Andy yawned as she walked through the station lot with Traci, they had just finished up their last night shift and were free for the weekend. Last night they had done another successful john sweep and not only were they tired they were cold thanks to the skimpy clothes they wore. Their legs and feet were killing them thanks to the high boots they had to traps around in for half the night-it hadn't been all bad though, Andy had got twenty guys and Traci and the others almost the same, Chris was less than impressed that he had bagged the most.

"You sure you don't want a lift home Andy?" Traci asked as they stopped at her car.

Andy groaned as her phone beeped "thanks Traci, I left my car at home so I would walk it's a nice morning and I'm not that far away…great," she sighed reading the message.

"What is it? Traci asked leaning on the back of her car.

"TJ wants to have a talk with me, that can only mean one thing," Andy replied.

"Yeah he's looking for another girl he's only known five minutes to move in," Traci chuckled.

"Like hell he is," Andy said and pushed herself off her car " he was warned never to ask that again after the last time, he's gonna tell me he hasn't his rent money again…see ya later Trac."

"You still got that date tonight?" Traci called after her.

Andy nodded "I do, he's picking me up at eight, why?" she asked.

"Just asking," Traci replied and walked to her door "if he does happen to let you down again we'll be at the penny-later!" she called and climbed into her car.

Andy sighed and started walking Traci nor the others liked her boyfriend…come to think of it neither did her dad or her brother, she waved as Traci went by and turned out of the lot for her walk home.

As she walked her phone rang she pulled it out of her pocket and smiled at the caller "hey babe," she said happily.

"Hey," he yawned "just calling to see how your night went."

Andy smiled to herself he was always calling after her shifts…why again did no one like him? "aww Lee aren't you just so cute checking up on me," she giggled "it went well bagged me twenty guys," she said proudly.

"Just twenty?" Lee chuckled "thought they would have been queuing around the block for my baby."

Andy giggled "you're embarrassing me now…we still on for later?" she asked.

"Yeah," Lee replied "but I was wondering if we could push it back a half hour, I have a new client coming in this is a big deal Andy."

"Okay," Andy agreed a half an hour wasn't a big deal it's not like he was cancelling "I'll see you at half eight then…I'm just home now I gotta speak to TJ so I'll see you later?"

"You will, sweet dreams babe, I'll call you later," Lee replied.

"Bye," Andy smiled and hung up.

Letting herself into her house she walked to the kitchen and sighed at the mess "TJ!" she yelled up the stairs "how many times have I asked you not to wreak my kitchen!"

TJ came bounding down the stairs with Andy's dog a German Sheppard named Coby "hey, sorry I was about to clean it," he said walking to the sink "how did the sweep go?" he asked as he started to wash the dishes.

"Yeah, great," Andy replied as she bent down to Coby " way better than last time, Frank was happy anyway," she said and stood up "before I go to bed what did you want to talk to me about?"

TJ turned to face her "you remember my friend Sam?" he asked.

Andy thought for a moment " Swarek? The cop that keeps going undercover? The cop she'd had a major crush on since she was like ten but he didn't need to know that."

TJ nodded "that's the one, anyway, he's bagged himself a spot in the guns and gang offices-Boyd is moving on, he wanted to know if he could stay with me for a week or two, so since it's your house and I never told him I live with my sister I said I better ask you first before I agreed."

Andy shook her head the last thing she wanted with her workload was coming home to clean up after another guy-her older brother who still hadn't grown up yet was enough. "No TJ you're enough to deal with, it's like coming home after leaving Leo alone everyday, he can stay for a day or two but that's it."

"Andy," TJ said hurrying after her "please he's nowhere else to go his sister lives up in St Catherine's…he's not like me at all he's a clean freak just like you-and he'll pay rent, you were always saying how you'd love someone to help us out."

Andy sighed heavily she barely remembered the guy(apart from being so so hot) all she remembered was him and TJ were as thick as thieves in the academy and at fifteen before Sam decided he liked the undercover roll, they lost touch after that. "Fine," she sighed again "let me think about it and I'll let you know when I wake up."

