, so I'm awake.
Breathing is a quiet thing
like the echo of the stars scraping
their existence across the abyss
of space as the lights sing above me
and the snow falls around me.
But wasn't that a dream, the
ghost of a nightmare?

Don't let them in, don't let them see
the panic that is setting in,
the Fibonacci spirals of ice spreading
from my exposed nerves.
A small knock.
A small voice.
A large request.
Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know
your pain. Keep the terror on a tight leash
don't let the fear eat you alive,
the nightmare slowly gnawing your bones to dust.

He's perfect in every way.
There is nothing wrong with him
with his true love for me.
We will be together forever
our marriage a testament to our spoken vows.
So why, dear sister, why must you hate him?
What do you know of true love?
No, I will keep this until you answer me.
Answer me!

No, don't panic.
Don't let them see.
Don't feel the magic slip
through your fingertips.
The monster has been released.

The chill is deeper than the snow
falling on the ground.
It is the breath of the ghost
the nightmare raising its head
again to stare me in my frozen eye.
And it is my fault.
Gather my horse, gather my courage
I must fight this winter coming
onto my kingdom and onto my heart.

I don't feel cold, either inside or out.
I feel... free.
Free of the terror
free of the panic
free of the nightmare that I had been chained to.
Free of Anna's frozen eye and white hair
the mistakes I made.
I can let the monster go
Nothing can touch me
goddess of the frost and wind.
I am free!

Sister, sister, listen.
I am sorry, I didn't know.
Please stop
please take back your monster
your nightmare.
I'm scared.

I'm frozen, fragile.
The smallest sound will shatter me.
I was never free
the monster is chained to me.
I can never be rid of it
its hate filled eyes pulling me down
and suffocating me beneath the earth.

A singe shard in the heat of the moment.
A single wave and the winter grips me tighter.
I run, a behemoth of snow and ice
embodying my sisters grief and furry
chasing me down the mountain.

They have come for me.
Come to kill me.
Don't let them see.
Don't feel
as you pin one to a wall
and push the other to death.
Am I a monster?
Am I THE monster
the monster that stalks my nightmares
the thing I am chained to
the fear I struggle with.
The cold is slowly seeping into my heart.

All I am is cold. So cold.
They say that I need true love
to break the spell.
A kiss? The kiss.
I don't remember returning
only that it was cold.

These are appropriate for what I am.
I now know that I am the monster
the monster I spent my life hiding.
I deserve death.
But why does death scare me so much?
All I
the monster and the human
want is to be free.
Be free.

My love, what are you saying
what are you implying?
My brain must be moving slow
because of the cold.
why are you killing the fire?
It is so cold, you are going to kill me.
Stop, please.


There is another way.
There is another person.


Wait for me, my true love.
Wait, so that our love can save us
from the winter in our kingdom and
the ice shard in my heart.

I am desperate
terror and pain now overflowing my senses.
This nightmare is raising to a terrifying climax
all of the monster is screaming as
cold hard iron is raised against me
a just sentence.
Someone screams and the iron sword
is shattered by an ice hand.


Sister, sister, I have done this to you.
And yet you saved me
not just from the sword
but from the ice in my own heart.

Sister, sister, why are you crying on me?
What is this warmth filling me despite
the snow and ice blowing around us?
You have the key to save your-
no, our kingdom
and you are the hero of the story.
The nightmare has been banished
to the dark and it cannot touch
anything that touches love.
The true love we share for each other.