An Unexpected Meeting

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Chapter Three

Harry gets Scared

The buzzer rang. All the kids quit what they were doing and went into the school. The only kids that to wait for their teachers were the grade ones, twos, and kindergartens. When the teacher came to the door he told them to line up quietly and enter the school . That's when Lucius noticed that his son and Harry were missing. Where could they? They were only five year olds. Lucius went into the building and went to his classroom. When he got there he pushed the call bottom . The call bottom directed to him to the office . The person that answered was the secretary.

" Robin could you please come over to my classroom and watch my class for a couple minutes" Lucius asked.

"Yes" Robin replied. Robin was the secretary at Surrey Elementary School. She was a kind and caring person. She loved children. Her joy of life was seeing the children's smiling faces each day. She wore high heels that made a loud clanking down the hallway. When Lucius heard the familiar clanking he tried to calm the class down. Robin peeked her head through the door and spotted Lucius. She walked over to him and told him he could attend to whatever he had to do. Lucius took one more look at the classroom and walked out.


Harry and Draco were currently playing a game of Hide and Go Seek. Harry was currently It and Draco was the hider. Harry was counting to ten and Draco was looking for a place to hide. Draco now had chosen to hide behind a tree. Harry was looking around for Draco but could not find him. " Draco where are you" Harry called out. there was no sound but the wind. All of a sudden there were footsteps of heavy boots on the ground. The person peeked around the corner and saw the scene that was before him.


Lucius's P.O.V

I walked around to the school when I heard Potter calling my Son's name. They appeared to be playing a game of Hide and Go seek. Potter seemed to be the person that was the seeker and Draco was the person hiding. I was so mad at Draco for disobeying me. Draco knew the rules and should have told them to Potter. When I got to the small forest it seemed Potter was scared. What did he have to be scared of?


"What are you guys doing out here" Lucius yelled at the boys.

"Were playing" responded Harry.

" You guys should have asked a student in an older year if you knew if you had to go in. Now into the Headmaster's office now" Lucius yelled at the two little five year old boys. Both of the boys were walking behind Lucius. They both had sad looks on their faces. Harry looked the worst. He was excepting the worst when he got home. The Dursleys would tell him that they got a call from someone at school. Harry knew he would be in trouble. Deep trouble. They were currently climbing up the steps that led up to the front doors. The door was opened and both of them sighed and started to walk the hallway to the office. While they were walking down the hall Harry was trying to distract himself about thinking about what was the worst that could happen. It seemed in no time they were at the office. The door opened and out stepped the Headmaster. He was a tall man and wore a suit. What hair he did have was very light colored. The first words to the boys were. " Step into my office boys."

Draco and Harry walked into the room. When they got into his office Mr. Star directed them to two chairs that were located in the front of his desk. They sat down. Mr. Star started " Now boys we are well aware that I will have to phone your parents. Draco I think your Father is well aware of what you have done." " Yes Mr. Star". " Now Harry I will have to call your parents." Harry tried not to cry but it was true he did not have parents that were living. He once had parents but they were now dead. " I don't have any parents." " Well who do you live with" Mr. Star asked. " With my Aunt and Uncle" Harry replied. " Do you have to call them I promise I will be good and behave." " Harry I know you have learned that what you have done is wrong you still have to face the punishment. Do you understand Harry"? " Yes I do". " Good now you two can go to class. Mr. Malfoy will lead you guys back to your classroom."

Both boys got off the chairs and started the walk back to the kindergarten room. The classroom was located near the front of the school. It was quite a long walk there because there was two offices one in the middle and the main one in the front. On the way there Harry kept his gaze down to the ground. It seemed he was scared but why.

Authors Notes

Thank you for all your reviews. I really enjoy getting what my readers like and don't like what I'm doing with my story. This update was so long because I had one thing after another. First it was the Christmas concert, then exams, then the latest thing I have done is the music festival that we played at. I'm in both choir and Band and very busy. I will update more in March because I do not have much happening.

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