"You better decide quick…he arrives in town tonight!" TJ called after her "gotta get to work now, I walked Coby and fed him, I vacuumed and I took the trash out, I'll call you on my break!" he called on his way out the door.

Andy chuckled she always knew when he wanted a favour, closing her bedroom door she threw herself onto her bed maybe it wouldn't be so bad having another guy around the house, besides splitting the mortgage payment in three he'd be handy for the stuff TJ couldn't do…things she wouldn't ask him to do.

Pulling herself up she decided to give herself until later before she agreed to anything and if she did agree there would be rules. Pulling off her clothes she slid under the covers and closed her eyes smiling as Coby snuggled in behind her-how she loved that dog.

Later that day down in fifteen division TJ and Jerry sat at their desks, they had just closed a case and were wrapping up for the day "nice work buddy," Jerry said clapping him on the back "I'll see you in the morning."

"Yeah you too…I knew that kid was lying," TJ said as he closed the file "I cannot wait to fall onto the sofa with a beer," he chuckled.

"You and me both," Jerry chuckled "but I promised Ollie I'd have a drink with him fancy joining us?"

TJ chuckled "Ollie feeling neglected?" he asked "thanks man but I have to go home and see Andy, I'm trying to get her to let Sam stay with us so I have to do a bit of buttering up."

"Good luck with that," Jerry chuckled "your sister is as stubborn as they come."

"And don't I know it," TJ chuckled as they walked "she didn't say no she said she'd think about it."

Jerry chuckled again "good luck buddy…see ya tomorrow!" he called as they separated in the lot.

"See ya!" TJ called and turned around the corner where his car was parked. As he got closer he noticed a guy leaning against it "Sammy!" he called once he recognised who it was.

Sam stood up off the car "still driving this piece of crap?" he chuckled and hugged him "good to see you man."

"You too, you're early," TJ said as he unlocked his car.

"I know," Sam replied and climbed in beside him "my sister went away this morning so I came straight down when she left…is alright to stay with you?" he asked "whatever chick you're hooking up with won't mind?"

TJ glanced at him "well," he said slowly "I forgot to mention I live with my sister…in her house," he added.

"Ah, so that's a no then," Sam said "not to worry I'm sure Jerry or Ollie wouldn't mind me sharing with them for a few days."

"No it's okay, Andy said you could stay…how long she hasn't decided," he chuckled.

Sam chuckled "better be on my best behaviour then."

TJ chuckled "one rule that applies to me which I'm sure she'll let you know is no girls back to her house for sleepovers."

"I can live with that," Sam nodded "so no live in chick this time?" he asked.

"No," TJ scoffed "Andy nearly killed me the last time I asked, that was not a good day for me."

"Well you did only know her a few weeks," Sam said.

"Yeah and her family was moving away she had nowhere to go," TJ replied.

"I'm sure Andy wasn't thinking about that part," Sam said.

"No, she just heard girl and said absolutely no way," TJ chuckled.

"What she say about me coming to stay?" Sam asked curiously. He hadn't seen Andy in over ten years she was only fifteen or so then, it was hard to picture her all grown up.

"That it was bad enough coming home to me," he chuckled and pulled into his house "be nice, tell her she looks well then offer to clean tomorrow," he chuckled and climbed out.


Andy wasn't that long up and decided to get her shower out of the way before dinner, wrapping a towel around her she walked to her bed and sighed she'd left the bra she wanted to wear in the laundry room. Thinking she was still home alone she pulled her door open and took the stairs in just her towel, walking into the kitchen she missed them both sitting at the counter staring at her as she walked to the laundry room.

"That's Andy?" Sam asked wide eyed "wow," he couldn't believe how grown up she was now-how hot she was.

TJ sent him a look and stood up "don't even go there man I'm warning you," he said glaring at him. Walking to the laundry room he stuck his head in "you may want to cover up before you come out we have a guest," he said flinging one of his hoodies at her.

