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Black family

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Chapter 35

"Good morning Miss Black." A voice greeted Alya.

Rubbing her eyes, she sat up from the comfortable bed before looking around the room. It was elegant but also quite unfamiliar.

"Where am I?" Turning her head, Alya found an older woman sitting in a chair next to her. The immaculately dressed dark-haired, olive skin woman gave off an elegant air about her that Alya would hope one day to possess.

"A good question, dear child, what do you remember?"

Alya frowned, suddenly remembering and frantically started to look around for her wand.

"I see you remembered."

With no wand insight, she sat back with a sigh.

"I was kidnapped. By you?" Alya questioned.

"Hecate no, although I have been accused of many things, I have never kidnapped a young woman for nefarious purposes."

"Nefarious purposes?" Alya frowned, "So you're not one of Voldemort's supporters?"

"Hardly," she said dryly.

A whimper made her turn the other way only to find a young woman lying on the floor in the corner of the room.

"Is that Evanora Nott? So this is some scheme contrived by Mortimer Nott to get me to marry into his family." Rolling her eyes, she slumped back on the bed.

"I believe that to be the case, although not very smart but then again from what I know of this family, not too surprising."

"I got careless."

"You did. You still trust people, not your fault, you're still young."

Deciding to leave that alone, she gave one look at Evanora before turning back to the mysterious woman.

"I'm sorry; you have me at a disadvantage. Who are you?"

"Oh, dear, where are my manners. Since we have corresponded several times recently I feel as if I already know you. My name is Orebella Grimaldi, daughter of the House of Este."

"I see." She really didn't. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Miss Grimaldi, although I wish it were under better circumstances." Alya smiled at the dark witch, her presence in the room already adding to what could have been a terrifying situation. Still might be.

Evanora Nott whimpered again.

With a frown, the dark witch turned to the girl. "Silence child, your betters are talking, or shall I give you something really to whimper about."

"Ah, yes, elegant and terrifying." Alya thought.

"Not that I am unhappy meeting you, Miss Grimaldi, although I was looking forward to visiting Greece, why are you here now?

"Oh, please call me Orebella, child, or maybe someday, mother." She smiled wistfully.

"Alright, then please call me Alya." She was now totally confused. "Also, I believe I need to understand what is going on first. I assume I am in a home owned by the Nott family?"

"That is correct. Well, child, you seem to have gathered some interesting and rather powerful enemies."

Alya tried hard not to wince, then again, it's nothing new.

"Oh, don't misunderstand me. I'm impressed. It's actually rather ironic in several ways that they contacted me. The Nott family from what I understand had plans, potions, rituals, and the like to turn your into a proper wife."

"Rituals," Alya whispered.

"Yes, they contact me in the hope I could assist them in their endeavors." The older woman shrugged, before giving the woman on the floor a stern look.

"Well, I would think." Alya started then stopped herself.

Orebella laughed. "I see my reputation precedes me. It's well deserved." She then turned thoughtful. "When that bástardos Grindelwald murdered my Alessandro, I will admit I went a little mad. They called me the 'Mad Healer' for some time until they gave me other names. Did you know that Wadi'ah Kartel is an old acquaintance of mine?"

"Truly, no, I didn't know that."

"Oh, yes, we used to hunt Nazis together. Razim said they were a gift that kept on giving."

Alya couldn't help but give an unladylike snort.

"It's true; unfortunately, they didn't approve of the plans I had for those we captured. A bit of a falling out, such is life." She shrugged then smiled. "Enough about my past, let's talk about your future, yes?"

"Alright." Unfortunately, she knew the rescue would not come without a cost.

"Everything in life comes with a cost child," Orebella said softly.

Alya nodded, realizing she had said that out loud.

"Oh good, we have an understanding. Alya, we both have delved into ancient magics in search of our dreams. My journey began when I promised myself that no one would suffer like I did after my husband's murder, no matter the cost. But now I wish to protect both my family and my legacy."

Part of her could understand Orebella reasoning, if not her methods. "I am already apprenticed to Wadi'ah."

"Of course, and I would not wish to stand in your way. No, I believe that a union of our two families would be a wonderful start. And afterward, I will teach you everything I know."

"So, who am I marrying?" Alya said without emotion.

"My grandson Layland." The dark witch smiled softly. "He's such a sweet dear and smart too. He became a Potions Master right out of school."

Fearing the worst, she asked. "May I ask your grandson's age?"

"Not much older than you. "Orebella gave her an understanding smile. "I told you he was brilliant; however he spends all his time in his potions lab. My beautiful grandson has no direction. I think a strong woman like you will be needed. Someone who will care for him and our family because in the end we protect what is ours sostós?"

Ayla nodded, and then the two settled down to business.

