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The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible

-Oscar Wilde

Chapter Four: Secrets and Lies

-Emma POV-

"I'm not going." My words were pale and lifeless, but yet had so much meaning impacted into them that it almost didn't make sense.

"What do you mean? Mr. And Mrs. Hartley invited us all to Bella's...erm...funeral." Rikki spat out the last word uncomfortably.

"If they invited me, they obviously don't know the whole story of what happened that night," I replied, falling back onto my comfy bed to stare at the ceiling aimlessly.

"Of course they don't. We don't," Rikki countered, shooting her answer back at me like a snake striking.

I sighed. "I know, I know, it's just that I wouldn't be comfortable there. It's my fault Bella's gone, and I'm sure Bella would want her funeral to be without me." I played with a string poking out of my comforter, wrapping it around my finger until the tip turned purple.

"Don't be silly. Please come Emma, it just wouldn't be the same without you. I bet there'll be tons of her parent's friends at the funeral that she didn't even know!" Rikki said.

I sat up; releasing the string and having my finger turn slowly back to its original color. "Yeah, but she knew me. She hated me for the matter. I just don't think it would be right."

"Please," Rikki said. "Come on. Come for Cleo and me, not for Bella."

"But it's her funeral," I pointed out.

"Yeah, but you're coming for us," she countered.

Angrily, I spat, "Rikki, if you want me to come to a funeral for you, why don't I just come to yours?" I then hung up. Didn't she realize that Bella was not my friend, so she probably would want nothing to do with me?

After a minute of calming down, I suddenly realized what I had said and how bad it sounded. It sounded more like a death threat to me. I picked up my phone and dialed Rikki's number.

-Rikki POV-

Emma calling, my caller ID read. I just let my phone sit there, vibrating, until I got so fed up I pressed "Ignore." I hoped during the year Emma and I weren't friends she didn't forget my personality. No one threatened Rikki Chadwick and got away with it.

I went over to my calendar and circled in red Sharpie the following Monday (today was Friday) and then the Wednesday of that week. I then picked up a black Sharpie and wrote, "Dress rehearsals." I smiled boldly.

I then picked up all my Sharpies—excluding the black one, only the colorful ones—and decorated Friday. I circled the date with purple stars, put big, bold arrows pointing to the date in neon Sharpie and put a few drawn confetti streamers around it. In the very middle, I wrote "Final play!" and highlighted it. I grinned and slapped down my Sharpies. The big day would be especially fun because Zane would dread every second of it. But it would be even greater because everyone would be there, and I would shine! Speaking of, I needed to remember to invite Cleo and maybe Emma.

A smile crept on my face as I remembered one more person I definitely needed to invite. I went across the hall and found my dad working at a desk.

"Hey, dad?" I said nonchalantly. "There's something I need to ask you."

He put down his pen and swiveled his chair around to face me. "Sure sweetheart, what is it?"

I took a deep breath, and said, "Well on Friday, we're having this play, you know how I was picked for the lead? Well, I was wondering...maybe...if you'd like to come?" I smiled sweetly.

He ran his fingers through his short hair and sighed. "I don't know sweetheart, I have a lot of paperwork that needs to be taken care of, and..."

"I get it," I rudely interrupted. I bit my lip, and said, "But if you'd like to come..." I lifted up his hand and slid under it a paper ticket—one of the four I get free for being in the play. "...You can always come." I smiled.

"We'll see," is all he said, turning back to his paperwork. But I saw him grip the ticket tighter and smile a little bit.

I skipped over to a wooden chair happily and slung my backpack over my shoulder, just about ready to head to school. I waved my dad off, telling him bye, and skidded out the door.

Along the way, I picked up Cleo, who thumped loudly out the door and followed me to school. We also acquired Emma into our walking group, of who I ignored half of the way there until the thumping of Cleo's cast and the birds chirping mixed in with the silence of the morning got a little irritatingly uncomfortable, and she begged for my forgiveness, and chimed in that what she said on the phone was not meant the way it was said.

"Well," I said slowly, "I was being kind of irritating. It's your choice to go to Bella's funeral. I forgive you. Do you forgive me?" I asked.

She smiled, flipping her blonde hair behind her shoulder with a single toss. "What's there to forgive?"

"On that happy note," I said, and spun around so that I was walking backwards, facing Emma and Cleo, I said, "Here." I handed each of the girls a paper ticket.

"The play?" Emma said, looking up and smiling. I nodded.

"It wouldn't be the same without you guys there. If you're busy, though, I totally understand. It's on Friday," I said.