Andy shook her head and pulled it over her head, TJ always got like that when she was around his friends…or any bloke. He had always been protective but it turned into over protective where his friends were concerned. Shoving the bra into her pocket she walked out and stopped 'that's Sam Swarek?' She asked herself 'oh dear…I'm in trouble," she said as those big beautiful brown eyes looked back at her "hi," she said walking to them "nice to see you again Sam," she said and smiled.

Sam smiled "you too Andy, last time I saw you you were a teenager."

"Well I'm all grown up now," she said and grabbed a bottle of water "you can stay here as long as you like, TJ will fill you in on everything…I better get ready, I have a date," she said and walked to the door.

TJ scoffed "you're going out with that tool again?" he asked.

Andy turned back and glared at him "yes TJ that's what usually happens when you have a boyfriend."

"He's your boyfriend now?" TJ asked "Andy he's an idiot that keeps letting you down and you only met him a few months ago."

"So?" Andy shrugged "I got to know him I like…and he hasn't let me down that much," she said and looked over at Sam "bring him for a drink or something," she said and walked out of the room.

Sam chuckled and looked over at TJ shaking his head "you don't like the new boyfriend?" he asked.

"No," he sighed "no one does he's a moron every time they arrange something he's either late or never shows up-never calls either…she can do way better than a lawyer that lives for his job."

Sam nodded and stood up "she's young she'll learn, show me to my room then we're going for a drink, Jerry and Ollie are at the penny," he said.

Andy arrived at the restaurant she was to meet Lee at and walked inside "hi," she smiled at the woman on the door "booking under Lee Byrne for two."

The woman looked down at her book and nodded "table for two," she said and picked up a menu "follow me," she smiled and walked off.

Andy followed her and sat down "thank you," she smiled when she handed her a menu.

"Anything to drink while you're waiting?" the waitress asked.

"A glass of white wine please," Andy replied "any kind is fine," she added.

The waitress nodded and jotted it down "I'll be right back with your drink," she said and walked off. She pulled out her phone when it beeped hoping it was Lee saying he was on his way she'd already been sat here alone for ten minutes. Reading the message she chuckled it was from TJ at the penny all your friends are here bet that would be more fun, kidding, have a fresh head coming home Sam said he was making you breakfast as a thank you chuckling again she replied and put her phone down.

Another ten minutes passed and not a word from Lee, followed by another ten minutes she picked up her phone and called him she frowned when she was cut off right away. Dialling him again she sighed when it cancelled again and went to mail, deciding not to leave him a message she hung up and picked up her glass "way to prove them all right," she muttered and downed it.

Standing up she grabbed her bag and left some money for her drink, walking back to the woman she smiled "sorry to waste your time seems my boyfriend is not gonna make it…I left money for my drink on the table and again I'm sorry for taking up a booking," she said and took her coat from the rack.

The woman smiled she'd seen them in here a few times and most of the time he was late or she was coming up to explain for him "don't worry about honey…if you don't mind me saying," she said "you're a beautiful young girl, don't waste your time on a guy that can't even be bothered to call. You should get a friend and go hit the town…night," she smiled and walked off to seat a couple.

Andy looked after her and sighed even a total stranger was against her and Lee, sighing again she did up her coat and decided to follow the waitresses advice. Walking outside she pulled a taxi and climbed in "black penny please," she said and did her belt.

She looked down when her phone rang seeing Lee flashing on the screen she hovered over the answer button-she cancelled it and turned off her phone, tonight she was going to party with her friends.


Arriving at the penny she paid the driver and climbed out walking towards the door she stopped, if she went in she had to explain to her brother and her friends once again she had been let down. Sighing she walked to the small wall beside the alleyway and sat down arguing with herself whether to go in or not.

Sam had just come out the side door to take a call seeing Andy sitting not far away he ended his call and walked towards her "hey," he said and sat beside her "aren't you supposed to be on a date?"

"Hey," she sighed "yeah supposed to be…he didn't turn up," she said and looked down at her hands "left me sitting there for half an hour before I got up and left."

