The doctor scribbled something down onto his clipboard and looked back up at me. "Would you mind answering some questions for the authorities?" I shook my head. I didn't care anymore. Gamzee should be known for what he's done. I don't care if he's put away for life. "Alright. They're outside right outside waiting to know if it'd be okay to talk to you."

I nodded and ran my good hand over my broken hand, the rough feeling of the cast running over my fingers. I broke my wrist once as a child. I was only three or four years old when I fell off a porch. Kankri had to call our father and then I had to go to the hospital to get a cast. But I have a feeling this cast is going to be on a lot longer than a couple weeks.

"I'll go get them then," he said kindly before leaving. I sighed and ran a hand down my chest. I winced and felt pain shoot through me. I looked down and lifted my shirt up, seeing all the bandages wrapped around my chest. I ran my hand gently over then. I could just barely feel the stitches under them. Probably from when they had to fix my ribs. I heard the door open again and I quickly pulled my shirt back down.

I gulped as I saw two police officers walk in. A woman and a man. The woman had long black hair and large glasses on. She also had a sling for one of her arms. She honestly looked scary. The man had dark colored skin and black hair that seemed greasy and fell to his shoulders. He also was wearing a pair of cracked sunglasses and had a rather big body build. Both were intimidating.

"Hello, Karkat," the woman said, smiling. Though her smile wasn't as comforting as she probably planned. "I'm officer Serket and my partner officer Zahhak. Do you mind if we ask some questions?"

I shook my head. "No, I don't mind."

"Mr. Vantas, do you by any chance know a Sollux Captor?" Zahhak asked. I gulped hard, feeling my heart churn. What does he have to do with anything? I slowly nod. "Well, he has been a victim to Mr. Makara also. Thankfully his brother was able to stop Gamzee before he did anything too lethal."

I felt my stomach lurch. What does he mean? Sollux's brother had to stop Gamzee? Was he that bad? Why? How?!

"Are you alright, Karkat?" Serket asked rather calmly.

I took a deep breath. "How is he..?" I asked quietly, clenching my hands not looking up at the officers.

"He's in surgery right now," Zahhak said simply. "They're not sure how he'll be in the end, but he'll live."

I bit my bottom lip hard, I could taste blood in my mouth and pain shot through my lip. So Gamzee tried killing someone? No, not someone. It was Sollux. I could feel tears prick at my eyes. No! No crying! Stop it!

"Karkat," Serket said quickly, pulling a chair over next to my bed and sitting in it "would you be okay to tell us what happened with you? What Gamzee did?"

I nodded slowly. "B-But first," I said quickly, my voice cracking as my tears rolled over my cheeks "what was Sollux like when he came into the hospital?" I could hear Zahhak gulp. I looked at him with my red tear filled eyes. "Tell me… Please."

Zahhak sighed and turned his head away from me. "He had a lot of broken bones. He had lost a lot of blood and seemed to have been blinded. He suffered from an extreme concussion and internal bleeding."

I bit my tongue hard, the metallic taste of blood filling my mouth. "O-Okay," I said in a whisper. "I'll answer whatever you want…" I don't care about Gamzee anymore. All I care about is that Gamzee can't hurt me or Sollux anymore and that Sollux is going to be okay in the end.


The next hour or so was filled with me answering questions and sniffling down any tears. Some of their questions seemed pointless though, but I answered them anyway.

I really didn't care what they did to Gamzee. I hope he's locked up though. They told me they can get a restraining order form for me to fill out. I told them that that wouldn't be necessary.

Now I was lying on the cot listening to the doctor telling me about how long I was going to be in here and what I'll have to take care of myself when I leave.

"You should be able to leave within two or three weeks. Once you leave, for the next week or so no showers. Clean all your wounds with warm water and a soft cloth. After they've healed more, you can shower with a bag or something over your cast. Speaking of your cast, it may take 5 months until it can be removed. Your bandages on your chest should be changed every night before you sleep and… that seems to be all for now." He smiled kindly and I smiled back.

He nodded and got up to leave. I watched as he left the room, leaving me alone. I sighed. 'When I get out'… Where will I go. Sollux would still be in here by then so I can't just stay with him, and there's no way the management for the motel will want me or Gamzee back there. I closed my eyes and sighed again.

I guess I'll just cross that bridge when I get to it…

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