After what seemed like hours, with confirmation that the house was safe, the two prepared to leave.

"Well, I guess we need to deal with your this girl." Orebella raised her wand at the terrified young woman. "AVA-"

Reaching out, Alya held the dark witch's arm. "Please."

Orebella gave her soon to be daughter-in-law a soft smile, and a nod, then turned around and pointed her wand. "Obliviate."


The ancestral home of the Black family 12 Grimmauld Place had seen many things, from marriages, births, and deaths right now it hosted a war council.

Alya, of course, had no clue the uproar of her disappearance had caused.

Her absence had started a week-long search for her by her friends and allies. Quickly Voldemort's role in her abduction became known. There was none. Although he did hear about it, with glee, Tom had his own problems with his collation coming apart.

The Nott family immediately became suspect, so much that Theodore had to be pulled out of Hogwarts for his own safety. House Black, who had not many allies in the lighter houses, suddenly found unexpected assistance. They remembered Alya's rescue of the muggleborns in Diagon Alley and wanted to help.

Mortimer Nott quick to proclaim his family's innocence happily allowed Aurors inside their mansion. What no one knew was that Alya had been moved to several different locations at that time. Unfortunately for them, they underestimated Magical Britain's response to her disappearance.

Before the end of the week, plans for Alya's death were being made along with side Theodore's marriage to the young witch. Her death, or if she suddenly returned in a year pregnant with child, then the Blacks would have to deal with it. That was until Orebella Grimaldi's fortuitous appearance.

"I can't believe it's been a week." Alya sighed as she nibbled on a scone while looking around at the worried and angry faces that came in and out of the parlor.

"Your family missed you very much." Orebella took a sip of her tea.

Kreacher suddenly appeared in front of her. "Mistress, do you need anything. Something more to eat?"

Alya gave the house-elf a warm smile, he had been overly attentive, and beside himself that he couldn't find his mistress when she disappeared.

"I'm fine, Kreacher, just a little tired, which is funny since I apparently slept for a week."

With a nod, he vanished. Alya sighed, knowing that he would appear again.

"Damn it, I'm not made out of glass." She murmured.

"Language child." Orebella then set her cup down as more people entered the parlor. "Your family is just concerned for your health, not a terrible thing."

"Good morning, Alya, how are you feeling?" A voice called from the doorway.

"Good morning, Andy. I'm still a little out of it."

Andromeda nodded and wasting no time to run her wand over her niece.

"You need to eat more."

"So, you told me last night."

Running her hands through her niece's hair, she asked. "Did you take your potions?"

"I did." Alya smiled and gave her aunt a hug before the two took a seat.

"Ayla," Another voice called out, quite louder than the first before the person in question slammed into her for a fierce hug.

"Nymphadora, you need to let her breath."

"Fuck, Alya, don't scare me like that." Tonks wiped the tears from her eyes before dragging a chair to sit next to her.

"Language." Orebella and Andromeda said at the same time, looked at one another, and then promptly ignored each other's existence.

"Sorry, I was careless."

Tonks insisted. "No, you weren't,"

"Yes, she was," Orebella commented.

Alya gave Orebella a smile before turning back to her cousin. "So, what's been happening?"

"Half the Nott's are claiming innocence. A good number of them have vanished, including that little wanker from your school." Tonks grinned.

"She has quite the mouth, Andromeda." Orebella frowned.

"Yes, she does." Andromeda gave both her daughter and the dark witch a look.

Tonks shrugged before continuing. "Your Primus Custos has been on a tear."

Alya chuckled. "I know. I spoke briefly with Mira late last night. She and funny enough Moody are currently following a lead on a group of slavers that were planning on helping Nott with the ritual they had planned for me."

She shivered at the thought of the loss of self. "Mira thanks you too Orebella, your men were a big help."

Alya's arrival with the dark witch in tow, plus a half a dozen of her assistances, turned the search and rescue mission into one of search and destroy. So far, only her Aunts knew of the price she paid for her rescue.

With Orebella's help, the story became much clearer. Alya Black had cost the Nott family and the slavers quite a bit of gold with their slavery rings being curtailed on the Continent.

However, the abduction of Alya was not just about galleons. Andromeda Black should have been a Nott, never mind her intended had died at the hands of some muggle with a shotgun.

In their eyes, the marriage contract in their eyes was still valid. At worse, Andromeda would have become someone's second wife, rare but not unheard of in a magical society.

Instead, she married some mudblood. No the Nott's wanted restitution for they believed their honor besmirched.

Orebella leaned over and whispered. "No problem, dear one, we are to be family after all."

Alya nodded before grinning as her uncle entered the room. At least the terrifying witch had one thing right, she thought as Ted wrapped his arms around her.

"Family is not an important thing. It's everything."