"Why are you with him then?" Sam asked "from what TJ has told me this isn't the first time he's done this."

Andy shrugged "apart from not turning up-or calling when he's supposed to he's actually a pretty sweet guy, he calls me after my shifts just to see how my day went, he sends me flowers, he always tell me I look good."

Sam nodded "if he's doing this a while already and you haven't been with him that long, you need to ask yourself is he worth waiting for- do you want this for the rest of your life," Sam said and stood up "come on, I'll buy you a drink."

Andy stood up "are all my friends here?" she asked deciding to ignore what he said before that.

"TJ pointed a group out so they must be," Sam said and led her towards the door.

"Great," Andy sighed "I'll have to explain myself to them too."

Sam pulled the door open "you can stay with me if you want," he offered and walked inside.

Andy walked in behind him and immediately regretted her decision when TJ frowned and looked at his watch. Walking to him she smiled "hey," she said and leaned on the bar beside him.

TJ turned to face the bar "he didn't turn up?" he asked.

"He called he couldn't get out of a meeting," Andy replied and waved Liam down.

"What are you lying for him for?" TJ asked.

"I'm not," Andy said turning to Liam "vodka cranberry please Liam.," she said and turned back to TJ "he's stuck in a meeting."

TJ sighed "I'm sure he his…I'll get your drink, go have fun with your friends I'll call you when we're going home."

Andy could tell he was annoyed at Lee "it's not easy being a lawyer at that place TJ he has to prove himself to get ahead," she said having no idea why she was sticking up for him.

TJ scoffed and turned to her "he should be worrying about letting you down all the time not his job."

Andy grabbed her bag off the bar "dad wasn't so different was he?" she snapped.

"Yeah and look what happened mom took off and left us because she was sick of living a miserable life!" he snapped back.

Sam could see things getting tense stepping in between them he turned to TJ "don't take it out on her," he said turning to Andy to see her already walking towards her friends.

A few hours later Andy stood up and giggled as she stumbled "that's our Andy!" Dov yelled and handed her another shot.

Andy giggled and downed the shot "this is way better than any date!" she yelled.

"Does this mean you're finally done with him?" Traci asked.

"Yep," Andy slurred and nodded "he's an ass that thinks about no one but himself!" she turned to Chris "give me one more?" she asked and held out her hand.

"I don't know," Chris said unsure "you're pretty wasted and it's only ten."

"Oh Chris just give her a damn shot we're celebrating!" Gail hissed.

Chris sighed "she's celebrating you guys are just watching her," he said and stood up "no I'm sorry she'll feel like crap tomorrow wondering why no one stopped her, no more shots-for any of you!" he called and walked away with the tray.

"Aww Chrissy!" she called after him "just one more!"

"No! I'm getting you water!" he called and kept walking.

"Hey Andy!" Dov whispered loudly and nodded to something he had clutched in his hands.

"You saved one!" Andy yelled excitedly and took the shot from him "to me," she said holding it out "I am not gonna let that jerk stand me up again, I'm not gonna take his apologies and most important," she giggled "I am not gonna answer my phone when he calls again!" she yelled and downed it while the others cheered and clapped.

"Damn it Dov," Chris sighed as he placed the tray on the bar.

"What's up man?" TJ asked turning on his stool.

"Have you not seen the state of Andy over there?" he asked "I had to take away the tray she's done half them by herself."

TJ was so lost in listening to Sam and his stories he'd forgotten Andy was there, he looked over and saw Chloe jump off her stool to grab Andy as she fell "I better get her home," he said and stood up.

"TJ," Liam said placing a fresh beer in front of him.

TJ sat back down and watched Andy "just get her some water I'll take her home after this."

Sam had been listening to them from beside TJ, looking over at Andy he shook his head she was beyond wasted. Downing the rest of his beer he slid off his stool "I'm gonna call it a night man, been travelling all day," he said and slid on his coat "I'll take her home you stay out for a while longer."

"You sure you don't mind?" TJ asked.

"No," Sam replied "she'll fall into bed and I'll be doing the same myself…see ya!" he called and walked over towards her table.

