Alayna sat on the edge of the bed, as she bit her fingernails nervously. After going into labor so suddenly and Crowley showing up at the last minute, she had never gotten a chance to tell him about Gadreel. And she knew he was going to be furious about it, so she braced herself. She expected lots of yelling and cursing coming from him.

"Crowley, I need to tell you something," she said in a soft voice, as she raised her head. Her eyes fell on him, as he walked through the door way. His hands rested in his pockets, as his eyebrows shot up curiously.

"Then tell me, darling," he said, as the click of his shoes echoed through the room. He made his way toward the bed and sat next to her, gently placing his arm around her.

"What is it? You look very nervous," he said smoothly, as his other hand caressed her cheek and she gave a breathy laugh. She quickly dropped her head and her hands into her lap. She nervously twiddled her thumbs and sighed.

"I never got a chance to tell you about the birthday party I took Emily to." She said, as his fingers gently ran up and down her arm, causing goose bumps to form under his touch. His body stiffened a little and he cocked his head to the side. The way she said it he could tell something happened and it didn't sound good.

"Did something happen?" He asked as calmly as he could and Alayna shook her head up and down. She didn't really want to tell him, because it had been a week. She should have told him sooner, but with everything that had happened, it simply slipped her mind.

"Gadreel found me," she whispered, as she lifted her head to meet his furious gaze. He stared at her like she had gone crazy. His eyes were wide and scarlet slowly blossomed over his cheeks.

"What the bloody hell do you mean, Gadreel found you?" He asked through gritted teeth and Alayna could tell his blood was boiling. She licked her lips and sighed.

"At the birthday party, he found me, and then he clued me in on what Metatron was planning." She said softly, as his eyes widened. He immediately retracted his arm from around her and stood up. He dramatically threw his arms out into the air, as he bent down to face her. He cocked his head to the side, as he stared into her nervous eyes.

"And you didn't tell me this sooner because?" He asked in a shout, as he stood back up and straightened his suit. He threw his hands into his pockets, as he huffed around the room. Stomping his feet like an angry child, as he slowly turned back toward Alayna.

"Alayna, you should have called me the second that happened. I need to protect you." He said in a raised, pleading voice, as he paced around the room again. Alayna rolled her eyes and angrily stood up from the bed.

"Oh yeah, because calling you was such an easy task! I couldn't even get ahold of you to tell you I was in LABOR! HOW the HELL could I call and tell you about Gadreel. You're an idiot!" She shouted back at him, as she threw her fists around in the air. He instantly stopped his pacing and turned toward her.

His eyes narrowed in on her, as he clenched his jaw. She immediately folded her arms across her chest, as she tapped her foot on the ground. Her face contorted into an angry scowl, as she stared back at him. She wasn't going to back down from this, because she knew she was right. He had no right to be angry about her not calling him, because it was impossible to get ahold of him. And she still wondered what he had been doing, because he always answered his phone especially for her. He could be so infuriating sometimes and it drove her insane! She wanted to pull her hair out, but what did she expect from this conversation?

He knew she had a point, because he hadn't answered his phone. Guilt ran through him and he dropped his chin to his chest. He knew what he had been doing and he wasn't proud of it. He stared at the floor, as he pursed his lips, and sighed.

"Yes, my darling, I suppose you do have a point there." He said, as he raised his head to meet her angered gaze. "I suppose it was quite hard for you to get a hold of me on the phone, but why now? Why did you wait so long to tell me, hmm? That was a week ago, my love, I should have known sooner." He said in a softer, calmer tone, and Alayna sighed. He walked toward her, as he continued to eye her sternly.

She knew he was right, but it had honestly slipped her mind. After a sleep deprived week with William, she could barely remember her name. Even after having the dream after she had had William, she couldn't place why she should be so scared. And then that very morning when the sun had broken through the windows, and Alayna had rocked William to sleep, she had suddenly remembered. She remembered everything from the birthday party and she knew that morning she had to tell Crowley, because he needed to know. She needed to be protected and she had hoped he wouldn't yell too much.

Crowley cupped Alayna's cheeks and leaned his forehead against hers. She closed her eyes, as angry, huffed breaths, puffed through her nostrils.

"It's been a long week, Crowley, I can barely think straight. Let alone, think about that," she said softly, as he nudged his nose against hers.

"I can understand you have been through a lot taking care of William. You've had some long nights and very long days." He said softly, as she shook her head up and down. She slowly opened her eyes and looked into his. She could tell he was worried now; just by the way his eyes looked.

