Before anything was said the tea pot began to whistle. Suddenly grateful for the interruption Obi-wan rushed to lift the kettle and get some cups. He then walked over to the couch and sat down. He could feel Qui-gon's eyes on him. He didn't know how to react. So he sat and stared at the tea pot

Qui-gon regarded his apprentice. He watched as the boy just sat there waiting for whatever he had to say. Instead of making him happy that Obi-wan was waiting for a reprimand and not questioning him, it made him angry. And in that anger he spoke. "Well did you do the meditations I told you to?" Obi-wan shook his head slowly. Never looking up from the pot of tea in front of him. Qui-gon began to slowly walk into the room. "You did not finish them?" At his apprentice's nod he asked "Why pray tell is that?" Obi-wan spoke softly, still staring intently at the tea. "It took some time to recover-" "Recover, recover from what?" Still no eye contact. "From the vision Master. And then before I was able to start Master Yoda came to visit." Qui-gon turned away and saw the diminutive master on the sofa watching Obi-wan. It irked him that Yoda didn't even look at him. All his attention was on Obi-wan.

Qui-gon ran a hand through his hair and tried to get control of his anger. He slowly walked to stand across from Obi-wan. "Do you understand why I am so disappointed in you Obi-wan?" Obi-wan nodded and pulled his knees to his chest, wrapping his arms around them. "Yes, Master. I concealed the truth from you." Qui-gon looked at the boy Obviously expecting more. When it became obvious Obi-wan had no more to say Qui-gon spoke up. "Yes and you lied to me. And you concealed important information that could have changed a mission for the better." Obi-wan looked up at that. "No Master! I never lied! And I always found a way to get you the information from the visions-" Qui-gon cut him off with a chopping motion. "Never the less, had I known about your visions I would have utilized your abilities to their fullest advantage." Obi-wan suddenly stood and stalked away. "Oh yes Master, you would have believed I had the gift of prophecy. You knew I was always more in tune with the Unifying Force, yet when I told you of my 'hunches' or what I sensed you told me to stop worrying. 'Focus on the moment Padawan. Not the future' Sound familiar? And you wonder why I never told you? Duh! You wouldn't have believed me!" The answer that came ripped Obi-wan in half. "And now I don't trust you!!"

Yoda's heart broke at the anguish he saw in Obi-wan's face. But it didn't stay long. The blank mask that Obi-wan had perfected years ago slid in place. And he said something that neither master would ever forget. "No Qui-gon. You never trusted me. This is just a convenient excuse to rid your self of me." Qui-gon was outraged. **How dare he speak to me like that?!.** But Obi-wan continued speaking. "You never trusted me. You never tried. All you ever wanted was your precious Xanatos back. And I wasn't him and never could be. I will not sit here and let you blame all this on me." Qui-gon interrupted him "And out bursts like this will not help you. Do you want to be expelled from the order because- "And the he was interrupted. By a older voice. "Expelled he will not be. Spoke the truth he did. Do nothing you will." Qui-gon stared at his master in shock.

His master was choosing Obi-wan over him! But he didn't say anything. He didn't feel the need to. He just turned and walked towards the door. Once there he stopped. "I will not work with a padawan I do not trust. I will be putting in for solo missions from here on out." And then he left. Once again leaving a shattered padawan. But at least this time said padawan was not alone. And Yoda began the sad task of picking up the pieces.

Yoda left Obi-wan sleeping the sleep of the exhausted. He doubted very much if he would wake up anytime within the next 24 hours. He had worn himself out completely. As he left Yoda made a point to use his council level authorization to lock both Of Obi-wan's doors. No one short of Yoda or Mace could get in now. At least that way a certain master could not do anymore damage to the fragile emotions of the boy. Not that he really considered that to be an issue but it was better to be safe than sorry. It was for Qui-gon's protection as well as Obi-wan's. If Qui-gon did much more damage Obi-wan would have lashed out. And though Obi-wan rarely showed his true power, he could do an immense amount of damage if provoked. There was no amount of shielding in existence that could withstand Obi-wan if he chose to put the full power of his ability behind it. It was very lucky for the Jedi that Obi-wan either had no inkling of his true power, or he just didn't' care about it. If he had been power hungry he would have destroyed anyone in his path. Very little was known about Obi-wan's early lifer before he came to the temple. But what Yoda did know was that Obi-wan's early life was the cause of a good portion of his self esteem issues and his humility. And if Obi-wan had not had those qualities...he shuddered to think of it.


Qui-gon walked back to his quarters slowly. He had just been assigned on his first solo mission. And while he was happy that his wished were being granted he was unaccountable nervous. He quickly realized that it was due to the fact that Obi-wan would not be with him. He realized that this would be his first mission in years in which he did not have someone to share the load.

He entered his section of the quarters and headed to his sleep chamber. He began packing quickly. He was soon packed and ready to go. He walked in to the common rooms again and looked around. It dawned on him that this might well be the last time he was here at the same time as Obi-wan. It might be the last time he had to look around the room and see all their little mementos spread out through out the room. In fact it might be the last time this was ever the Jinn/Kenobi quarters. And that saddened him. He didn't want to shut Obi-wan away but he just couldn't trust him. Hopefully they would be able to work on that when Qui-gon returned from this mission. That would give then enough time apart that the wounds they had inflicted on each other would have started to heal. He walked out of his quarters hopeful, never realizing that he would not being seeing his padawan again for years.


The next morning Obi-wan woke to find a message from Master Windu. It informed him that Qui-gon had left on the first of his solo missions. Unlike his master Obi-wan knew that he would not see Qui-gon again for some time. He sat down for a moment and then looked around determined. He would not be staying here long. He stood and began the process of packing his belongings. When finished he went over to the com and sent a message. "Master Windu? I'm packed. Where I am moving into?" Mace looked at the still obviously tired boy. "You will be moving into the spare Knights chambers near Yoda and I." At Obi-wan's raised eyebrow he continued." No one will think it odd since Qui-gon made it rather obvious that he would not work with you anytime soon. And since Yoda spoke up about watching over you, it will make sense for you to be close." "Thank you Master Windu. I will see you soon."

And with that Obi-wan began the task of leaving his old life and moving into a new one. With one last look at the quarters he had once called his own he shut his door on the old life and turned to face the new.


Hey all I'm thanking you again for reading this. I hope you all enjoyed it. And since I have had a few requests for more stories of Obi-wan in the temple I may go ahead and write some. Well when I'm not working on the third story in this series.