"Of course we'd like to come," Cleo said, sticking the ticket in her pocket. "How'd you get the tickets? Don't they cost money to fund for the school?"

"Being in the play, I get four free tickets," I explained. I clasped my hands together and did a cheering motion.

"Where are the other two going?" Emma asked.

"I gave one to my dad, and I guess I'm going to slip the other to Lewis," I said. "If he'd like to come."

"Speaking of," Cleo said, and out popped Lewis from his house, and ran down to meet us. He waved to Emma and me, and kissed Cleo.

I groaned, rolling my eyes, but handed him a ticket anyway. He looked at it peculiarly. "What's this?" he asked.

"A ticket to the play. I'm in it, and so is Zane. If you don't feel like watching me, you can laugh at Zane. That's what I'm going to do backstage," I said, smiling, and led the group all the way to school.

Once we set foot on school grounds, our small group was devoured by people wanting to know what happened to Cleo's foot and waving around Sharpies, trying to sign the cast. Before we split off into individuals to go to our first period classes, Cleo was looking worn out and her cast held a slew of messy signatures and cute rhymes wishing her well.

I headed to my class—Chemistry—and bumped into somebody I'd never in a million years expect to see.

"Hey Rikki," he said with a smile, obviously overwhelmed with happiness to see me. "What's up?"

"Will," I said breathlessly, trying to register this into my head. Will was here. Well, of course. He went to this school, but I hadn't seen him around these parts for the short month that school had been in session from summer. "You go here now?"

"I never stopped," Will confessed. "It's just that I took some time off to dive more—I've started more and more diving, I just can't seem to get away from it—and to get over the whole...Bella thing. But I finally thought to myself, 'Will, not going to school and poorly home schooling yourself won't help. Nothing is going to change with Bella, so I decided to accept that." He shrugged and smiled. "But I'm back."

"Great," I said with a forced smile. It wasn't that I wasn't happy to see Will, it was just he reminded me too much of Bella, and plus, he was the one that led to some heat between Zane and me when we were broken up. But, that was part of the reason we got back together in the summer—because we realized Zane's jealousy was because we loathed and missed each other dearly. It was movie romance sappy, but hey, you can't mess with fate.

"So," he started. "What's been going on with you guys lately?" He took off his backpack and slung it over the opposite shoulder.

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused. I began to register what he said, and then was immediately embarrassed. What an easy question! I guess I was just too muddled in my own thoughts to think about Will's question.

"Like, any news, mermaid or otherwise." He stood pretty firm to the spot, waiting for an answer.

"Right," I said. "Nothing much, just...coping with...recent developments." I laughed it off like it was nothing and it was the biggest joke ever.

"Okay," Will drawled slowly. "So, do you want to swing by the boathouse after school maybe? It'll give us time to catch up." He must have noticed my panicked expression, and added quickly, "That is, if you want to."

"No, no, I'd love to," I assured, "I just don't think it would be a good idea. You know," I lowered my voice to a whisper, "With Zane."

He raised his eyebrows. "Still as overprotective as ever?"

"Yes," I lied slowly. Truth be told, Zane didn't give a crap to what I did. Of course, it would probably give him a shock to learn that Will was back and invited me to his boatshed, but trust me and know that I was loyal to our relationship. We have been broken up two times—it was turning out to be one of those on again off again things—and I didn't want to shoot for a third, so I just wanted to be extra careful.

Will looked sad, and turned to go, but I quickly poked in, "But I think Cleo is free!" I almost slapped my hand across my mouth and hit myself in the head with my free hand. Why did I just say that? I panicked!

He smiled again, and said, "Hey, cool. I'll ask. Thanks Rikki. You're a good friend." It seemed for a split second that he wanted to lean in and kiss me right then, but he turned and walked away in the opposite direction. I shook my head. I was imagining things. He knew that I was dating Zane (right?) and besides, he wasn't over Bella just yet. He needed time.

But what would happen after that time was over, and he was ready to date again? Would he choose me? Oh God, I hoped not...

Just then, my phone beeped. I pulled it out of my pocket, and clicked a button to read the text message I had just received. It said:

Stealing boyfriends? I should have expected it. You were always the type.


Huh? I was the type? That was absurd! I swiveled my head around to the chatting teenagers taking up the hallways—all not paying attention to me. Who had sent that text?

Suddenly, my mind flashed back about two years from now, back to a time when things were much difficult, and I had not yet found myself.

