Okay All. This is a repost of this story. I originally wrote it in sections and it reads best that way. So I'm breaking it up now that I understand how to do that. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed it so far. And Go checkout the sequel Eyes in the Force.


In the darkness the young boy shivered. He curled him self further into the corner and pulled his blankets around him in a futile attempt to keep the chill at bay. The only problem was that the chill came from within and no amount of blankets could warm him.

As he looked into his darkened sleepchamber he was torn. He had 3 options. He could pretend what he saw had never happened. He flinched away from that thought. He could not deny what he saw anymore than he could prevent him self from breathing. It worked for a time but eventually nature took over. He could tell his master. Not a very comforting thought. His master felt that the focus should always be in the here and now. Waking him from the first sleep either of them had had in days over a vision that may or may not happen was not something he would want to do. He didn't feel like sitting through a lecture again. So, that left option three. Go see Yoda. Actually, now that he though about it, that sounded like a good idea. So with an ease of motion that belied many nights practice he snuck out of his quarters and up to the council members floor. There he dodged Master Windu and rang the bell to Yoda's quarters. When the door opened he gratefully entered and sank to his regular spot on one of the many cushions on the floor.

"Expecting you I have been" Yoda said as he sat himself down next to the tired young padawan. "Happened again, did it?" The youth looked up. "Yes, it did." then he looked down as the vision replayed in his mind. Yoda waited patiently for the boy to speak. But before he had the chance the chime rang again. He perked his ears and he wondered who else would come visit him at this time a night. His young visitor was usually the only one to visit this late. Leaving the boy to his recollections for the moment, he opened the door to see Mace standing there.

Yoda realized that Mace must have sensed the same disturbance that he did. But before he could voice that Mace spoke up. "I saw Obi-wan in the hallway. Did have another vision?" Yoda nodded and as he allowed the other master in he realized that the young one was back in the present and watching them. "Hello, Master Windu" the boy said as he slowly began to relax. "Hello Obi-wan" the master returned. "You have had another vision have you not?" The boy nodded slowly. "I wish they did not come so often. They are getting to be very difficult to deal with, and it is hard not to tell Master Jinn about them." The green master that had been watching spoke up then "Tell him you can. Stop you we will not. Know this you do." The boy looked up "I have tried mentioning my smaller visions to him. He disregards them and then cautions me against centering on my worries." The boy seemed to shrink into himself in recollection to past comments. The taller master shook his head. "Master Jinn is focused on the Moment and the Living Force. He doesn't.... understand your connection to the Unifying Force." Yoda nodded in agreement. "Until opens he eyes he does, to us you should come. Now, new vision you saw? Happened, what did you watch?" The three of then settled back into the pillows on the floor and began to listen as the boy spoke.

Obi-wan wrapped himself tighter in his blanket and began to speak. "I saw many things. I don't quite understand them all...but they were disturbing none the less" He paused. "Go on Obi-wan we are listening" Yoda said as he placed a clawed hand on his shoulder. Obi-wan nodded. " There was darkness everywhere. And blood...so much blood...It's on my hands...Dripping. Someone is screaming. I think it was me. Coruscant glows in space. A dark figure reaches out and touches Coruscant. It's just a small speck of darkness at first. Then it grows. All of Coruscant is dark. And then it keeps expanding. Out and out. It won't stop! Then the darkness encompasses all. There are small flecks of light left. There are four true lights still burning but as the darkness grows two begin to fade. And two begin to grow. One light dies and two grow brighter. The third flickers and fades. One grows to brilliance. The dark slowly fades away to small patches. But the blood still drips from my hands...just as another drop is to fall, I come back from the vision." With that said Obi-wan begins to sob as he truly processes what he saw for the first time.

Mace, though affectionate with very few, reached over and gathered the boy in his arms as he and Yoda began the task of calming the boy. It had become a ritual of sorts. Each time Obi-wan brought them a new vision or even an old one they calmed and comforted him through the aftermath and then put them to bed. While they were comforting, their presence was not what the boy needed. And the fact that he was dealing with such horrors with out his master was surely adding to the strain of receiving such visions. As was concealing them from his master. Though it seemed to Mace and Yoda that that would not last long.