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The house was beautiful.

It was a house of truth. For the first time in his life, Jack had no masks to wear, no secrets to keep, no lies to tell.

Truth brought freedom. 17 years of guilt and pain disappeared as the memories of Sydney and Michael could finally be honored. Bianca no longer had to split her loyalty and her love. She no longer cried ever night, the shadows of mystery and doubt in her life lifted, turned to sunshine and incredible love.

The dark memory of Arvin Sloane slowly receded, replaced with joyful stories of Sydney and Michael and long lazy days on the beach.

Emily and Bianca mourned, for the lost years and for the man they thought they loved.

Bianca was solaced by the heroism of her parents, and the love they had displayed until the very end.

Emily found comfort in the acceptance that Arvin Sloane was two different men, and also in the happiness of Jack and Bianca. They were an unconventional family, but a family nonetheless. The love Sydney and Michael shared for one another, for Bianca, and the sacrifice they made for that love, became a guide and light for the three.

Darkness and death had not won.

Summer found the three in France. Three people, three last names, one family.

Jack called Michael's mother. She would not see her son buried by the CIA like her husband, so she never learned of Sydney or Bianca.

So now, standing on the front porch of Michael's childhood home, a final step in the reuniting of a family was made.

For Emily, this was a strengthening of a bond she had come to share with this family.

For Jack, this was an homage to Michael Vaughn, a man that had loved and given everything to Sydney. A man that he loved and respected. It was a final nod to Sydney, the daughter he loved more than life.

And for Bianca, a beginning. The beginning of discovery, of learning who her parents really were.

She longed to know them, to see them, to hug them. But through photographs and memories, she found the answers that had so long eluded her.

Kneeling down, she placed her hands upon the stones of the walkway where her father so long ago ran and played. The link was completed.

And finally, Bianca Marie Vaughn knew who she was.