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He lowered his face to her flesh, and slowly lapped at her womanhood. All the time he stared up at her from between her legs. He wanted to see every expression she made as his tongue brushed over her clitoris. Waves of pleasure flowed through Nami's body. Her chest rising and falling harder now with the new attention her Captain was giving her.

She looked down at him, and saw his hungry eyes on her. He looked so different from the boy she remembered. He really was a man now, and she needed him, desperately. No longer able to bear the light sensual movements of his tongue, she fisted both her hands in his hair and roughly ground herself against his face. Heated moans escaped her lips now, her orgasm building quickly inside her.

Luffy, unable to fight is need for her any longer, retracted his tongue and pulled his face away from her. He could see the disappointment in her eyes, she was so close to her climax, but he wanted to give it to her. He wanted to be inside her when she quivered with ecstasy. He planted hot kisses on her stomach as he made his way up her body. Pausing for a few moments longer at her breasts, nibbling and sucking her nipples, before continuing up to her collarbone. He stopped there, just out of her reach, so she couldn't kiss him, their breath mingling for a moment.

Luffy positioned the head of his penis at her opening. Nami tried to push herself down on him, she wanted him inside her, but he moved refusing to let her control the situation. He kissed the length of her collarbone, trailed his tongue up her neck, and then bit her earlobe. At the same time he pushed himself inside her, to the hilt. Nami threw her head back, and tilted her hips up towards him.

"Fuck me, Luffy." She demanded through ragged breaths. He wasted no time after listening to her command, and began to move in and out of her at a steady pace. Nami rotated her hips to match the thrusts of her captain. Her orgasm building again. 'Fuck' was the only word she could discern from Luffy, his other noises were breathy grunts, made with every thrust. The orange haired woman raked her nails along her captains back, when ...

"Nami-swaaaan~" Sounded in the distance.

Both Captain and navigator halted all movement, as both their hearts skipped a beat. Luffy positioned his face directly over her, and just looked at her, as if asking what he should do. Nami clenched herself around him and said, "Best be quick." Luffy laughed for a second, then continued where he left off. This time he moved with a lot more vigour. Both eager to get the release they desperately needed from one and other.

It only took a few more powerful thrusts for that liquid fire to spread throughout Nami's body, and she began to convulse around him in pure ecstasy. Moments later Luffy spilled his seed within her, trying to control his groan as his did. He collapsed on top of her. Resting his forehead on hers, he just looked into her eyes while trying to regulate his breathing.

"Nami-swaaaan!" The pair heard again. A little louder than last time. Luffy and Nami jumped out of bed, and scrambled to find where their clothes had been dropped on the floor in the heat of their passion. Both of them hurried to redress. Once fully clothed, Nami and Luffy just looked at each other, smiled, then broke out into hysterical laughter.

After regaining their composure, Luffy kissed his navigator affectionately on the lips, and said "Let's go." with a smile. Nami went to follow her captain out of the room, but not before turning round to see the area where she'd been with Luffy. She looked at her bed, pictured what had previously happened within in. Then realised what I mess it was. She quickly straightened her covers, then left the room to rejoin her Nakama.

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