"Andy, there's a really hot guy heading right for you," Gail whispered excitedly.

Andy looked behind her and stood up "Sam!" she yelled excitedly "this is my new roomie Sam," she said slinging her arm around his shoulder. "I told you he was staying, Sam, this Traci Gail and Chloe" she said nodding to the girls "and this is Nick and Dov-Chris is at the bar," she said and fell into his side "guys this is Sam."

"Hey Sam," they all said and watched him slide his arm around Andy's waist to hold her up…maybe they should have cut her off.

"Nice to meet you all but I think this one needs her bed, say goodnight Andy," he said and started to steer her towards the door.

"Night Andy!" she called back to the table and threw a drunken wave over her shoulder.

Outside Andy stumbled into Sam and linked her arm with his "can we get pizza on the way home?" she asked.

"You haven't eaten?" he asked as they walked out of the lot.

"Uh, I got stood up remember," she giggled.

"That's right," Sam said pulled out his phone "you should have eaten before you drank," he said and dialled a number.

"I'm fine," Andy said…then tripped over her own feet.

"Whoa," Sam said jumping to grab her round the waist.

"I'm fine," Andy giggled "are we getting pizza?" she asked dropping onto her porch swing.

"That's what I was trying to do before you fell over," he chuckled and sat beside her.

Andy giggled then her smile slowly dropped off her face "what's wrong with me?" she asked "why doesn't he wanna spend time with me?"

Sam pulled the phone away from his ear "there's nothing wrong with you, and it's his loss," he said and put the phone back to his ear.

"Then why does he keep doing this to me?" she whimpered.

Sam sighed and hung up she wouldn't eat a pizza anyway, standing up he pulled her to her feet and led her to the front door "Andy, the guy is a workaholic I'm sure it's nothing to do with you," he said and unlocked the front door. "Why don't you go get ready for bed and I'll get you some water," he suggested.

Andy didn't say a word just stumbled up the stairs and into her room. Sam waited until she was safely up the stairs before he went to the kitchen.

As he grabbed a bottle for her from the fridge he looked out towards the door when someone knocked on it. Walking to it he looked up the stairs before pulling it open "can I help you?" he asked.

"Yeah…is Andy here?" he asked looking Sam up and down.

'The boyfriend' Sam said to himself taking in his suit "no, she's not here as far as I know she's on a date," he lied.

The guy frowned "I went to the restaurant and she wasn't there, are you sure she didn't come home?" Lee asked.

"No, been here all night I'd have seen her come in," Sam said going to close the door.

"Hey wait," Lee said pushing it back in "do you know where she is?"

Sam rolled his eyes he just said he didn't "no…I'll let her know you called-what's your name?" he asked

"Uh, Lee," he said walking backwards "I'll try her mobile again," he said and disappeared down the steps.

"You do that," Sam muttered and closed the door.

Upstairs Andy swayed at the top of the stairs as she listened to Sam turn Lee away, once the door was closed she grabbed the rail and started to stumbled down the stairs "why did you do that?" she asked curiously.

Sam turned around to face her "you're drunk you're not fit to see him it'll turn into an argument that you might say something you'd regret tomorrow," he explained hoping she wasn't about to take his head off.

Andy took his words in and nodded slowly "I'd have punched him," she said and walked into the living room "really hard," she added and dropped down beside Coby.

"What is that?" Sam asked pointing to him.

"Him?" Andy asked and cuddled him "this is my baby Coby," she giggled as he licked her face.

"Baby?" Sam chuckled "more like a bear…how come I didn't see him today?" he asked and sat on the chair across from her.

Andy giggled "aww he's only a puppy, he sleeps in my room whenever I'm there, he follows me around."

Sam nodded "how old is he?" he asked leaning over to pet his head.

"Six months now," Andy smiled "my friend was moving out of town and couldn't take him with her….she'd only had him a week when she got the call."

Sam nodded again and sat back "do you wanna head to bed?" he asked.

Andy shook her head "nah, I need to sober up a bit first…wanna watch a movie with me?" she asked.