A cool breeze swept through the park as I rubbed my face continuously, trying to wipe away the tears that were running down my face. No doubt that my face was red from crying, and that I looked like a sad teenage girl with nowhere to go just sitting on a park bench in front of a small lake. I shivered, and went to pull my jacket tighter, as I realized I hadn't brought a jacket. I hadn't thought I would need it when I left my house in a hurry—trying to get out of the horror.

The Gold Coast was fine enough, and for the twenty minutes I had been here it was very pretty and extravagant. I liked it instantly, but then it struck me: the house. It was a trailer. I had never lived in a trailer, only small houses. That was fine to me, just a little unsettling, then I realized another thing: I had to make all new friends. I was in a new part of the country, anyway. And I couldn't do it with the comfort of my mother. But she was long gone, and it upset my father for me to bring it up, so I don't anymore. No more.

"Hey, are you okay?" I looked up to see a guy about my age towering over me. He was tall and tan and—I'll admit it—pretty good-looking. I watched his sparkling blue eyes and caramel hair as he jumped into the seat next to me.

I averted my eyes away from his face and to the lake. "No, not really. I just moved here, and I don't know anyone or anything, and to top it all off my dad is pretty broke." I picked up a stray flat stone off to the side and chucked it into the lake—it skipped two times.

"That sucks," he said apologetically. He looked at the ripples in the lake as to where my stone landed in the water, and then added, "But you know what sucks more?"

"What?" I said. There was probably nothing worse than this.

"Your throw," he said with a smirk. He grabbed a stone and threw it across the water—four skips.

"Wow," I said, impressed. "How did you do that?" I picked up another rock.

"Like this." He wrapped his hand around my wrist and my arm, and gently guided me. When I threw the rock, it skipped five times.

"Better than mine!" he said, and I smiled, glad I could impress him for a change. For once, my spirits lifted for a change. I then realized that his hands were still wrapped around my arms. I would have cleared my throat and motion to let go, but in truth, I was enjoying it.

I looked at him, and saw that he was looking down on me, waiting. I smiled, a signal, and he leaned into me.

Our lips touched, and we kissed. If I was going to live in The Gold Coast, at least I could do it with a good-looking boyfriend.

When we separated, we were both grinning wildly, and I just closed my eyes and leaned back against the bench. I felt ten times better.

"Josh?" someone called out, and my eyes wretched open. I spun around and saw a girl with black hair pulled into a ponytail and green eyes with pale skin looking horrifically at us, but mostly at "Josh."

"How could you?" she whispered.

"Uh, Christine, I can explain, she came onto me..." he started, but trailed off.

"I came onto you?" I said, totally exasperated and awed.

"Who are you?" she asked me bluntly, crossing her arms at me.

"Who are you?" I shot back, just as blunt and cocky as her.

"Who am I? Who am I? I'll tell you, bitch, I'm his girlfriend." She looked at me, her eyes narrowed. She turned to Josh, and said, "And I can tell you who he is. A lousy lying bitch is what he is. And now he's girlfriend-less." She turned back to me, and said, "Unless you two are going out now." With a sneer, she turned away.

"I came onto you?" I said, and scoffed. "Try the other way around."

"Please, don't try to weasel your way out of it. Because of you, I got dumped." He sent a dirty look my way, and left me sitting alone.

I wrapped my arms around my knees, now more depressed than ever. I had barley been in The Gold Coast for half an hour, and I had two enemies: a girl who now just hated me to the core and a sly backstabber that blames people for things they don't do. And to think, I kissed him! Before even learning his name! What was wrong with me?

I shivered at the thought. That was a time when things were much more complicated, I did things I regret, and I hadn't met Cleo and Emma yet. But those times were over.

-Emma POV-

"I thought you were done avoiding me," Jenna said, exasperated.

"I am," I promised, sweeping my glance up and down the hallway to see anybody. There was just the normal amount of people talking to their friends before we (the seniors) went to lunch.

"Yeah but..." she trailed off, and I continued searching down the hallways, in search of one of the girls to rescue me from Jenna. "Emma?" she urged, but I continued not listening to her.

"Emma, talk to my face!" she boomed, and grabbed my arm. She spun me around to face her, and I saw rage written all over her face.

"Hey!" I said, because when she spun me around, it hurt. I mean, it really hurt. Wait a second...

I looked down at my arm, and saw that the part where she grabbed me was a bright and red. I touched it, only to jerk my hand back in agony. It burned! The burning was spreading up my arm, suffocating any other feeling other than the fire.

