Chapter 1: Bad Luck

"I don't understand. My dad says all women look for is confidence. Where did I go wrong?"

Jaune stood in his bathroom, ruffling around his blond hair, in front of the mirror, wondering what had happened through the first few days that could have led to this one possible outcome. He was sure he did everything right. All he needed was confidence, right? Wrong. Jaune was hideously in the wrong, but who was going to correct him? His sloth of a friend, Ren? No way, Ren was just as oblivious and thick headed as he was.

Although Jaune and Ren's personalities were definitely not the same and in fact, completely and utterly different, they somehow got along just fine. Why? Because there was one obvious fact, one crucial detail that they both shared. They were guys and that was that.

The two friends actually shared many traits with each other, such as inexperience and social awkwardness. But this had no importance to the black haired boy as much as it did to Jaune. He never thought of romance or love interests, but even if he did, Nora was already head over heels for him. There was no need to worry.

Jaune on the other hand, well, he was a hopeless case. Applying his limited knowledge to his romantic issues, the blond's take on the problem was to try and woo every girl. Suffice to say, it didn't happen that way.

One is bound to say yes to me, he thought.

He didn't take into account just how horrible he was at communicating to the opposite sex. The scraggly haired boy only found himself mistaken every step of the way. Doing some idiotic thing each time, somehow losing the trust of almost all the women he knew in his school, Beacon Academy, or at least the ones he cared about. In three days flat.

Jaune walked out of the bathroom; his hair a mess, his eyes bloodshot, and his mind cluttered with useless thoughts. Even exiting the bathroom, there was trouble. He slipped on some leftover soap and water on the floor and slammed his right hand onto the wall. Ouch.

He paced through the hallway very quickly, pocketing his minimally injured hand. The blond made sure to keep an eye out for any female that might want to kill him. And as soon as he made it to his dorm room, he quickly opened and locked the door, finding comfort in an empty room.

"How do I fix this?" he shrieked in a girly voice, falling down on his bed. "Why does it have to be me?" he questioned, his words slightly muffled by the pillow.

Before he could relax in his temporary tranquility, he heard the sound of the oak door opening. Thinking it might be Pyrrha, the last one he had angered, he jumped off his mattress cat-like and burrowed underneath his bed. The scraggly haired boy smacked his left arm on one of the legs trying to fit in. Not the most graceful person.

The blond let out deep sighs uncontrollably, hearing the door come to a full close. Now he knew he had to be silent for sure, breathing fast short breaths to minimize volume. What came next all depended on how good he could handle the situation, and by that, he obviously planned to hide until the opportunity came for him to seek comfort once again in the safe haven of his own bed.

The springs in one of the four mattresses in the room squeaked, very silently. After confirming that the one and only person that could have made the sound was his good friend, Ren, he came out. And once again, Jaune drew the short end of the stick. He was greeted by an angry redhead, sitting on the only other male's bed.

Pyrrha sat there, cross legged and clearly waiting for Jaune to stand up straight. Her brows furrowed and hands crossed as if she was ready to scold an eight year old child. Jaune knew in this case, he was going to receive something worse than the said child. He did as expected and stood straight.

"H-Hi Pyrrha!" he reluctantly let out, rubbing the back of his hair.

"Jaune, I'm worried about you. Why did you run off like that?" she interrogated the boy as she also stood up to talk to him.

The blond was caught off guard. Her tone sounded as if she cared about him, which was just as surprising as everything else that occurred earlier that week. The week he somehow made enemies with almost everyone of the opposite sex.

The situation only made him more tensed, knowing that Pyrrha was directly inside his personal bubble. Standing only about a foot from him, she was in the make out range, not that Jaune believed it would ever happen like that. After a good ten seconds of staring at his beautiful roommate's eyes and a flood of thoughts clouding his judgment, Jaune began to breathe heavily once again.

"H-Hold on…" Jaune began, struggling to say a sentence without breathing profusely, "...there!" he finished his sentence, right before falling back onto his bed.

As luck would have it, Jaune had the worst one. Falling backwards, allowed his head to make contact with the hard book on his own bed and hurting him quite a bit...if he was conscious to feel it. The situation was too much for Jaune. He had fainted.

The tall redhead picked up the book. Chemistry.

