Santana never thought she'd be married to the job like this, but it's a hell of a lot easier than getting her heart broken by women time and time again.

That fear motivates her to become the best field agent the Federal Bureau of Investigation has ever seen, and although she has a long way to go to reach her goal, she's got some experience under her belt.

It's no secret that she has her eye on Director Sylvester's job either which is why she's always trying to make sure Sue has her coffee first thing in the morning. She's learned that sucking up will get her a long way in the Bureau.

It's said that Sue brought the devil himself, J. Edgar Hoover, two creams and a sugar every morning just for her own parking spot so Santana patiently waits in line at Starbucks every morning for Sue's espresso.

Or maybe not so patiently.

"Excuse me, ma'am, FBI. FBI business, people. Out of the way. Coming through," Santana says, pushing past the morning crowd to reach the counter and ignoring the side eyes and glares she gets once she puts in her order.

Her day continues with a briefing of her next assignment, the Flanagan case, and while Mike Chang dicks around on his iPad she listens carefully as Sue explains the Irish Mob's motives for wanting that skinny little potato peeler dead.

"Chang and Lopez, your job is to keep Rory alive before and after we negotiate the trade," Sue explains. "Got it?"

"Yes sir," Mike replies automatically which causes Santana to elbow him in the gut.

By the end of work she needs a drink and not just a beer either to take the edge off. She needs a glass of whiskey to help her pass out because even though she's exhausted, her mind is constantly working.

"On me," Mike says, handing her a glass of Rebel Yell the second she walks into the bar. He's surrounded by female agents, as always, but he never fails to make sure her first drink is on him.

Maybe he thinks there's a tiny chance she'll sleep with him, but for the most part he's just being a good friend. It's not like she has many others.

"Don't let him fool you into believing he's getting promoted anytime soon," Santana tells those agents who fawn over him and his abs.

Mike's too quick-witted to let her get away with a remark like that. "So long as you don't convince them that it's never too late for their experimentation."

"You're the one who's too late," she replies, winking at Elaine. Truthfully she hasn't had too many one night stands, just a short-term relationship here and there.

Mike only laughs. "You're a mess, Lopez," he says.

And the sad thing is she's starting to believe he's right about that.