Sister Bertrille has been at the Convent San Tanco for three years. She has enlighten us all with her amazing gifts; like her kind, sweet, genuine, fun loving nature. Yes of course there is her flying to consider also. We felloe nuns at San Tanco are quite used to looking up in the sky and seeing Sister Bertrille flying bye. Most of the of the residents of San Tanco are used to her by now also. We tried to keep her flying an secret but like all secrets it did come out. But it is not as we feared it would be. Everyone in San Tanco all agreed that the Covent is doing good work on it's own that they don't want Sister Bertrille's flying to dismissing our good work. So San Tanco all agreed to keep Sister Bertrille's exstorurding gift an secret.

The entire Covent and town love Sister Bertrille and could not image what life would be without her in it. But one day out of the blue we had to find out. It all happened when the Bishop of the Roman Catholic church came all the way from the main church in England to see all the new graduate nuns of San Tanco. Everyone passed his critical examining expect Sister Bertrille.