"Ow!" I said, and turned to look at her. "It burns! What did you do?" Man, it hurt badly...

Jenna looked guiltily at the palms of her hands, which were now the same shade of crimson as my arm. I nestled my arm, carefully not trying to touch it, and watched as the red began to fade quickly, the fire getting put out.

I looked up at her, and saw that she was staring at the mark on my arm. Her palms were the same color again, and as I checked, my skin was too.

I looked up at her in shock, and she had an, "I'm hiding something," look to her face. I started to back away from her, and she reached out to grab my arm and stop me. But I just backed away faster, eventually breaking into a run facing the right way, as she called out behind me, "Wait! I can explain!"

No. She couldn't explain. She obviously had a secret going on, something to do with magic. Don't ask me how I know, I just...can sense it.

I ran out to the school field, which was decorated with tables and chairs inviting students to sit down. I sat by myself, and students looked at my grief stricken face and could only assume that I was friendless and something bad just happened. They looked at me pitifully and walked on.

Something was up with Jenna. I sensed it even before I got that mysterious message from B. But why? What had I sensed?

It all suddenly came to me. Once in a while there would be someone off the street—a stranger, really—that I felt a pull towards. I sensed something hidden deep within them. I felt it towards Cleo and Rikki, but I was so used to it I didn't give it a second thought. Could I sense if someone had magic, like Cleo, Rikki and I?

If so, Jenna definitely was magical in some sort of way. She wasn't a mermaid—we'd narrowed it down that much—so what would she be?

I didn't know, but it excited me that I could sense magic in someone. I scanned the yard to see if any of the students here gave me the same pang of sense, but it came up as negative.

"Day dreamer much?" Cleo said as she came over and sat down next to me. I blushed; embarrassed that she'd caught me staring off into space. "What's up?" she asked.

"Just thinking," I said, and cupped my chin in my hands, resuming my state. Cleo watched me, shrugging. I looked up at her, and said, "Can someone sense that someone else is magical? Like you and me?"

"What?" Cleo said, confused. I repeated my question a bit slower. She thought for a second, then answered, "Well, mermaids exist. There's a good chance that some other magical creature exists. So why not a person who can sense who they are? Why do you ask?"

"Because I always get this vibe towards Rikki and you," I explained. "And some other random people that I think are magical. And Jenna, too. I think she's magical. A while before I came out here, she burned me."

"How?" Cleo asked, shocked.

"With the palm of her hand," I said, and circled my palm with my pointer finger. "She burned it right here." I then circled a part of my upper arm.

"There are no burn marks," Cleo observed in a deep trance.

"I know. That's what confuses me," I said.

I heard a plop next to me, and saw Rikki sitting down at the picnic table, setting down her bag. "Hey Rikki," I said, smiling.

"Hey," she said, nodding to me. Then she turned to Cleo. "Cleo, don't kill me, but Will is going to ask you anytime today that—"

She was cut rudely off by Will approaching us. "Hey girls. Emma, Cleo, Rikki," he said, acknowledging all of us. I gave him a little wave, Rikki a weary smile, and Cleo a nod.

"So, Cleo," Will started. "Rikki mentioned to me that you were free today. Do you want to swing by the boathouse after school and catch up a bit?"

"Uh," Cleo said, and looked at Rikki. Rikki looked guilty, lowering her eyes to the picnic table. "Well, um, you see..." Cleo was unable to say no, so she said, "I'd love to."

"Great," Will boasted, all smiles. He turned to me. "And you're invited too, Emma."

"Oh, I really have some studying to do for the math test," I explained. "I really need to bring my grades up."

"Really? Emma Gilbert needs to bring her grades up?" Will said, raising his eyebrows like he suspected me of lying.

"Yeah. My grades have dropped," I said. "If you saw my report card now, you'd scream."

Will laughed. "Okay. Have fun with that. Bye guys. See you after school, Cleo," Will said. He turned and left.

"Rikki!" Cleo said. "Why'd you tell him I was free?"

"I thought you'd enjoy some catching up with Will," Rikki said, shrugging. "Anyway, I thought maybe you two could do some smooching in the privacy of the boatshed. Will's single now," Rikki said jokingly with a wink.

"Rikki!" Cleo scolded.

Rikki held up her arms in defense. "Okay, in truth, I panicked."

"Well," Cleo said with a sigh, "I guess I'm going to have to go. Who knows? Maybe I'll like it and really get caught up," Cleo said with a smile, looking on the bright side.