"Sure," Sam replied "what do you want to watch?" he asked leaning over for the remote.

"Have you seen the new fast and furious?" she asked.

"A girl that likes cars?" he smiled "and no I haven't seen it yet."

"I like my cars," Andy giggled "I haven't seen it yet either…Lee was supposed to take me to see it when it was in the cinema."

Sam sighed as her smile dropped, standing up he walked to where she sat and sat down beside her "we get to see it now," he said and sat back.

Andy giggled and dropped her head onto his shoulder "why can't all guys be awesome like you?"

Sam chuckled and turned on the movie "because I'm one of a kind."

"You're hot too," Andy mumbled "way hot," she giggled.

Sam chuckled "you'll regret saying that in the morning…watch the movie," he said and looked to the tv. He so wanted to kiss her but apart from the fact TJ would kill him she had a boyfriend, she was drunk and upset not to mention he'd only been here five minutes, sighing as she snuggled deeper into him he wrapped his arm around her and tried to focus on the movie.


When the movie was over Sam looked down and saw her eyes drop open and close he was surprised she'd lasted the whole movie "want me to help you to bed?" he asked.

Andy yawned and sat up off him immediately missing the warmth "no I'm good," she said and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek but wanting to do more "night Sam and thanks for sitting with me," she smiled and stood up.

Sam grabbed her hand as she stumbled and yanked her back a little.

Andy giggled as she fell back and landed on his lap "sorry," she giggled "my balance is a little off," she said making no attempt to move.

Sam chuckled he was well aware where his hands lay but he couldn't find the urge to pull them away from her waist "why don't you head to bed and I'll get you water," was all he could say.

Andy bit on her lip as she looked down on him "I don't wanna go to bed," she said and leaned a little closer "I'm not ready just yet," she murmured and kissed him.

Sam pulled back and looked at her with surprise "Andy you don't wanna do this," he said still not moving away from her.

Andy scoffed "why wouldn't I wanna do this?" she asked.

"Well besides the fact your brother would murder me you have a boyf…" he was cut off as she kissed him again. This time he gave in and kissed her back.

Pulling him closer Andy deepened the kiss this felt so good she was getting tingles all over her body-heaven…until he pulled away quickly.

"Andy I'm sorry I cant do this it's not right," he said and stood up "you're upset and drunk, you have a boyfriend too, not to mention I just got here I don't wanna screw things up with TJ."

Andy stood up she felt like an idiot right now "sorry," she muttered and moved around the sofa "…I just thought you liked me is all," she said and turned back to him "forget it happened," she said and walked into the kitchen.

Sam sighed and followed her "you don't want this either Andy you know you don't," he said watching her move about "you're not thinking properly," he added.

Andy placed her glass down and walked over to him stopping in front of him she looked up at him "I'm not stupid Sam even if I do look it right now, I can feel the vibe from you I thought you would have wanted the same…night," she said and walked by him.

"Hey," he said pulling her back a little "it's not…" he trailed off and sighed he couldn't believe he was about to do this. Yanking her into him he kissed her hard.

Andy melted into him and slid her hands around his neck, taking a step she pushed him so his back hit the wall-jumping back when the front door opened.

"Hey," TJ said surprised when he walked in to see her still up "you're still alive," he chuckled.

Andy tore her eyes away from Sam "just getting water…night," she smiled and walked by them.

"Is she alright?" TJ asked.

Sam shrugged "I think so…night man," he said and hurried out of the room-that was a big mistake.

The next morning Andy groaned as Coby barked "what Coby?" she muttered and opened her eyes, sitting up she saw him clawing at her door "you wanna go out?" she asked and rolled out of the bed.

Walking to it she yawned and opened the door, "oh…hi," she said awkwardly when Sam stood on the other side like he was about to knock.

"Hey," he said slowly "…just coming to let you know breakfast is ready."

Andy nodded and looked away from him "uh thanks I'll be down when I get dressed," she said and smiled quickly "won't be long," she added.