They were glazy and seemed to turn a darker shade of green. His breaths were calm, but Alayna could feel the worry radiating from him. The way his fingers slightly trembled against her skin, as he held her face in place. Crowley slowly pressed his body against hers protectively, like he needed every ounce of himself on her, just to feel all of her. His hand snaked down her arm slowly, letting his fingertips softly brush against her skin, and finally he let his hand rest on her lower back.

"I just worry, my darling, and now I need to act," he whispered, as he ran his fingers through her hair. He let his hand rest on the back of her head and pulled her even tighter against him. "I'm going to track him down and attack first. I'm going to save you and this time, not get you killed." He mumbled against her skin, as his lips rested on her temple.

She sighed heavily, as she closed her eyes, and took in his scent. She nuzzled her nose into his neck and wrapped her arms around his back. She felt so safe and secure against him, that she never wanted to let him go. But she knew the next words out of his mouth were going to be 'I'm leaving'. She knew he was going to have to leave for a while and she didn't want him to. Although, she wanted to be safe and have Metatron found, but she hated it when Crowley left. It seemed to her that time stood still when he was gone and it was painful.

"You're going to leave, aren't you?" Alayna asked in a small, soft, voice. She felt Crowley's heavy breath dance across her skin and she knew it.

"Afraid so, my love, but I shouldn't be gone too long. I just need to gather some intelligence on him, get some reinforcements, and kill him before he can get to you." He said softly, as his lips still lay on her skin.

"Be careful, Crowley, he plans on making me his new vessel and Gadreel said he's obsessed with me. So please, be careful." She pleaded softly and she felt his body stiffen against her.

"That bloody bastard," he said through gritted teeth, as he tightened his hold on her even more. "If he thinks he can lay a finger on you, then he's got another thing coming." He said, as his voice progressively got louder. Alayna sighed against him and shook her head.

"My love, you need to stay indoors. This house will protect you and the children from any harm. I will not be away for long; I need just enough time to get this done. If I could, I would stay here and protect you myself, but I know you'll be safe. Nothing can break the warding's on the house." He said softly, as he pulled Alayna's face in front of his. Alayna shook her head in agreement and sighed.

"I won't leave, unless I have to. Just check in with me again? I want to make sure you're alright." She said softly, as he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. He let his lips linger, as he slowly deepened the kiss, and then reluctantly pulled away.

"You know me, I'll check in once a week, yeah?" He said reassuringly, as he stared into her eyes. She nodded her head, as he slowly let go of her.

"I'll be back before you know it," he said through a reassuring smile, gave a wave, and disappeared before her eyes.

And that was the last thing Crowley had said to Alayna. Crowley had been gone for over a month and Alayna couldn't understand it. He never checked in, he barely ever called, and it worried Alayna to no end. Crowley was a man of his word and when he didn't check in, Alayna went crazy. She'd texted him and called him like a mad woman, but it was as if, he didn't hear it again. She couldn't figure out if he was too busy to answer or if something else was going on.

It wasn't like him to ignore her, because she knew he absolutely adored her. She knew he wouldn't intentionally hide himself from her, but she was still worried. She didn't know if Metatron had captured him or if he had died? And that all scared her, she couldn't live without him.

Alayna sat on the edge of the couch, as her phone sat on her lap. She stared down at it, hoping it would ring, or do something. She just wanted to hear his voice again. She just wanted to make sure he was ok. She threw her head into the back of the couch and looked up toward the ceiling. She watched, as the light from the TV flickered and illuminated the dark ceiling. She thought about how she should probably be in bed, but she couldn't bring herself to shut her eyes. She was way too worried to calm down and had just been up with William for a feeding.

She gave a heavy breath, as an odd vibration tickled her leg. She sat up immediately and saw the bright, white light coming from her phone. Her eyes widened, as the caller ID read 'Crowley'. A smile fell on her lips, as she eagerly answered.

"Crowley," she said through a relieved sigh, as her leg bounced nervously. She pulled her lip in between her teeth, as she heard a strange chuckle come from him through the phone. It was long, deep, and drawn out, and it was something that Alayna had never heard before. She instantly raised an eyebrow, as she rested her head in her hand.

"H-How are you doing, darling? I hope you've been well," he said through slight stammers and some of his words were unintelligible. His tongue felt heavy, as he tried to form words, but he was doing his best. He desperately wanted to hear Alayna's voice, to see her, to touch her, but he just couldn't. He yearned for her, but he knew she couldn't see him like this, not while he was high on human blood. But she was the only person he wanted when he was on it, but he refused to let her find out. Because his addiction had taken a whole new step and was out of control. He craved it, needed it, and sometimes being around Alayna made it worse. His addiction pulsed through her veins and sometimes he wanted hers, but he held back. He couldn't do that to her, he couldn't hurt her like that.