"Jaune…" a girl with black hair and red tips gently nudged the blond.

Jaune slowly came to as he saw another friend of his, Ruby. She was the first one to make some sort of effort to get to know him and he appreciated it quite a lot. She had an interesting sense of style...well everyone in Beacon Academy did. She wore a combination of dark colors with red and it somehow worked for her.

"Jaune!" she repeated, this time shoving him, maybe a little too hard.

The blond fell off the bed and onto the floor. Wasn't he just put into the nurse's office because he had bumped his head?

"R-Ruby!" he yelled out in response to plummeting to the ground.

Ruby ran around the bed, quickly realizing what she had done. She offered her hand, but the awkward lad slowly stood up, patting himself off. If anything looked worse than the fall he just experienced, it was him trying to play the situation off.

"Pyrrha said you fainted," Ruby uttered, her eyes solemn.

That was right. He went to the nurse because he was stuck in a very appealing situation. Too appealing for him, that was.

"I-I'm sorry for getting mad at you earlier. I blamed you for Weiss getting mad at me."

Was she really apologizing to him? As far as he remembered, it was truly his fault why the white haired girl was angered by Ruby. Should he mention it?

"Noooo…problem!" he hesitantly answered, changing his demeanor to a perkier one. "Thanks for visiting, Ruby!"

"Of course!" she quickly responded to the sound of her name. "You were my first friend here at Beacon and it was just a big misunderstanding!" the black haired girl desperately continued, "Let me make it up to you!"

Ruby looked at Jaune, embellishing her signature puppy dog eyes at him. Did she always know how to do such a thing, the blond had wondered. Regardless, he was reassured that he had gained one of his friends back and by how Pyrrha acted earlier, he was sure he would be forgiven with the right words and admitting to his wrongdoings. Things were looking up for the young boy.

"S-Sure! But you really didn't do anything wron-"

"Nonsense! I'm treating you to lunch! Let's go!" Ruby insisted, locking her arms with his and dragging him out of the office.

"H-Hey! He shouldn't be up yet!" the front desk receptionist inquired.

It was too late. Ruby had zoomed out with the boy to the front grounds of the school in a flash. She was pretty fast for a teenaged girl, like she had superpowers, but that could never be true. The red tipped girl led the way to the front of the school where they spotted the rest of Ruby's roommates.

They stood in a group; Yang, Weiss and Blake. For some odd reason, whenever Ruby wasn't there, Weiss was much more calm and less ill tempered. Did Ruby really do something so bad to make Weiss's blood boil when she was around? And if she did, what did she do?

Jaune prepared for the worse, even trying to break off of Ruby's strong hold on his arm. She was also so strong, what was with this girl? Jaune was always left befuddled when he dealt with these girls and walking to a trio that were all obviously mad at him, didn't make things any better.

Ruby and Jaune continued towards their friends, stopping at the sound of Weiss's loud voice. She was apparently telling Yang and Blake quite the story and boy, did the two come right in time to hear the best part.

"I-I-It's not like I like Jaune or anything," Weiss defended, rubbing her left elbow with her right hand. "But…"

Weiss paused. Blake, who was currently reading a book as she half-listened to the group, looked up, noticing a strange silence uncommon in their ranks. Yang stood there, dazzled at all of Weiss's story, waiting for her to finish what she had assumed to be her last sentence.

"But you like him," Yang finished for her, unable to contain anymore of her excitement.

Ruby and Jaune stood near a tree, close enough to hear the rest of the conversation. After listening to the first part, Ruby decided to stop right then and there before they were spotted. She was also curious to hear what the white haired girl had to say. Weiss simply shook her head.

"But you do…" Blake said in a hushed tone.

After a while of denying, Weiss was eventually forced to nod her head instead, her face red. Ruby, knowing the context of the situation, also grew red. In fact, she might have been worse. Jaune stood next to her, not really understanding the full gravity of the situation.

"Who does Weiss like?" Jaune obliviously asked.

The black haired girl, currently locked arms with Jaune stared at the boy, their eyes converging with each other. Not knowing what to tell him, Ruby pulled him to Weiss and tapped her a couple times. The white haired princess turned around, greeted by a lovely surprise.

"He. You. Date," Ruby said in the most caveman of way. "I go get milk now," she robotically finished, also walking away like a mechanized object.