With that, she walked away, her walking cast thumping every step. I looked at Rikki, and shrugged, leaving her behind at the table.

-Cleo POV-

I arrived at Will's boatshed on time by swimming. I would have been late because I had a few nagging teachers wanted to suck up all my free time after school, telling me off about my latest test scores, but I escaped the diabolical teachers right on time.

I was currently placed under Will's dock that held his boatshed, being as still and quiet as possible. I listened to the waves lapping, and tried to concentrate on the rustle inside Will's place. I wanted to make sure Sophie or someone wasn't in there, or else they'd catch me.

Once I was sure no one but Will was in there, I saw to the edge and lifted up my arm to the dock. I grabbed the dock with my arms, trying to use friction to help me up. I mentally thanked my gym teacher for pushing me to do those extra chin-ups, and pulled myself onto the deck flawlessly. I didn't know how in the world I was supposed to dry off, so I yelled to the boatshed, "Psst! Will! Will Benjamin! A little help?"

He eventually emerged out, and quickly helped me dry. He pulled me up, and we ventured into his boatshed.

I fell in steady footing behind him, admiring his ever-growing collection of shells and information hanging around in various places around the room. I carefully picked up a shiny white shell that was sitting on the table on display and examined it with interest.

"Like it?" Will asked, and I looked up to face him. I gave him a tight smile and nodded it affirmative.

"Found it when I was diving. Pretty exotic, eh?" he said, and picked up another one of his shells sitting on the counter. "This one is really common, and was just washed up on the shore, but I liked it so much that I kept it."

"So," I said, setting down the shell. "What's been going on?"

"Boring things," Will said. "No school is boring, no matter how much one hates it. I eventually came back to school. Nothing will change what happened, so I decided to embrace it." He cleared his throat as if to clear himself of the touchy subject, then said, "Water?"

"What?" I said, confused.

He turned around and rustled through his mini-fridge that only took up a corner of space, and emerged with two water bottles. He raised his eyebrows in question.

"Sure," I said, gratefully accepting the refreshing drink after a long day at school. Once he passed it to me, I observed it to make sure there were no leaks, and then took it in my hand. I untwisted the cap, breaking the seals, about to drink, when I realized what I was doing and eyed it suspiciously.

"Way ahead of you," Will said with a laugh, and passed me a straw. I thanked him, then dipped it into the water and drank.

Will watched me, and then soon returned to his own drink. Once we both had a good long slurp, he looked me in the eye and asked how things were going with me.

"Fine, fine," I replied. "The same old same old really." I knew he could tell I was lying, but I just took another sip of the water and looked at him to comment.

"Okay," he said. "How have the girls and you been developing?"

"Bad," I said, sighing. "We grew apart, now we're back together, which is good, I really missed them. But we still can't get over the thing with Bella." I gazed at my cast, now decorated with signatures, and cringed, remembering what happened yesterday.

"I haven't gotten over it either," admitted Will. "And to top it off, Bella and I had a fight that day. Not a big blowout, but still enough to make us both upset."

"You guys had a fight?" I said, shocked, but then racked my brain of that night, and uncovered some distant memory of her confessing to us of a fight. "Oh, right."

"She told you?" he asked in wonderment.

"Yeah, she said you guys had a fight, but she didn't mention what it was about." I shrugged in an it's-no-big-deal way.

"Do you want to know what it was about?" Will asked.

I shrugged, not wanting to seem like I was prying, but still really interested. "Sure, but if you don't want me to know, I can totally understand."

"Don't worry. I don't mind," insisted Will. He started, "Well, Bella was visiting the boatshed for lunch. After we ate, Bella was roaming around looking at my collection of shells while I watched her. She came across a cool looking one," Will said, then reached over and picked up a shell. It was pinkish white and had a swirl in the middle. He rubbed his thumb over the top of it while continuing, "This one. So, she asked me about it, and I told her I found it while diving deep in the ocean—deeper than I'd ever gone before. Somehow, with me mentioning it, she got on the topic of how wonderful the ocean looked at great depths, and I absentmindedly agreed.

"She politely told me that I couldn't have gone nearly as deep as her to see the majesty of it all, and that I really didn't know how beautiful it really was. Then I told her that I had dived to some really deep depths before, and then she scoffed and said she'd been farther, being a mermaid and all.

"So it turned into this really stupid argument about who dived deeper," Will said, rolling his eyes. "I wished it hadn't happened."

"Yeah," I said softly. "There are a lot of things that we wish we could go back and fix." I was deep in thought.