"Okay," he nodded and walked backwards "uh, TJ is already down there so you might wanna hurry," he added before turning and walking down the stairs.

Andy closed her door and groaned "stupid," she sighed "stupid stupid Andy," she groaned and walked to find clothes.

After getting dressed and stalling as long as she could she finally dragged herself down and into the kitchen "hey," she yawed sitting beside TJ avoiding Sam's gaze.

"Hey," he replied "how's the head?" he chuckled and ruffled her hair.

"Fine," she grumbled and started to pick at her food.

"What are you gonna do with your day off?" he asked a few minutes later.

Andy shrugged "might go see Trac and Leo haven't decided yet."

TJ nodded "I'm gonna go see dad if you want to come," he said cautiously.

Andy sighed and glared at him "no," she said sharply "and don't ask again," she said and stood up "thanks for this Sam," said and took her plate before walking off.

Sam watched her go and turned to TJ "what's going on there?" he asked.

TJ sighed "dad fell off the wagon two months back-he's alright now though, he knocked her down when he tried to drive off…she hasn't spoken to him since."

Sam nodded "was she hurt?" he asked curiously.

"Few bumps and bruises it wasn't that bad," TJ said and stood up "I don't know what time I'll be back at so ask Andy if you're looking for anything-later!" he called on his way out.

"See ya!" Sam called after him and stood up, walking to the living room door he saw Andy looking after TJ with a face on her "hey," he said "do you want coffee I'm making one," he asked.

Andy stood up again "no thanks," she said and walked by him.

"Andy," Sam said and stopped her from going any further "are we gonna talk about what happened last night?" he asked.

Andy sighed heavily and turned back to him "it's like you said, it shouldn't have happened I was drunk and upset…forget it happened," she said and walked to the stairs.

Sam watched her go and sighed before shaking his head and walking back to the kitchen.


Up in her room Andy dropped onto her bed and ran her hand up and down Coby while she thought about things, she'd have to speak to Lee at some stage and she needed to talk to someone about what happened here last night.

Sitting up she pulled on shoes and walked out of her room and down the stairs. Walking to the kitchen she stopped in the doorway when Sam still sat at the table "are you gonna be here for the day?" she asked as she walked to get herself some water.

Sam nodded "is that gonna be a problem?" he asked "coz I can head out," he added.

"No," she said and turned to face him "I'm going out now I just need someone to let Coby in and out."

Sam nodded and stood up "I'll look after him…I really think we need to talk Andy there's tension here now it won't be long before TJ's onto it too."

"Why did you kiss me?" she blurted out.

"Why did you kiss me?" he asked "you did make the first move," he reminded her.

"Why did you kiss me back then?" she asked.

"I pushed you away don't forget-you weren't in the right frame," he said.

Andy nodded "I know then you followed me and kissed me why?" she asked.

Sam sighed heavily and leaned against the counter "are you gonna see your boyfriend today?" he asked.

Andy chuckled "you're not gonna answer," she said and shook her head "alright," she said and grabbed her bag "I kissed you because I've always secretly had a crush on you and you made me feel better about myself-better than I have been in a long time," she said and walked out towards the front door "don't forget to let Coby out!" she called as she pulled her coat on.

Sam followed her and leaned against the stair rail "this can't happen Andy," he said pointing between both of them.

"It's not gonna," Andy said as she fished out her car keys "I made a fool of myself last night you knocked me back we both know where we stand."

"You didn't make a fool of yourself," he said taking a step closer to her "I kissed you too," he said and stopped in front of her "I wanted to kiss you," he added.

Andy frowned she was confused now "you just said this can't happen why not leave it at that and forget about it?" she asked.

Sam sighed "I don't know what I'm doing," he said and took a step closer to her "something is pulling me to you but for TJ I can never go there I can't do that to him."

Andy scoffed "I'm his sister not his girlfriend," she said and pulled the door open "no need to worry nothing will be happening I do have a boyfriend," she said ad hurried out the door…what the hell was she doing? Why did her heart sink lower the further she was away from him?

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