"I'm ok, I miss you," she said softly, as a lump formed in her throat. Alayna was so lonely without him and she wanted nothing more than to be in his arms again. She wanted to touch him and be cuddled up next to him. She almost felt pathetic, as she sat in the dark, holding the phone tightly to her ear. Silent tears streamed down her face, thinking about how much she missed him. "I wish you'd come home," she said in another whisper.

Crowley sighed heavily, as he sat up in his hotel bed. He could hear the anguish in her voice and he could tell she was crying. He wanted to zap out of there and hold her tightly, but again, he was high. He didn't want her to see him looking so pathetic, so needy. She didn't need to know his secret yet.

"I wish I could too, my darling, but I-I-I can't leave yet. I have a lot more work to do and I'm so very close to pinpointing Metatron's location. I even have some of my boys out in the field tracking him. I'm just waiting on their phone call." He said through hurried, sad words. He shut his eyes, as a heavy sigh escaped his lips. He lightly shook his head back and forth, as he felt himself getting emotional. But he mentally kicked himself, because this was his fault. It was his fault that he couldn't go home, his own stubborn, stupid decisions.

If he wouldn't have answered his phone when Lola called, if he wouldn't have accepted her offer, he wouldn't be there. But he did and he hated himself for it. He gave in to his addiction, because it was a monkey on his back. Constantly nagging at him to give in, to do it and he hadn't learned to ignore it. In fact, Crowley would give into it any chance he got, and when Lola called he decided to give himself a break. He told himself he deserved it, he had been a good boy. He deserved the pleasure of indulging in the human blood.

"Well, I hope you find him soon, because I really want you home. It's been a whole month without you, Crowley." Crowley's eyes immediately flew open at her statement. He looked around bewildered, that he had been gone for a month? To him it felt like it had only been a week, that it seemed impossible it had been a whole month. Granted, the first two weeks of him being away were in fact spent doing business. He tracked down loyal demons to help him track down Metatron, and sent them on their way. He told them to come back to him with any information they found and they hadn't come back yet. They had found a few leads, but nothing important, just a few sightings here and there. But Crowley had every intention of going home to Alayna and the kids.

He shut his eyes, as his children floated through his mind. He had been so caught up in his addiction that he had forgotten about them, and he felt guilty. How could he forget about his own family? He knew he needed help at this point, he needed to stop, but just then Lola waltzed back in.

She smirked at him, as she held a full syringe in front of her. She pointed at it, as she tilted her head to the side.

"Oh, My King, I've got just what you need," Lola said softly, in a seductive tone. She slowly walked toward Crowley, swinging her hips, hoping to get his attention. Crowley's eyes widened, as he realized he was still on the phone. He held his finger up to his mouth, as he tried to silence Lola. She quickly rolled her eyes, as she sat down next to him.

Alayna popped her head up, as she heard a woman's voice next to Crowley. She narrowed her eyes and her tears immediately ceased. Normally he kept men around, not woman, especially when he was tracking someone. He always had specific demons he used and Alayna knew most of them, but the voice she had just heard, was unfamiliar. He had made sure to introduce her to his most loyal demons, because he knew she needed to know them. He wanted them to show her the same respect they showed him. He asked them to treat her, as if she was the queen, and all of them did. They all obeyed his order, because they knew if they didn't, they'd be dead.

"Who's that?" Alayna asked suspiciously, as her eyes roamed the room. She felt her heart beating through her chest, as her palms began to glisten with sweat.

Crowley's jaw immediately dropped, as Lola pushed the needle into his arm. A small, satisfied smile spread across his lips, as he felt the heat from his addiction flowing through his veins. The heat rose further and further from the injection site and he felt himself slipping away. His mind began to get fuzzy, as his body slowly got numb.

He licked his lips, as his tongue felt heavy again. "Goodbye, my sweet Alayna," he whispered painfully slow, as his fingers went slack around the phone. It plummeted toward the carpeted floor, and landed with a thud. Crowley's eyes rolled back into his head, as he felt the ecstasy from the blood. He could feel it all over his body and he loved it. It melted his worries and fears away, and he wasn't even concerned that he had just abruptly stopped talking to Alayna. In fact, he wasn't even aware he had dropped the phone at all, especially since he was still connected to her. And Alayna could still hear everything going on in his hotel room.

"Goodbye? Who was that?!" Alayna yelled into the phone, as she stood up from the couch. She began to pace around the room wildly, as anger ran through her veins. She was getting no answer from him and it was driving her insane.

"CROWLEY!" She yelled angrily, as she listened intently to the phone. She heard a muffled woman's voice coming from the other end, and then she heard her worst fear. Muffled moans and groans pierced her ears and her breaths hitched in the back of her throat. She knew what she was hearing and she instantly sank to her knees.