"Even though it was a dumb fight over a useless subject, I was still boiling mad at her. Why? I have no idea," he admitted. "But...that day, I kind of felt like..."

"Like what?" I asked.

He lowered his voice like it was a big secret, and said, "I kind of wanted to get rid of her...for good."

-Emma POV-

I decided to keep the whole "sensing people's powers" a secret, but hey, it wasn't easy to keep your lips shut. I told Rikki to meet me at Rikki's Café to take a walk. I decided I'd tell her then.

"So, what is this you want to tell me?" Rikki asked, sipping her 'to-go' juice she'd made for herself, and one for me.

I stirred my raspberry juice aimlessly. I gripped the Styrofoam cup it came in, and looked at her. "See, so today I was talking to Jenna, and something weird happened."

"Weird how?" Rikki asked, and I opened my mouth to reply, but a hand clamped it shut. Rikki's hand.

She put a finger to her lips and took her hand off my mouth. She pointed to a large boat docked, and I gasped to see who was on board.

I flinched when Rikki grabbed my arm and pulled me behind a smaller boat. She peered out the side and motioned for me to do the same.

"Where do you want these?" asked a middle-aged man aboard the boat, holding a brown cardboard box filled to the brim with beakers, test tubes, microscopes, and other scientific things.

"Right there," said a young blonde also aboard, motioning to the table beside her. "And be careful. Those things are expensive."

I gaped open-mouthed at Rikki, and she shushed me. I mouthed, "Dr. Denman!" to her feverishly, and she just shushed me silently again.

Dr Denman grinned wickedly at her henchman as he set down the box, only a small tinker of glass coming from the inside. "Let's hurry up!" she called. "I want everything set up soon. I have some people I'd like to visit."

"Like that blonde scientist and the three mermaid girls?" her assistant asked, wiping his forehead from sweat. "Aren't they useless now?"

"Ex-mermaids," Denman said rudely, as if it mattered to her. "And yes, in your state of view they are. But I'm not interested in that. I'm not interested in mermaids anymore. I'm a marine biologist, I study the real, not the mythical."

"But you saw them as mermaids. Doesn't that mean they aren't mythical?" he replied.

Denman shrugged. "Larry, I've lost interest all together. I'm done. I just want to pay a friendly hi."

I looked up at Rikki, and gave her a disapproving look. There was no way on earth that's all Denman would do to us in her clutches.

"Okay," Larry said nonchalantly, obviously not believing her at all. We didn't either.

Rikki tugged on my sleeve, and motioned for us to leave. I quickly nodded, and turned around to leave, following her. I didn't see the white bucket that was implanted behind me, labeled "BAIT." The bucket spilled, its liquid insides spilling in all directions, and I was sent tumbling over it into the ocean.

Splash, I hit the water with loud force. I swished my arms around in panic to get to the top. I surfaced, and saw Rikki kneeling down to the dock's edge. I peered down at my legs just in times to see my legs swirl into a tail.

"Larry, what was that?" Denman's voice was heard.

"I don't know, I heard a splash. I'll go check it out," he informed her.

"Run!" I whispered forcefully, and Rikki strained her neck to see all the possible places she could run and hide.

When the footsteps got louder, she muttered, "Damn!" and dived into the ocean with me. Her hand hooked on my tail and dragged me down to below the ocean with her.

I watched as she turned into a mermaid, and we both started away from the dock. I saw a shadowy figure of a man leaning over the ocean, then a muffled, "Hm, probably this bait bucket falling into the ocean."

We swam with all our might; speed swimming once we hit the one-fourth mark to Mako. We surfaced in the moon pool.

"Well, that was unexpected," I muttered miserably, sitting on the ledge that dipped into the moon pool.

"Definitely," Rikki agreed. She rubbed her head in strain. "Before we were so rudely interrupted, you were going to tell me something. What? Something about Jenna? Did you find out what she is?" Rikki asked in excitement.

"See, what happened was..." I started to say, before I was interrupted again but this time by me.

My eyes shut closed, and something washed over me. Without my warning, realization started to hit me. It was like taking a roller coaster ride through my brain, but only through the parts that Jenna was the memory in. It took me through everything, as I concentrated hard, realizing this was part of my newfound power. At the end, I could finally add up 2 and 2, and something inside me clicked.

"Of course," I said, breathing out and smiling. I opened my eyes.

"What? What just happened?" Rikki asked curiously, peering at me like I was a nutcase.

"Part of what I was going to tell you." I smiled. "Rikki, Jenna's a witch."

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