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A boy the age of five bounded into the room closely followed by Grandpa Res. The ever-moving bundle of energy was, unfortunately for her, her younger brother Troy, and she had long ago given up on trying to catch up to him. He never managed to sit in one spot for long unless it concerned food. From which no one could drag him away.

Looking from her brother to the rest of her family spread out before her caused her to sigh in happiness. She did love the holidays, and right now was her favorite part of Christmas. After all the food had been eaten and all the presents had been gifted. When they just sat around enjoying each other company and showering her and Troy with a flow of never ending attention.

She looked at her mother and father huddled in a corner of the large room, surrounded by Christmas decorations and mistletoe. They gave the impression of two newly weds who were unaware of anyone else's presence in the room other than each other's. Though they had been married for nearly eight years now, their love for each other had only grown. Although she did shake her head at the thought of their well known fights. Her mother was a hotheaded woman and her father was a very stubborn man, and while she knew they loved each other immeasurably she couldn't help but eye roll at the fact that everyone knew that they loved to make up after said fights.

Speaking of, her fathers had tenderly covering her mothers stomach was a tell tale sign of good news soon to come. Her other Grandfather did always say she was too perceptive for her own good. A trait she got from him her mother always said after that particular thought was said out loud.

Turning to look at her Grandfather, she couldn't help but notice the casual hand on Aunt Meera's knee, which was something new. Well not entirely, she knew that something had been going on between them for a while now but they never showed any outward displays of affection towards each other. Usually just a tense and awkward atmosphere clouded around them, which she couldn't for the life of her understand no matter how much she tried. The answering hand that came to land on his to intertwine their fingers together made her smile at them both. It was about time.

She apparently wasn't the only one that noticed.

"Finally. I had money riding on that," Uncle Coop said, nodding his head towards her Grandfathers direction as he spoke to Aram behind her.

She smiled knowingly but continued her perusal of the room. This was her favorite pastime, to watch and observe. She hated being the center of attention, preferring to give that honor to Troy who strived for it. According to her father she would be an excellent spy in the FBI when she grew up. Which usually resulted in him being slapped upside the head from her mother for "Putting ridiculous ideas in her head" and a scoff and "Over my dead body" from her Grandfather.

She had long ago learned to take the banter that went on between her father and Grandfather Red in good faith. She had heard stories from both men about the other, and while some seemed so far fetched that she was adamant they weren't true, they were told in such detail and with such respect that she couldn't help but believe that deep down they actually really liked each other. No matter how much they fought to make everyone believe otherwise. Not that either of them would ever voice the opinion out loud.

As the night drew to a close Troy bounced away from his position by their mother and father and crawled into her lap. While he usually moved like a zigzag to whatever caught his interest in that current moment, she knew he loved to cuddle with her when he was beginning to get tired. She wrapped him up in her small arms cradling his head with her shoulder. Looking around the room again she knew that everyone that she loved was present and it warmed her heart. She vowed to herself that when she grew up she would do anything in her power to protect them. And whether it be with the traditional route of the FBI or CIA, or a more unconventional path following in the footsteps of her Grandfather, she would use everything at her disposal to keep the ones she loved safe.

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