The Battle

Disclaimer: I do not own the Hobbit. If I did I would still kill Thorin but probably not Fili and Kili.

A cry of pain echoed across the battlefield a long with all the others. Fili wouldn't have paid much attention to it if not for the fact he recognized the cry as his uncle's. He fought his way through the goblin army towards where the cry had come from. When he reached it he saw his uncle pierced with many spears lying still on the ground. "No" Kili said appearing next to him. Tears began to fall from his face. "Kili now is not the time to mourn him" Fili said. Kili looked at him and nodded. They stood in front of their uncle determined to protect him from further harm. Suddenly Kili stiffened beside him. He turned to look at his brother and saw a spear sticking out of his brother's chest."Kili" he cried. He caught his brother as he fell. "Kili" he said with tears in his eyes. Kili looked at him with eyes filled with pain and fear. "I don't want to die Fili," he said and then his eyes became unfocused. Tears ran down Fili's face as he closed his brother's eyes and laid him on the ground. Then he gripped his sword in his hands and faced the goblin army. He didn't care if he died all he cared about was making them pay for killing his little brother. He didn't know how many goblins he killed before he felt a blade pierce his stomach. "This is the end" he thought "I will join Kili now." He fell to the ground and Fili woke up a gasp. He looked around him and saw Kili sleeping next to him and Thorin also asleep not to far from where he and Kili lay. "It was just a dream" Fili thought with relief "just a dream." Even though he knew it was just a dream it still took Fili a while to get back to sleep.

Author's Note: I'm sorry if anyone thought the summery is misleading but I didn't want to spoil the reveal.