Chapter 1: Gwen's Cousin

Zack, Spence and Cam are in the science lab. Spence is trying to figure out why Zack hasn't attracted anything paranormal lately. Gwen comes up to them. "Hey guys guess what" she says. They look at her. "My cousin is coming for the week," says Gwen. " What's her name?" asks Zack. "Alison, you should like her Spencer she believes in paranormal stuff to" "Really" says Spence. " She should be here soon," says Gwen. A few minutes later a girl walks in. She is wearing a purple long sleeve shirt with jeans. Her shoulder length brown hair is pulled back with a headband. "Gwen" she says. "Ally, how was your flight?" says Gwen hugging her cousin. "Pretty boring" says Alison. "This is Zack, Spencer and Cam" "Hi" says Alison. "I've got to go, can Alison hang with you guys for a while?" says Gwen. "Sure" says Zack. "Will you be alright?" Gwen asks Alison. "I'll be fine," says Alison. Gwen walks away. "So your Cam, I've herd a lot about you," says Alison. " Good things or bad things?" asks Cam. "I can't tell," says Alison " but I wouldn't worry about it". Cam smiles. "You want to go talk some where?" Spence asks Alison. "Sure" says Alison smiling. ********************************************************

Spence and Alison are sitting on the stairs just inside the school. "Your really lucky to know someone like Zack, someone who attracts paranormal stuff. " says Alison. Spence smiles. "Your even lucky to have Cam, all my friends refused to hang out with me when they found out I was into paranormal stuff" says Alison. "Really" says Spence. "Yeah. My parents are Catholics and they got mad at me when they found a book about ghosts in my room. So they sent me here for the week" says Alison. The bell rings. " I have to go to class," says Spence. "I'll just look around then," says Alison. *************************************************************** Alison is waiting by Spence's locker. Vernon walks up to her. "Hello" he says. "Hi" says Alison. Zack, Spence and Cam walk up to them, "get lost vermin" says Zack. "Shut up Greenberg" says Vernon. " I'm Vernon," he says to Alison. "Alison" says Alison. "May I call you Ally?" asks Vernon. "No I hate the name," says Alison. "Well anyway I'm having a party tonight and the whole school is invited, and I would be honed if you would come" Says Vernon. "I'll think about it," says Alison. "Are you guys going?" asks Alison. "Yeah, got nothing better to do" says Cam. Gwen comes over to them. "Gwen, are we going to go to Vernon's party?" asks Alison. "Yeah, if we don't we will have to hang out with my parents all night" says Gwen. "I have to get home, but I'll see you there" says Spence. "Bye" says Alison.