Yeah, the story's back, after I kinda killed everyone then put that last bit in the last chapter.

Before you read the chapter, I need you all to do something which will affect the later chapters. Vote in a poll. If the results are tied, or no one votes, I will have to randomize the result. So here's what you're voting for:

You're going to be voting for someone to die. Someone WILL DIE in the end, and you get the chance to choose. Or not, since it depends on the popularity of that option.

Don't worry, it's not an in-game NPC that dies. People like Tannis and Tina will survive this story fo' sure, so you're going to vote to kill a CEO of a gun manufacturing company. (E.G. CEO of Vladof, Jakobs, yadda-yadda.)

These guys are all OCs, so here are their individual profiles and such:

Mr Vladof: Cause too many Russian characters in video games are called Niko or Nikolai (GTAIV, Dead Island etc.) I will have creativity and name him Aleksandr. (I'm a fan of ImmortalHD) Loud, impatient and forceful, he will kill to get his point across, and also similar to his guns, is able to shout things at an abnormally quick speed.

Sir Jakobs: Gentlemanly and the complete opposite of Mr Vladof, Sir Jakobs believes that ruthless brawls and impatient shouting are no way to win a battle. The correct way to negotiate, according to him, is to be polite, be respectful, and have a plan to kill everyone he meets. (A cookie for whoever sees the reference.)

Mr and Mrs Tediore: The idea for starting a gun manufacturing company struck them when they were small. These twin siblings are extremely similar, and started off with barely any cash and scrap metal from their grandparents' homes. With a little determination and odd means of advertising, they finally made it out there as a successful company. They tend to be a little cheap when it comes to designs though. (Both twins die if you vote for this)

(Dahl won't be appearing for various reasons- one being that Axton used to work with Dahl and I can't find a way to create a character that would fit into his backstory. Maliwan will be a character in the story, and I have decided that she will not die. Torgue and Hyperion have been introduced already, and henceforth, I don't want to kill them. I mean, Jack's dead and Torgue's a cool guy.)

VOTE HERE: . ?p=52aec211e4b0169ef69e7385

Poll expires when I begin to write the chapter which involves the character's death- which means in a few weeks/a month and a half/five years. (If the link doesn't work, tell me in the reviews section)