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Chapter 1

"I'm sorry but what?" Stefan demanded, "That's a bad idea."

"Well I can't exactly say no Stefan, she's my family and she's being sent to stay with me for a little while," Elena replied, "Her mom's really worried about her. She's always sneaking out of the house and coming back whenever she feels like it."

"And you think it's a good idea to stick her in a town full of vampires, rather than let her get into a little bit of teenaged trouble?" he retorted.

"Stefan, there going to kick her out," Elena said defeated, dropping down into a seat, "They don't know what else to do with her because she isn't a bad kid. They think that if they get her away from her other friends that everything will clear up."

"I still don't like it, what if the Klaus hurts her?" he snapped. Elena sighed; Stefan had been so difficult since he come back. Part of her felt like he hadn't really come back at all.

"Whoa, what's wrong?" Damon asked coming into the room, "There is so much woe is me tension in this room that I can barely stand it."

"A cousin of Elena's is coming to live with her for awhile," Stefan said in an exceptionally broody disapproving tone.

"Are you crazy?" Damon demanded turning to her, "Are you trying to hand Klaus another person that he can use against you?"

"There isn't another option," Elena said flatly, "We can keep her out of this vampire stuff and she can get her life together."

"Wait, this girls coming here because her parent's can't stick it out through teenaged drama?" Damon groaned, "Come on. Fine, tell us about her."

"Damon, you can't be serious?" Stefan said looking appalled. Damon shot him a cocky smirk.

"Well is isn't like we have any say over it. This girl is showing up, whether we like it or not," he said, strangely rational for Damon, "The more we know about her, the more we can work around her being here."

"Fair point," Elena allowed, "Her name is Mina. She's a year younger than me and doesn't have a mean bone in her body."

"So she's a snack then," Damon said, "Damn it, this is going to be so much harder than if she didn't have a problem hitting people that are giving her trouble." Stefan stalked away in a huff.

Later Elena was finishing making up her parent's old room for her cousin. Truthfully she wasn't sure what to expect, the last time she'd seen Mina she hadn't even reached double digits yet.

"I'm still not sure that this is a good idea," Bonnie said helping to make the bed, "Having someone with no idea what's going on smack bang in the middle of our crazy supernatural lives."

"Yeah, well join the club," Elena huffed, "It isn't like I have a choice about it. I couldn't let her stay there otherwise her parent's were on the verge of kicking her out."

"Is she a bad kid?" Bonnie asked, "Because no offence Elena but we don't have the time to look after a wanna be bad girl right now."

"Her parent's think it's her friends," Elena explained, "It's been going on ever since she first met them and they don't know how to deal with it anymore."

"What so they just dump her on you?" Bonnie scoffed, "That is so rude."

"So was I when I sent Jeremy to Denver," Elena rationalized, because really to her they weren't doing anything different than she had.

"You were protecting him from homicidal psycho vampires," Bonnie argued, "That isn't the same thing at all." She tossed the last of the pillows on the bed and walked downstairs.

"It is," Elena said resolutely, "We were both doing what we could to keep the people we care about out of a bad situation." A knock on the door interrupted whatever argument Bonnie was about to conjure. Walking to the front door Elena swung it open and stared in shock at the girl on the other side.

She was relatively short but had long legs, cornflower blue eyes and even longer golden blonde hair that was held back by a red ribbon. She wore a white short-sleeved top, black high-waisted shorts and a pair of wedges. The sun seemed to shine down and give her a halo like glow.

"Elena?" she asked hesitantly, with a cheery smile plastered on her face that anyone could see by the slight redness of her eyes she didn't mean one bit.

"Mina, how nice to see you again," Elena said pulling her into a hug and letting her come inside. The door swung shut behind them, and life irreversibly changed.

I know it's short and kind of pointless but it sets the scene for the Vampire Diaries universe. The rest should be in Mina's P.O.V. and hopefully better.