Chapter 2: Vernon's party

Gwen and Alison are getting ready for Vernon's party. "So what do you think of my friends?" asks Gwen. "There nice, Cam's pretty cute, Spence is sweet, I didn't really get to talk to Zack" says Alison brushing her hair. "Here Al try this on" says Gwen handing Alison a cute black dress.

Zack, Cam and Spence are in Zack's room getting ready. "So, how much do you think this party will suck?" asked Zack. " I think it will be fine," said Spence. " I'd rather drink toilet water," said Zack. " Then why are we going?" asked Cam. "Well I'm going because my dad is making me, Spence is going so he can flirt with Alison, and your going so you can flirt with Gwen" said Zack.

"Why didn't you ask Sarah to go with you?" asked Cam. " I did but, she already had plans to bake with her grandma," said Zack. Mr. Greenberg walks in "you guys ready?" "Almost" said Zack. "I'm going down to the car, hurry up!" said Mr. Greenberg.

At the party the guys spotted Gwen and Alison. "Hi guys," said Gwen. "Hi, I'm going to get drinks anybody want anything?" asked Cam. "I'll help you," said Gwen. Cam and Gwen walk off to the refreshment table. " So, who could see that combing?" asked Alison. Zack and Spence raised their hands. " What's wrong Zack?" asked Alison. " Nothing" said Zack glumly. "You want to dance?" asked Spence. "Sure" Said Alison. Spence and Alison go on to the dance floor. " So Greenberg everyone is having fun except you" said Vernon mockingly. " I'm going home," said Zack. Spence looks over and sees Zack walking out the door. "Is he okay?" asked Alison. Gwen and Cam walk over to them. "Where's Zack going?" asks Gwen. "He's probably bored, Sarah couldn't make come," said Cam. "I'm going to go get him," said Gwen. " I'll go to," said Spence. " We'll be right back," said Gwen.

"Come on Zack" said Gwen. " Honestly what is there for me to do in there?" asked Zack. " Zack what's wrong with you?" asks Spence. " Sarah might be moving in with her grandma," said Zack. " O" said Gwen. " If she leaves this is what my life is going to be like" said Zack. " No it won't be, there will be other girls," said Spence. " I'll go get Cam and Alison and we'll all go get a pizza," said Gwen. " You guys don't have to leave," said Zack. " I'm sure everyone will be more then happy to leave this pathetic excuse for a party" said Spence.