Here she was missing Crowley, her body aching for him, and he was off with another woman. And he was doing the last thing she wanted to hear him doing, especially with someone else. Tears streamed down her face, as she stared at the hardwood floor. She felt betrayed and unwanted. And then her insecurities set in, was she pretty enough for him anymore? Did he even want her anymore? She was afraid that she was used up, that she wasn't good enough for him anymore.

Alayna swallowed the lump in her throat harshly, as she slowly lowered the phone from her ear. Devastation ran through her, as she sobbed uncontrollably on the floor, and she hung up the phone quickly. She didn't need to hear anymore, because she had heard it all. There was no mistaking what he was doing.

Crowley felt warm lips on his neck and he grinned. Images of Alayna ran through his mind and to him, it was her. It was Alayna kissing and nipping at the skin on his neck, begging for him, wanting him to take her. It felt so right, as his hands slowly traveled up her back, but then something felt wrong. He furrowed his eyebrows, as his hands roamed, and then his eyes flew open. He was met not by Alayna, but Lola taking advantage of him in his state of unknowing. She was taking advantage of him being so out of it and it infuriated him. He knew she wanted him, but he never thought she would do this. He trusted her to take care of him when he was weak and she took advantage of him. But what did he expect, she was a power hungry demon, and probably desperate. She would take any opportunity she could get and she had finally found one.

He instantly grabbed her loose brown hair and pulled her head back. He sneered at her, as her eyes widened with fear. He narrowed his eyes angrily at her and catapulted her body off the bed. She landed on the floor with a thud, as she turned herself over to her back. She started up at Crowley, as he held his angel blade. He was filled with anger, as he bent down, and carefully lifted Lola's chin with the blade. He pressed it in lightly, not to kill her, but to warn her.

"If I've told you once, Lola, I've told you TWICE! You do not touch me! YOU ARE HERE FOR ONE THING and ONE thing only! You got that?" He screamed, as he pushed the edge of the blade in further. Lola's blood slowly trickled out of her chin, as she winced in pain.

She knew if he went in any further, he could possibly kill her. But she knew what she had gotten herself into. She knew he didn't want her like that, but she wanted him desperately. She wasn't in love with him by any means, but she wanted to be powerful. And if she was sleeping with Crowley, she knew she could accomplish that. She was insanely jealous of what he had with Alayna, because they were all told to respect Alayna. She sneered at the thought. Respect a human, how could she do that?

"Now I've also told you, that I do not need your services in that department. You might find it hard to believe, but I actually enjoy MY human. You touch me again and you'll be permanently REPLACED!" He yelled aggressively, as he dug the blade in her skin a little further.

"Yes-Yes, sir," she squeaked out, as he slowly removed the blade. He stood up and smoothed out his silk pajamas, before he sat back down on the bed.

"Now fetch me another hit," he said demandingly, as he waved his hand toward the other room. She obediently nodded her head, as she got off the floor.

Alayna rolled over onto her back, as the hardwood floor dug into her. It was hard and uncomfortable, but with the rage seeping through her, she didn't care. More tears spilled out of her eyes and traveled toward her ears, as she stared up at the ceiling. Hard, labored breaths heaved her chest up and down. The TV's light still illuminated the dark ceiling, and Alayna felt wrecked. Her mind felt numb and she felt worthless.

Everything terrible was going through her mind and she could feel the depression coming onto her. She could feel her mind yelling at her that she was stupid, that she knew this day would come, and she couldn't stop it. She couldn't stop crying, she couldn't stop the pain her heart felt, because it was broken. The man, the demon she had devoted her life to, seemed to not care about her anymore. Here she was taking care of their children by herself for a whole month and he was out doing God knows what. She was wallowing in self-pity and then it hit her, as she sat up and folded her legs into her. She wrapped her arms around her legs and sighed.

She wasn't going to stand for this, not at all. Alayna was going to track Crowley's ass down and confront him, break up his little love fest. Alayna quickly curled her lip in disgust, as she got up off the floor. She pictured herself marching into where ever he was and dramatically yelling at him. She hoped she could get a good punch or two in before he tried to calm her down.

She shook her head up and down, as a devious smile crossed her lips. Yes, Alayna was going to show Crowley exactly what he had been missing, and she hoped it made a mark. She knew the perfect outfit to put on for this trip and it left little to the imagination. But first, she had to track his cell phone, and find out where he was. She smirked at the idea and immediately felt like Sam and Dean; because that was one of the many neat tricks they had taught her, tracking cell phones.

"Get ready, Crowley, I'm coming for you," Alayna mumbled, as she took out her phone and began the process of tracking him down.

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