A/N: SM owns Twilight. This is an idea that's been in my head for a while and I thought it would make a nice Christmas story. The story is complete and only nine chapters long. I hope you enjoy it. I had a lot of fun writing it.

Chapter 1 - I'll be home


"Edward Cullen, I swear if you do not get on a flight and come home for Christmas this year I will load up this family and we will descend upon you wherever it is you've chosen to hide from us this year. Then I will call every teen magazine I can find and I will offer them a Christmas interview with you and your family. Do I make myself clear young man?"


"Ma, stop it. There's no need for idle threats. I'll be home this year, I promise. I just have to get a flight organised. I'll call you with all the flight details once I've sorted it all out. Just calm down."

"Don't tell me to calm down Edward. You haven't been home for Christmas in over three years and we are not making it four in a row, do you hear me? And that was no idle threat. I was your publicist for the first two years of your career, I know exactly how to make you life miserable so do not let me down. I want my family together for Christmas so you are going to get on that flight or be prepared for all hell to break loose on you."

Double fuck. I knew that tone, she meant it.

"I'll get there, ma. I promise."

How the fuck was that going to happen. I'd already let Tanya go home to her family yesterday as I had planned to hide out here and wait for the whole Christmas disaster to wash over me. I hadn't planned to step foot out of my house until New Year's day. It was just safer that way. I fucking hated Christmas. Hated it. Fuck.

I pulled out my laptop and sat on my couch. Okay how to do this? I'd look for a flight with the least likely number of people on it to minimise the drama.

Okay, so I managed to book a flight out of LAX at 9.30 pm which would get in to Seattle at just after midnight - perfect. There was only a small number of first class seats available so I booked them all under my travel name, Anthony Masen.

I picked up my phone and called Tanya. "Edward? Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, sorry to call you on your holiday Tanya. I am heading home to Seattle for Christmas after all and I've just booked flights on a late night flight tonight but I need to inform airport security that I'll be coming through at both LA and Seattle airport but I don't have that number. Sorry."

"Edward... you're going home for Christmas?"

"Yeah, Ma called and she's pretty pissed that I cancelled on her again. She threatened to drag the whole family here tomorrow and to call some paps to give a Christmas interview."

Tanya was laughing hysterically at that point. Yuck it up at my expense. Go ahead. "Yeah, yeah, very funny. Anyway she sounded like she meant it so I thought I'd better get on a flight and suck it up for a family Christmas."

She finally stopped laughing, "Oh Edward. It won't be that bad. You'll live, I promise. Anyway, I sent all your gifts last week so you only need to take yourself and some clothes. I will call the airports and let them know you'll be coming through. Do you need a car to pick you up in Seattle? You remembered to book the tickets under Masen didn't you? Did you manage to book out first class?"

"Yeah, all done. No need for a car, my family will be there believe me. There were already some seats booked in first class so I couldn't book out the whole section but I took what was left. Thanks for calling security. I hope you have a lovely time with your family, I bet Alec and Jane are getting spoiled by your parents. You brought the gifts from me didn't you?"

"Of course, I did, thank you Edward. You are too generous. For someone who hates Christmas you certainly love to give gifts."

I chuckled, "Well with Demetri away in Afghanistan I think you and your children deserve extra special Christmas attention. Thanks for your help Tan. I have to go pack a bag because apparently I'll be home for Christmas."

She chuckled, "Merry Christmas Edward."

I sent a text to my mother with my flight details, went to my room, packed a bag and then headed down to my car to drive to the airport.

As I drove to the airport, my mind drifted back to the family Christmases of my childhood. It seems ridiculous to say it was always my favourite time of year as a kid because of course for kids it is such a wonderful time. Santa brings gifts, the house is decorated, christmas lights on the houses, delicious food and family. I had such happy memories. Every year my mother and father would do something to make it really special for each of us.

That's why it hurt my family but my mother especially that I refused to come home for Christmas the past few years. I couldn't expect them to understand, they didn't know. None of them knew.